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Atty. James Beirne Contempt

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  1. 1. 3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 1
  2. 2. Atty. Paul ‘Boy’ Allen, Fronting for Others, He also Faces Contempt of Court Charges Submitted by Beirne Stops Advertising in Face of Contempt Charges. Is He Shutting Down Law Office? By Rene Villaroman with PWD Investigative Team3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 2
  3. 3. BURBANK — Highly regarded and well-seasoned trial attorney Dennis P. Wilson told that he intends to bring contempt of court charges against Atty. Paul „Boy‟ Allen, admitted to practice law just last summer, and appearing in advertisements for the Beirne Law Office since the fall of 2011. Wilson said that “as an associate of Attorney Beirne this new attorney falls under Judge Brugerra‟s court order to not mislead or deceive the public” and Allen‟s recent seemingly independent advertising that just directs clients to the Beirne Law Office is misleading.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 3
  4. 4. The Law Office of James P. Beirne admits the young Mr. Allen had no prior legal experience before working with the Beirne office. In January 2012, hundreds of contempt of court charges were brought against Attorney James Beirne and are now pending in the Los Angeles Superior Court.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 4
  5. 5. The web site of the State Bar of California has Allen‟s full name as Paul Mendoza Allen, apparently the son of Anthony Allen and Luchie Mendoza-Allen, the widely reported non-lawyer owners of the Law Office of James P. Beirne. Beirne‟s office refused to comment on „Boy Allen‟s‟ relationship to the notorious Anthony Allen and Luchie Mendoza-Allen. “It is safe to presume he is their son,” speculated one Balita Media observer. “Indeed, they must have someone who can be trusted because of things that go on over there. But why deny they are your parents?”3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 5
  6. 6. The “Deceptive and Misleading” Ads Continue We at have observed that recently, Atty. Beirne‟s copywriters, presumably, owners Anthony and Luchie Mendoza-Allen, and “practicing journalist” Rhony Laigo had crafted a new set of advertising copies depicting Atty. Paul Allen singly, but utilizing the same addresses and telephone numbers of the three offices of James P. Beirne in Glendale, Cerritos and West Covina.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 6
  7. 7. 3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 7
  8. 8. On hearing this new round of “deceptive and confusing advertising”, trial attorney Dennis P. Wilson, who, by the way, is no ordinary trial lawyer, but one so busy and well- known he does not even need to advertise, said: “Attorney Allen‟s advertising is in violation of the court order that Beirne‟s law office not mislead the public.” Wilson cited California Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400 and referred to a „Standard 9‟.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 8
  9. 9. „Standard 9‟ states that „Firm names, trade names, fictitious names, or other professional designations used by a lawyer or law firm that differ materially from any other such designations used by the lawyer or law firm at the same time in the same community “ are presumed to be misleading and deceiving.‟ Considering the ads have the same phone numbers and addresses as the Beirne law office, and follow the same format „Boy‟ Allen appears destined to the same fate as Attorney Beirne. “There is no question of same time and same community,” said Atty. Wilson. “It is the same newspaper, same edition.” Balita Media newspapers is owned by Paul Allen‟s parents, Anthony and Luchie Mendoza-Allen.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 9
  10. 10. Wilson has been designated to prosecute Atty. James Beirne for over 200 counts of contempt of court charges resulting from his disregard of Judge Soussan Brueguera‟s court order “to not have any false, misleading, deceptive advertising or communications, or such advertising that tends to confuse, deceive or mislead the public; or to not guaranty any outcome on a legal matter, or to use a spokesperson without disclosure of the spokesperson‟s title.” “There will be dozens more charges filed,” Wilson said, “for new violations since the January 2012” when the instant contempt of court proceedings against Beirne began.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 10
  11. 11. The maximum sentence for all these counts could total up to three (3) years in jail and about $200,000 in fines, plus attorneys fees. However, it would be expected that the sentence would not be that harsh, if ever the trial, originally set for February 27, 2012, but now continued to a later date by Judge Bruguera, proceeds.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 11
  12. 12. The Los Angeles County Bar Association has advised in a formal opinion in 2006, many years before, young, inexperienced Paul „Boy‟ Allen even started going to law school that “a practitioner who maintains her own solo law practice is not ethically precluded from concurrently serving as “of counsel” with another law firm or attorney despite CPPC 1-400 (E), Standard 9. So long as the lawyer tells existing and potential clients that she works in both capacities and identifies the actual capacity in which she will handle a client‟s matter, she may use separate business cards and stationery to indicate when she is acting as “of counsel” for the affiliated firm and when she is acting through her solo practice.” But “Boy” Allen is such a new attorney with no experience he could hardly be „of counsel‟ to any law firm.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 12
  13. 13. “This is Scary”: Former Beirne Client „Boy‟ Allen‟s ads offer debt relief in large letters. In small, barely readable letters in the bottom of the advertisement is the language required under Federal law for all bankruptcy attorneys. “This is scary,” said Diosdado Duldulao, a former Beirne client whose family home was lost when Beirne failed to file an already completed and signed bankruptcy petition. “I answered an ad for debt relief and Ruby Sexton ( a Beirne staff member) sold me a bankruptcy petition. It looks like they are doing the same thing here.”3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 13
  14. 14. “Do they think Filipinos are stupid?” asked one friend of Duldulao. “A new admittee with no experience suddenly has three law office locations and full ad campaign. Seems pretty obvious that this boy is not in charge of the law office, he is just a front, and that is dangerous to the Filipino community.”3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 14
  15. 15.‟s investigation has revealed that numerous former Beirne clients experienced the same „bait and switch‟ techniques, going to the office for debt relief and being sold a bankruptcy. “I understand that standard attorney fees for debt relief are about $2500. It involves a lot of work, and success rates are not that high,” said Atty. Dennis P. Wilson. “However, if you sell a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition along with lien stripping (procedure to take a second mortgage off a home) the law firm can charge $8000.”3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 15
  16. 16. Attorney Beirne Shutting Down Law Office? Media observers in the Fil-Am community are of the opinion that these moves by the Balita/Beirne owners are in preparation for Atty. Beirne‟s exit from the practice of law in the face of crippling contempt of court charges pending which number over 200. Indeed, Beirne has ceased advertising except for an outdated, misleading and factually incorrect „Setting the Record Straight‟ open letter that still says “Merry Christmas” in the middle of February.3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 16
  17. 17. One reliable observer said that Anthony Allen and Luchie Mendoza have long intended to move Beirne out and start anew with the younger Paul „Boy‟ Allen, but with the pending criminal trial looming against Beirne the calendar for this roll-out was moved forward, even though Attorney Allen does not yet have experience to practice law on his own. “Please tell your readers at PinoyWatchDog this” the friend continued, “so others do not lose their house by this group‟s fraud on all Filipinos.”3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 17
  18. 18. end3/9/2012 James Beirne Scam 18