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UA@Local Community
Liliana Sousa - Pro-Rector of the University of Aveiro

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  • Uma apresentação geral da UA
  • The basis of this proposal is that …
    The topics that I will address are:
  • UA: a community in itself
    It has a population of students, staff
    Services: restaurant, bank, book shop, …

  • Side by side with other communities
  • And using the map which is at this workshop program
    All these communities are part and compose the city of Aveiro
    “my city”, where I was borned, where I live, and which I love
  • UA is at the local community since its birth: 40 years ago, in 1974

  • 2 - EUniverCities - Aveiro

    1. 1. UA@local.community Liliana Sousa, UA lilianax@ua.pt 20th November 2013
    2. 2. UA is a community @ a local community What has the UA been doing at the community during its 40 years of existence? What is the next step and why is it important? Project UA@Local.Community
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. UA@local.community for 40 years UA was born in 1974! Since the beginning its mission included: •create knowledge that benefits the individuals and the society; •being an actor for the regional development What has been the involvement with the community? Some examples!
    6. 6. Promoting innovation and well-being  I&D at the Campus • • • PT Inovação (IT) Nokia Siemens (IT) Sapo  Services and measures to promote cooperation • UATEC, GrupUNAVE, IDAD, FJJM…, portfolios, Gabinete UniversityOrganizations  Supporting and being supported by the region: • • • Aveiro Digital with PT Innovation and the region Projects with CIRA – Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região de Aveiro Case study for the QREN Observatory
    7. 7. Promoting learning and science valorization  Some projects • • • • • • • • • • • • PmatE – Projecto Matemática Ensino Fábrica de Ciência Viva Biologia na Noite CAMBADA, Micro-rato Olimpíadas de Química Research Day Academia de Verão Campus Junior Tecla - Torneio Estudantil de Computação multi-Linguagem de Aveiro Concurso electrónica "Met'Água" Projecto ÍCARO Horizontes da Física
    8. 8. Promoting culture  Languages courses  GrETUA (teatro experimental)  Centro de Estudos de Jazz  Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras
    9. 9. Campus: modernity  Open museum of Portuguese contemporary architecture (2 PRITZKER)  Sustainable campus (accessibility, energy efficiency, biodiversity  1100 beds (students and staff)  Volunteerism
    10. 10. UA@local.community Untill now … More backstage !? More centered in decision makers!?
    11. 11. What to do next!?UA@Local.Community More visibility (at least for the general community members) Physical presence in the surrender community
    12. 12. Place: Park of Sustainability Needs: defined together (citizens, local authorities and university staff) Actions: •Social participation and inclusion •Health and well-being •Economy
    13. 13. Target groups •Adults with low literacy levels •Educative community •Persons with chronic diseases and their families •Older persons •All the population …
    14. 14. Pilot-Projet / Some activities: 2013-2014 1. • • • • • • • • Ecology and sustainability: nature and biodiversity How to do an Herbarium? A nest for a little bird! Birds in the air! Trees and math's! Scientific memories. Natural paints. Natural cosmetics. Walking by the park.
    15. 15. Pilot-Projet / Some activities: 2013-2014 2. Social sustainability: civic participation, health and well-being •Portuguese language for adults •Instrumental English •Community “parliaments” •How to manage diabetes •Intergenerational games in the park •Practicing Chi Kung •Workshops on ageing well •Young persons and civic participation
    16. 16. Pilot-Projet / Some activities: 2013-2014 3. Economic sustainability: economy and innovation Workshops: •Social Innovation •Managing projects •Financial literacy •Publicity: tendencies •Challenges from the European integration!
    17. 17. Some FINAL REMARKS: In Aveiro the City and the University are together! Finding innovative ways of promoting each and everyone well-being and civic participation! What we want? First we want to do it better. And if possible we want to do more.
    18. 18. LocalCommunity@ua UA is an open institution!