7 - EUniverCities - Aveiro


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Challenges and opportunities for EUniverCities related to the 2014-2010 perio, seen from an European perspective
Olivier Brunet, EC DG Research & ITA Zaragoza

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7 - EUniverCities - Aveiro

  1. 1. European Challenges and opportunities For EUniverCities From 2014 to 2020 Olivier Brunet European Commission Working for Aragon until May 2014 Aveiro – Nov. 20th, 2013 Research and Innovation
  2. 2. Key opportunities for EUniverCities (my own view) • As regards the urban component of the future EU regional policy... Smart cities ? • In the field of education with ERASMUS for all • In the frame of the future HORIZON 2020 programme linked with the EU research and innovation policy Policy Research and Innovation
  3. 3. The Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020: adoption expected by the end of 2013 On the basis of the Commission proposal in 2011 In the limits of the mandates and budget given to the EU • 1. Smart & inclusive growth (€451bn) Education, Youth, Sport • • • • 2. 3. 4. 5. Connecting Cohesion Competitive Europe Business SMEs Horizon 2020 Sustainable growth, natural resources (€373bn) Security and citizenship (€16bn) Global Europe (€58bn) Total: Administration (€61.6bn) € 960bn Policy Research and Innovation
  4. 4. Cities in the future EU regional policy  Urban policy plays an important role in the EU regional policy including cross border and interregional cooperation, URBAN-URBACT…  +/- 325 billion Euros over 2014-2020 for the EU regional policy, first EU policy in terms of budget  Priority to innovation through regional innovation strategies – “smart specialization”  5% for “integrated actions in favor of a sustainable urban development” ?  0,2% FEDER for “innovative urban actions” ?  Urban Development Platform ? Policy Research and Innovation
  5. 5. Cities in other EU policies  Impact of EU regulation: air quality, waste management, urban transport, digital agenda…  Many initiatives and programmes: Erasmus, Local agenda 21, Covenant of Mayors, JPI Urban Europe, EU cities of culture…  Many European networks: EUROCITIES, ICLEI, POLIS, Energy Cities, Baltic cities…  How can we promote more transversality ?  “Smart cities” mainly led in the EC by DG ENERGY, MOVE and CONNECT Policy Research and Innovation
  6. 6. The city of Zaragoza in Europe  700 000 inhabitants, much on urban transport and digital innovation, International Expo 2008 on water and sustainable development  New “smart cities” department  Dialogue with companies, June 2013  Dialogue with Universities last week involving EUniverCities  Green capital of Europe in 2016 ?  The ETOPIA project, participation in the “open days”, connections with EUROCITIES and ERRIN Policy Research and Innovation
  7. 7. Universities in ERASMUS for all  New EU programme for education, training, youth and sport, 19 billion Euros ?  Learning opportunities for individuals, more international focus  Institutional cooperation between educational institutions, businesses, local and regional authorities… creation of 400 “knowledge alliances” and “sector skills alliances”  Support for policy reform in Member States, follow up to the Bologna process… Policy Research and Innovation
  8. 8. Universities in other EU policies  Regional policy: useful involvement in the setting up and implementation of regional innovation strategies (the same for cities)  Smart Spec FP 7 project starting now, led by Cardiff University  Social policy, European Social Fund  Strong connections with culture, youth and sport at a European level  International dimension  European Association of Universities, European Consortium of innovative Universities... Policy Research and Innovation
  9. 9. The University of Zaragoza in Europe  Strong record in research in several science and technological fields  Strong efforts devoted to FP 7 opportunities thanks to a collaborative network in Aragon  Leader of a “Regions of Knowledge” project between clusters on water management  Strong attractiveness for Erasmus students  Difficult challenge of innovation for all Spanish Universities, involvement in regional strategies?  Need for more cooperation between Universities, the Campus Iberus opportunity Policy Research and Innovation
  10. 10. Investment in R&D is part of the solution to exit from the economic crises Policy Research and Innovation
  11. 11. Opportunities from HORIZON 2020 • A single programme bringing together three separate programmes/initiatives* - 70 billion Euros ? • Coupling research to innovation – from research to the market, all forms of innovation • Focus on societal challenges facing EU society such as health, clean energy and “green” transport • Simplified access, for all companies, universities, research centres... *The 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7), innovation aspects of Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), EU contribution to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Policy Research and Innovation
  12. 12. Horizon 2020 and partnering • Public public partnerships: • • Through participation in joint programmes between Member States • • Through « ERA-Nets » for topping up individual calls/actions Supporting agendas of Joint Programming Initiatives when in line with Horizon 2020 Public private partnerships: • • Or contractual agreements, which provide inputs for work programmes • • Through Joint Technology Initiatives Increased attention paid to SMEs in the whole programme European Innovation Partnerships: • Not funding instruments, but for coordination with broader policies and programmes, the example of active ageing Policy Research and Innovation
  13. 13. In the end synergies are key with a vision • The strong added value of the tandem method in EUniverCities, peer reviews and exchange of (good and bad) experiences • The challenge of a good cooperation between local – regional – national – EU and international levels (what I learnt in Brest, Brussels, Chapel Hill – USA and Zaragoza) • The challenge of transversality between policies, at all levels • Last but not least with a VISION (do we clearly know what we are aiming at and can we share our vision with our partners ? This also applies at all levels. New European Parliament and Commission in 2014) Policy Research and Innovation
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention and let us discuss! Olivier Brunet obrunet@ita.es until May 2014 Then olivier.brunet@ec.europa.eu Research and Innovation