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How Internet Search Engines Work

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. How Internet Search Engines Work ● The search Robot ● Method of retrieved ● Search Engine ● Spider
  2. 2. The Search Robot ● Web crawler, or “spider” – A program which browses the Web in a methodical, automated manner and is used to create of all the visited pages for later indexing by a search engine
  3. 3. Spider ● Internet search the URLs as the spider discovers document and URLs. ● Reference: Wikipedia
  4. 4. Method of retrieval ● The document group that retrieves it beforehand is scanned, and the method for improving the performance when retrieving it by preparing the index data that a high-speed retrieval becomes possible is adopted. When retrieving it, a high-speed in dramatic form retrieval becomes possible because it accesses this index.
  5. 5. Search Engine ➢ There are lots of information on the WWW, and you can get that to use Search Engine. Web pages, images and... ➢ Search Engine, for example: Google, Yahoo, Msn, and so on. Their Engine return results in a different way.
  6. 6. REFERENCE ● Medicated development – ● Wikipedia – ● Google(image) –