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2.1 - EUniverCities - Aveiro

The University as an innovative platform for the Region
Carlos Pascoal Neto, Vice-Rector University of Aveiro

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2.1 - EUniverCities - Aveiro

  1. 1. The University as an Innovative Platform for the Region Carlos Pascoal Neto, Vice-Rector November 21, 2013
  2. 2. summary •The beginning and the challenge • Brief overview of UA, today • UA as an innovative platform for the Region • Major UA interface units and stakeholders involved • Some projets and results • ICT as successful example of university-business cooperation in the Region
  3. 3. The Beginning and the Challenge
  4. 4. the beginning and the challenge UA created in 1973, initially within the facilities of a company (Portugal Telecom) The challenge: • To become an innovative university, open to society, tackling the major issues of the Region • Lack of scientific knowledge and technology on traditional industries (ceramics, forestry, agro-food …) • Emerging technologies in the Region (ICT) – Aveiro, the cradle of telecommunications in Portugal • Environmental and marine sciences (geographical location, lagoon, sea)
  5. 5. the beginning and the challenge • Strong interaction with industry and the local authorities / government • the early implementation of the triple helix, innovative approach in Portugal • DNA of the University of Aveiro • Pioneering education programme, oriented to economy and societal needs in the Region • ICT, environmental and marine sciences, ceramics and materials … supported by strong programmes in basic sciences • Teachers training • Innovative education programmes (PBL, Technological specialization degrees, offered in a delocalized way in the Region, by our Polytechnic Schools)
  6. 6. The University of Aveiro, Today
  7. 7. 2013 rankings Best portuguese young university - position 66 in the Times Higher Education ranking for universities with less than 50 years Best portuguese university - position 315 in the ranking of the Leiden University Positions in NTU world ranking: Fields: Engineeering (173), Agriculture (294) Areas: Materials (114, 20th in Europe), Mechanical Engineering (131), Maths (144), Chemical Engineering (161), Chemistry (194), Environment/Ecology (233), Agricultural Sciences (247), Civil Engineering (269),
  8. 8. a distinctive organisation  young (1973), innovative – education, research, cooperation, tech transfer  Comprehensive university, but with focus on science and technology  binary system, no faculties – 15 000 students, 1000 teaching staff, 100 researchers, 260 postdocs, 1300 PhD students • University (16 Departments) • Polytechnic schools (since 1997, 4 schools)  Public foundation with private law  Yearly budget ~ 100 M€
  9. 9. a comprehensive university with focus on science and technology departments and schools engineering › Electronics and Telecommunications › Environment and Planning › Ceramics and Glass Engineering › Mechanical Engineering › Civil Engineering education › Sciences of Education science › Chemistry › Biology › Physics › Mathematics › Earth Sciences › Health Sciences others polytechnic schools  Health School  Águeda School of Technology and Management  Aveiro Institute of Accounting and Administration  School of Design, Management and Production Technologies › Languages and Cultures › Media and Arts › Social and Political Sciences › Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering
  11. 11. matrix structure dao cesam civil deti mec cv fis qui mat geo bio cs dlc de deca degei cspt estga ciceco it i3n nokia-siemens ieeta geobiotec tema cbc pt-inovação cidtff clc govcopp qopna cidma cipes Departments essua isca esan id+ unimem inet-md Research Centres
  12. 12. excelling in research publications – benchmarking Portugal
  13. 13. The University as an Innovative Platform for the Region The Aveiro Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecossystem University – Business – Public Administration (municipalities)
  14. 14. cooperation with municipalities and the Region S. J. da Madeira Ovar Ol. de AZEMÉIS Estarreja A. a Velha AVEIRO Vagos AGUEDA Cantanhede • Regional development programmes with local authorities (2014-2020 strategic plan, smart specialization strategy, thinking the Region together) • Polytechnic schools and technological specialisation degrees (1,5 years, on job training) • Public understanding of science (Science Factory ...), promotion of culture • Involvement in most regional and national business clusters • Regional incubators network, Science Park
  15. 15. technology transfer office (UATEC)
  16. 16. protecting intelectual property
  17. 17. promoting entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship courses in BSc, MSc and doctoral degrees • “Non curricular”, “hand on” entrepreneurship programmes • Tech Based Entrepreneurship programme (CEBT) – entrepreneurs (students, researchers, professors) explore processes/technologies belonging to UA intelectual property portfolio (partners: UC, UBI, CEC) • Entrepreneurship Laboratory (LabE) – entrepreneurs explore their own ideas / projects • Poliempreende – entrepreneurship competition for polytechnic schools • Aveiro Empreendedor (with Aveiro City and the Region) • Erasmus for young entrepreneurs
  18. 18. university incubator (IEUA) • • An incubator (IEUA) with a unique “incubation programme” supporting the entrepreneurial projects and the growing and consolidation of start-up companies Companies created by academia members, within the UA entrepreneurial programme
  19. 19. university incubator (IEUA) incubating companies Total number of incubated companies *Forecasts for Dez 31 2014 Number of jobs Turnover of the companies
  20. 20. promoting entrepreneurship in the region  a “single distributed incubator” in several municipalities of the region of Aveiro  promoting and developing local entrepreneurial policies  partnership with the 11 Aveiro Region municipalities association (CIRA) and Aveiro Industrial Association (AIDA)
  21. 21. science and innovation park (creative science park) • A innovation hub, on the neighborhood of multidisciplinary scientific knowledge and technology source, boosting entrepreneurship dynamics and regional wealth creation, in close cooperation with the regional incubator and the municipal industrial development areas • A privileged location, adjacent to the University of Aveiro (in green) and easy access to major highways - A17 and A25. • A Region project but internationally oriented
  22. 22. science and innovation park (creative science park) R&D and training competences Energy Agro-industry ICT and Electronics Sea Materials Clusters International Networks • 19 stakeholders: UA, 2 municipalities and CIRA (association of municipalities of Aveiro Region) 5 institutional partners, 2 banks, 8 companies 5 thematic areas – expertise at UA, Smart Specialization Strategies for Aveiro region Regional and National Networks •
  23. 23. science and innovation park (creative science park) • business incubation • hosting of established knowledge intensive companies companies • shared laboratories and infrastructures • support services to innovation (internationalization, soft landing ...) • design factory • Technology platforms (R&D, consultancy, tarining) – Sea Economy, agro-food industry, molding and plastic industries ...
  24. 24. university-business liaison office (GUE) • promotes the skills and services (portfolio) of Aveiro University, outside • the companies entrance door for all resources at UA, and the hub connecting market needs, UA interface and research units and researchers A single portefolio for Skills and Services, useful to companies – “UA Empresas” printed version and online database (soon an English version)
  25. 25. ICT: a successful example of university-business cooperation Going back to the UA cradle : ICT Cooperation between UA/IT and Portugal Telecom Inovação (PTi): • 4.8 M€ of Technology Transfer Contracts with UA/IT, leading to products and services to the market •140 M€ of external funding in R&DI joint projects • >100 peer reviewed scientific publications • 4 joint patents • more than 200 PTi permanent staff (~1/2 of total staff) are UA alumni
  26. 26. ICT: a successful example of university-business cooperation Other initiatives and projects • “Aveiro Digital” project: e-governance, quality of life of citizens … • Creation of about 40 ICT based start-ups, mostly located in the Region • Creation of a ICT focused business association (INOVARIA), where part of CEOs/staff are UA Graduates: >60 associates, 365 M€ annual turnover • Aveiro: headquarter on the national ICT industrial cluster TICE.PT • UA Campus houses major R&D ICT companies • • • PT Inovação (IT) Nokia Solutions (150 engineers, IT) Sapo (20 grant holders, 150 students)
  27. 27. The University of Aveiro as a centre for education and innovation, a trigger and driving force for regional development and wealth creation.