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Design Thinking-1.pdf

  1. Design Thinking
  2. The double Diamond Model of Design
  3. Create Choices Make Choices Diverge Converge “To have a good idea, you must first have lots of ideas” -Linus Pauling
  4. How can you compel to converge?
  5. Design Research vs Market Research Design wants to know what people really need and how they actually use the product/service Marketing wants to know what people will buy which includes learning how they make their purchasing decisions Designers tend to use qualitative observational methods to study people in depth and environment factors that come in to play Marketing uses large scale quantitative studies with heavy relaince on focus groups, surveys and questionnaires etc. Only 10 – 20 people are involved Tens of thousands of people are involved Methods are very time consuming Relatively much quicker Conventional Technique Relatively new technique
  6. Which method an organization launching new product should prefer?