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Women in Pennsylvania are severely underrepresented in the political and legislative process, and this hurts everyone. With women comprising only 15% of the General Assembly, there is vast progress that can be made, creating a legislative system that benefits from the diverse talents that women bring to the table.

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Women In Pennsylvania

  1. 1. Did you know…
  2. 2. In Pennsylvania, women may be our greatest untapped resource.
  3. 3. While women make up 51.7% of the population, they only make up 15% of the Legislature * . Photo credit http://pinkpurl.typepad.com/ * Based on the 2000 census and the 2010 PA General Assembly data
  4. 4. Policies on education, economics, health, personal freedom, taxes and the environment are decided on by 212 men and 38 women* . * in the 2009-2010 legislative session. Ever wonder how this imbalance of power affects the priorities and policies that become law?
  5. 5. Women’s talents are underutilized in the legislative process and their interests are underrepresented. This shortchanges everyone.
  6. 6. How can we ensure decisions are made that benefit all of us?
  7. 7. What would be different if more women participated in Pennsylvania politics?
  8. 8. Women work together. They listen, build consensus, and support diverse interests. The process for developing laws could be improved and the issues women care about would have a stronger voice at the table of government.
  9. 9. There are smart, capable women ready to run for office who could use your support. You can help put women in our state and local offices.
  10. 10. Women collaborating, negotiating, and working together will make Pennsylvania better for all of us. It’s time for change.
  11. 11. Change is on the horizon. You can be part of it!
  12. 12. The Pennsylvania Women’s Campaign Fund helps women leaders win election to the State Legislature and to local government.  Through its political network, the Fund develops a pipeline of talented women by providing the support, training and resources needed to run successful campaigns.
  13. 13. Supporting bi-partisan progressive values, the Fund seeks to give women an equal voice in Pennsylvania government, and move our state into the 21st century through a government that represents the full diversity of our Commonwealth.  
  14. 14. Raises money for endorsed candidates. Provides campaign training . Creates a support network . Develops a pipeline of women ready to run. …and, we could use your help.
  15. 15. Volunteer. Join a committee. Host a house-party. Help raise money for candidates. Email us at [email_address] to get involved.
  16. 16. Money is the most important resource women candidates need.
  17. 17. … but a contribution provides resources candidates need before election day!
  18. 18. Write a check to support women candidates. Donate online at www.pwcf.com
  19. 19. Go to www.pwcf.com to learn more. Help spread the word. Working together we will improve Pennsylvania for all of us, one woman at a time.