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e Circuit: Building Trails that Connect Cities, Suburbs, and Everywhere In Between


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The Circuit: Building Trails that Connect Cities, Suburbs, and Everywhere In Between

This session will discuss how the Circuit Coalition is using advocacy, communications and planning to realize the vision of a 750 mile multi-use trail network connecting Greater Philadelphia.
Presenter: Sarah Stuart Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
Co-Presenter: Jacob Gordon Cooper's Ferry Partnership
Co-Presenter: Patrick Starr Pennsylvania Environmental Council

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e Circuit: Building Trails that Connect Cities, Suburbs, and Everywhere In Between

  1. 1. CONNECTING THE CIRCUIT 09.10.2014 Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place 2014 THE CAMDEN GREENWAY & SOUTH JERSEY
  2. 2. 1984 2001 2011 February 2011 CFDA merged with GCP to form COOPER’S FERRY PARTNERSHIP Cooper’s Ferry Development Association (CFDA) •Private, non-profit corporation •Planning & Implementation of high quality projects around city’s waterways. •Developed high-quality urban redevelopment projects •Increased Camden’s depleted tax base by 14% Greater Camden Partnership (GCP) •Private, non-profit organization •Bringing together leaders from the private, public, and non-profit sectors •Design innovative revitalization projects in Camden based around the educational and medical anchors in the City •Implemented the Clean and Safe Services District
  3. 3. Camden Waterfront Promenade 1984
  4. 4. Camden Waterfront Promenade Today
  5. 5. BROAD APPROACH TO COMMUNITY REVITALIZATION Neighborhoods Plan and implement community-led projects that will increase Camden’s neighborhood sustainability, economic opportunities and property values to help improve the city’s tax base and quality of life for current and future Camden residents. July Camden Redevelopment Agency Project Review Downtown Anchors Build on the strengths of the cultural, medical, and educational institutions in downtown Camden to create a vibrant urban core that is attractive to residents, investors, and employers. Development Design and develop major Waterfront attractions, commercial, residential, and institutional structures, and improve marketing to attract new businesses and support local business growth throughout the City of Camden to attract new people, investors, and businesses.
  6. 6. Camden: Connecting Philly to NJ
  7. 7. Ben Franklin Bridge
  8. 8. Camden GreenWay Trail Improvements 1 2 7 5 6 9 11 13 10 12 8 3 Proposed Existing 4 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 1.Ben Franklin Bridge 2.Pearl Street Connector 3.North Camden Waterfront 4.Martin Luther King Boulevard 5.Delaware River Heritage Trail 6.Campbell’s Soup/30 7.Pine Street West Connector 8.Pine Street East Connector 9.Browning Road Connector 10.Haddon Ave Connector 11.Cooper River Loop 12.Knight Park Connector 13.Newton Creek Trail 14.Harrison Ave/Kroc Center 15.Wiggins Park Promenade 16.Winslow Township Connector 17.Pavonia Spur Trail 18.Pennsauken Rail Trail 19.Cove Park Connection 20.Merchantville Bike Path 21.Haddonfield/Cooper River Trail
  9. 9. NJAPA CONFERENCE: Diversifying Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning Leverage Existing Resources •Received support from NJDOT from existing grant program for bicycle & pedestrian plans for municipalities. •NJDOT-paid consultant firm worked 4 months with stakeholders developing plan
  10. 10. Lots of Collaborations
  11. 11. TIGER Funding: Catalyst for Change •Brand new bike lanes, signage, pedestrian improvements, streetscape, landscaping, signage in Camden’s Downtown •TIGER Grant awarded in 2010; 3 years of planning, permitting, engineering & construction •Opened September 2013
  12. 12. TIGER Project Ribbon Cutting Sept ‘13
  13. 13. Expansion in 2014 - 2015
  14. 14. Expansion Beyond 2015
  15. 15. Ben Franklin Bridge
  16. 16. Ben Franklin Bridge Stair Tower
  17. 17. Ben Franklin Bridge - DRPA
  18. 18. Roosevelt Plaza Park, Completed June 2012
  19. 19. Camden’s Fifth Street - Currently
  20. 20. Camden’s Fifth Street – Coming Soon
  21. 21. Roosevelt Plaza Park Placemaking “Camden City’s New Downtown Hot Spot” – Philadelphia Inquirer, 09/09/2014
  22. 22. South Jersey as a Region
  23. 23. East Coast Greenway – More NJ!
  24. 24. Delaware River Heritage Trail
  25. 25. Camden County Master Plan, June 2014
  26. 26. Burlington County Master Plan • Inventory of exis ng and proposed bikeways in Camden County • Distribute survey and map to municipal staff for review • Revise and update maps (ArcGIS and interac ve transporta on map) • Final maps and analysis in report Camden County Bikeways Inventory
  27. 27. CONNECTING THE CIRCUIT 09.10.2014 Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place 2014 THE CAMDEN GREENWAY & SOUTH JERSEY Jacob A Gordon Esq Vice President, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, Camden NJ 856.757.9154