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Selling' Rural Communities on Cycling--ODOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Program


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Title: 'Selling' Rural Communities on Cycling
Track: Prosper
Format: 60 minute panel
Abstract: This panel will share successful strategies and programs utilized in Oregon and Pennsylvania developed to leverage and promote the economic benefits of cycling in rural communities.
Presenter: Sheila Lyons Oregon DOT
Co-Presenter: Jessica Horning Oregon DOT
Co-Presenter: Cathy McCollom River Town Program

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Selling' Rural Communities on Cycling--ODOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Program

  1. 1. ODOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Sheila Lyons, PE Prowalk Probike Proplace 2014
  2. 2. The Cycle Oregon grant fund supports two main causes: projects in communities through which we ride, and bicycling advocacy and projects in Oregon. With nearly $2 million currently in the fund, Cycle Oregon disburses approximately $100,000 each year in grants that spotlight the kind of endeavors that frequently lack statewide attention but often mean everything to the people in the small towns who welcome us on our tours. Cycle Oregon also provides approximately $130,000 each year to the communities that host us in the summer and in September, for the services they provide. These hosts assist greatly in planning our events and provide hundreds of volunteers whose passion and dedication make our tours a success. Cycle Oregon Fund
  3. 3. Bicycle Related Travel in Oregon, 2012 Conducted by Dean Runyan Associates