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Working within the System to Create Active Streets


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Working within the System to Create Active Streets

Track: Connect, Walking Institute
Format: 60 minute panel

Full Description: Fostering walkable, active streets requires an understanding of how government works – particularly the transportation agencies, engineers, and elected officials who often serve as gatekeepers to change. Learn about how to build the relationships, partnerships, political support, and resources necessary to create more successful, healthy streets.

Learning Objectives:
Understand engineers and how they view the world
Know a set of questions to ask engineers to determine their understanding of walkability
Understand the core engineer techniques for creating walkability
Understand the core engineering techniques for creating safe, walking environments


Presenter: Kelly Morphy WALC Institute
Co-Presenter: Molly O'Reilly America Walks
Co-Presenter: Gary Toth PPS

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Working within the System to Create Active Streets

  1. 1. Working Within the System to Create Active Streets Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place Pittsburg, PA 2014
  2. 2. Hawaii State Department of Health Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Division Healthy Hawaii Initiative
  3. 3. Paradise?
  4. 4. We want more of this!
  5. 5. •Build Partnerships –Relationship building –Education –Persistence •Recruit Champions •Partner with Transportation Agencies & Officials Passing & Implementing Complete Streets Policies Reality Check: Policy change is hard work – Implementation is harder
  6. 6. Build Partnerships • Elected Officials – Mayor – State Senators & Representatives – Councilmembers • State Agencies • County Agencies • Advocacy Groups – AARP – Hawaii Bicycling League – Hawaii Public Health Institute – Nutrition & Physical Activity Coalitions
  7. 7. Champions need support –Provide political cover –Rally the advocates –Provide funding support Recruit Champions
  8. 8. •Ask how you can support THEM – don’t tell them what to do or what YOU need •Find the common ground and language that you both speak –Safety –Perception –Funding – leverage opportunities •Bring solutions – not problems •Incorporate the HEALTH message Partner with Transportation Agencies & Officials
  9. 9. Challenges •There will be many! •Change takes time – it’s all about seizing opportunities •Not everyone is ready at the same time –State DOT
  10. 10. Mahalo!