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Symptoms of celiac


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Symptoms of celiac

  1. 1. Signs & Symptoms of Celiac DiseaseCeliac disease symptoms vary so widely among patients that there is no such thing as a "typicalceliac." The amount of intestinal damage that has occurred and the length of time nutrientabsorption has been abnormal seem to be the factors that determine the type and severity ofsymptoms experienced.Some people with celiac disease report no symptoms at all, however they are still at risk forcomplications.With prevalence estimates nearing 1 in 100, celiac disease is the most common genetic diseasein the US. Review these symptoms and see a physician for further discussion and testing.Common Complaints Include ● Abdominal cramping/bloating ● Irritable bowel ● Anemia ● Joint Pain ● Constipation ● Mouth sores or cracks in the corners ● Diarrhea (See Stools below) ● Tooth enamel defects ● Energy loss ● Weakness ● Fatigue ● Weight loss ● InfertilityCommon Nutrient Deficiencies in Celiacs Minerals Vitamins ● Calcium ● Vitamin A, D, E, K ● Copper ● Folic Acid ● Iron ● Vitamin B 1,2, 3, 6, 9, 12 ● Magnesium ● Vitamin C ● Phosphorus ● Potassium ● Selenium ● Zinc