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WANT TO GET INVOLVED WITH THE CENTRAL FLORIDA GATOR CLUB? Fill out the attached application and return to
*Must be a member of the UFAA*

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Involvement Application And Description

  1. 1. Central Florida Central Florida Central Florida GAT R CLUB Application – Board and Committees The Largest Club in the Gator Nation! Contact Information Name Street Address City ST ZIP Code Work Phone E-Mail Address Are you currently a paid member of the UF Alumni Association | Central Florida Gator Club? Expectations For our club to be successful and continue to grow we need a dedicated core of individuals to lead our organization. If you accept a position you will be expected to attend a monthly board meeting and carry out the tasks your position is responsible for. You will be expected to solicit at least three donated gifts. You will be asked to attend our events and act as an ambassador for our club and the Alumni Association. Special Skills or Qualifications Summarize any special skills or qualifications you have that will assist in your desired position. How would the club benefit from your leadership? What can you bring to the club to enhance our organization? How much time can you commit to the club? Are you interested in moving up to a higher position? Why do you want to volunteer with the Central Florida Gator Club? Previous Leadership Experience Summarize any past leadership experience that will help you with your desired position.
  2. 2. Board Positions If you are interested in serving on the Gator Club Board please select what position. You may select more than one. FILLED FOR 2009 – 2010 ___ President ___ VP Volunteers ___ Secretary ___ VP Career Development ___ Treasurer ___ VP Outreach ___ VP Academics ___ VP Viewing Parties ___ VP Membership ___ VP Young Alumni ___ VP Athletics ___ General Board ___ VP Communication Committee Positions – if you are interested in chairing a committee please circle it Tell us in which areas you are interested in vol unteering. Each committee will have a chair and will meet outside of the board meetings to plan events. The chair will work closely with the assigned board member and provide reports to the board during board meetings. You may select more than one. ___ Membership ___ Gator Gala ___ Scholarship ___ Career Development ___ Webmaster ___ International Gator Day ___ Volunteer ___ GATORConnect ___ Viewing Parties ___ Golf Tournament ___ Outreach ___ Sport Speakers ___ Pub Crawl ___ Social Media ___ Gator Gathering ___ Magic Game ___ Young Alumni ___ Gators for Higher Education Agreement and Signature By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand by accepting a position as a board member or committee member I will be expected to complete the tasks that are set forth for my position, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in my immediate dismissal. Signature Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in volunteering with us.
  3. 3. BOARD POSITIONS Past President Member of President's Advisory Council 2 Year commitment President Duties: Plan Gator Gathering, Oversea Gator Gathering committee and create subcommittees, Manage overall operation of the club, lead the board and club Year commitment President - Elect Duties: Planning of GATOR GALA, Receive Board and Committee Applications - contact individuals with assignments and keep up to date spreadsheet of all committees, members, and contact information Year commitment Duties: Take minutes at all board meetings, Notify board members of meeting dates and send reminders, Take information and make agendas for each board meeting, Maintain records, Take & return messages from the club phone Secretary line, Retrieve mail from the Maitland Post Office, Handle and return all correspondence, Attend general club events and handle registrations, Collect money at events and make deposits at bank, Respond to emails from club email address, Time involved- 2-3 hours a week when no event is in the process, 5-6 weekly for events requiring heavy registration, 10- 20 hours a week for certain events. Year commitment Duties: Perform monthly bank reconciliations. Occasionally collect cash at events and make deposits. Make withdrawals from the bank for events. Write/sign checks when the President is unavailable to do so. Perform summary of event Treasurer revenues and expenses for major events. Perform annual financial report for the UAA. Mainly requires 1-2 hours per month if there is no activity going on. About 10 hours per month if we have big events to reconcile. Year commitment Duties: Oversee all communication for the Club, including managing the e-mail system (Lyris) and GatorMailNow for print pieces. Send weekly e-mails to all club members promoting upcoming events and news as provided by the UFAA. Prepare VP and order print mail pieces through GatorMailNow. Assist with reviewing and/or creating flyers for events as needed. Communications Manage any media outreach for events. Collaborate with Webmaster to update Web site content, including assisting with creating new pages for PayPal payments. Keep UFAA up to date with all events to be published in their communication. Year commitment Duties: Host 3 - 4 Outreach events throughout the year, Come up with ideas on possible Outreach topics which would be VP Outreach of interest to CFCG members and non-members, Coordinate with UFAA on a professor to come and give the presentation, Organize the event, oversea Outreach committee Year commitment VP Academics Duties: Oversea Gators for Higher Education committee, Keep up to date on Florida Opportunity Scholarship and relay information to the club, keep a breast of scholarship or new opportunities for the club to support. Year commitment VP Viewing Duties: establish viewing parties within each area of Central Florida, organize a schedule of representatives to be present Parties at our viewing parties, negotiate specials, oversea the Viewing Parties committee Year commitment VP Career Duties: Work with the Career Resource Center at UF to bring opportunities to our members, plan and execute career Development development events: networking or educational speakers, brainstorm on ways to educate our members of the resources we provide regarding careers. Year commitment Duties: Responsible for “gathering” new volunteers and helpers for Club Activities. Responsible for coordinating these volunteers when the Club is running events. Organize the yearly International Gator Day. The Volunteer Committee is VP Membership responsible for putting together volunteer activities throughout the year to make our Club more visible in the community and to also help attract new members,Responsible for helping to draw new membership into the Club. Club representative in regards to membership questions (such things as benefits, opportunities, etc.), Oversea Membership, Volunteer, and International Gator Day Committees Year commitment VP Athletics The lead for the annual golf tournament. Oversea and assist with Speaker Dinners and Golf Tournament committee, try to intiate recreational sport league opportunities for Club members Year commitment VP Young Alumni Provide opportunities for young alumni to come together, Get them engaged in the community and with other Gators, Plan the Pub Crawls and monthly Networking Happy Hour, Create new and exciting events to add to the social calendar, oversea Pub Crawl, GATORConnect, Ugly Sweater Party, and Magic Game committees continued on next page
  4. 4. Year commitment Keep up to date list of volunteers and contact information, work with board members and event chairs to provide support VP Volunteers staff and volunteers, organize an appreciation party for our volunteers. Oversee and assist in planning of International Gator Day. Year commitment General Board Must sign up for and actively work on two committees for specific events during the fiscal year COMMITTEES Event Date: August and February | 2 months planning prior to event Pub Crawls Duties: Line up bars and timing for the evening, Acquire raffle prizes, Put together drink tickets and lanyards, Publicize the event, Set-up ticket sales, Register guests the night of and keep the energy going through out the night Event Date: April or May | 3 month commitment Gator Gathering Duties: All hands on deck for this event. Areas of support: Vendors, Food, Security, Registration, Volunteers, Raffle Prizes, Entertainment, Silent Auction, Bounce House, Media, Outside vendors. This event will have subcommittees for each area. Event Date: June or July | 3 month commitment Duties: Establish date in collaboration with UF President's office. Research & select venue, caterer, entertainment & more. Gator Gala Oversee fundraising, sponsorship solicitation and silent auction. Select vendor to design & mail invitations; take ticket orders in conjunction with Secretary/Treasurer. Oversee design & printing of event program. Coordinate day-of activities. Serve as main point person for all Gala needs. Event Date: May | 1 month commitment International Duties: Set up a volunteer opportunity for all GATORS, work with non-profit or charity on details, organize the volunteers, Gator Day attend the event, publicize the event, plan a post event meal Event Date: Monthly Event | Need ambassadors to attend event GATORConnect Duties: Set up a bar each month with drink specials, Publicize the event on a monthly basis, attend the event as a representative of the club, Help guest to interact and meet each other Event Date: April Golf Tournament Duties: Course selection, Cost negotiation, Sponsorship, Event Publicity, Day of help, Good bag donations, Event games, sponsorship Event Date: August, November, December | 1 month commitment for each event Sport Speakers Duties: set up speaker - sport analyst, select venue, publicize event, coordinate with speaker, specials from venue, organize ticket sales or RSVP Time commitment will vary Career Duties: provide assistance to VP of Career Development in planning events and attending events, brainstorm ideas on Development how to inform members about the resources available to them. Event Date: Spring | 2 month commitment Magic Game Duties: Work with MAGIC contact to set-up game and meet and greet with a UF player, get autographed items for the club, publicize the event. Set-up discounts to other games for member outing. All Year Long Social Media Duties: post event invitations & happenings in the club social media sites & post on free event calendars Recruitment ror all Events Volunteer Duties: provide support at our many events, ex. registration, security, ambassador/host, etc. 1 month commitment per event Outreach Duties: provide support to VP of Outreach, brainstorm new ideas and venues, publicize and plan Basketball and Football Season | Attendance at events Duties: Seek out viewing party locations, Develop relationships with local venues, negotiate and set-up specials, put Viewing Parties together Communication for Communication team to get out to the club, assist in finding volunteers to attend "BIG" games that the club will attend. Sports: Football and Basketball All Year Long | Time Commitment will vary Gators for Duties: serve as the liaison between the CFGC community and the Office of University Relations.Learn about the Grass Higher Education Roots "Gators for Higher Ed" campaign, keep the club apprised of this effort, and issue calls to action to our membership when needed. Communication with Legislatures and Government All Year Long | Presense at every event Responsible for helping to draw new membership into the Club. Club representative in regards to membership questions Membership (such things as benefits, opportunities, etc.), attend events to promote membership, brainstorm ideas to increase membership and educate Central Fl residents that we exist All Year Long Scholarship Work as a team to create an application, parameters and requirements for applicants, Contact local schools and guidance counselors to educate about our scholarship