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Singapore Tourism Digital Campaign


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Singapore Tourism Pitch Deck

Published in: Marketing
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Singapore Tourism Digital Campaign

  1. 1. THE BIG IDEA
  2. 2. What is Singapore ?
  3. 3. A city that is … Global Powerhouse Multi - Dimensional Newand Exciting
  4. 4. City’s Promise New & unique experiences that the world has to offer. You want it? - We have it!
  5. 5. Audience Insight Indians, when they go out to see new places, they want to have new & unique experiences. It makes them feel that they are & will be seen as evolved travelers.
  6. 6. The perception is “Everyone has gone to Singapore.” It is losing out to exotic and unexplored holiday destinations which offer new experiences. Challenge:
  7. 7. Positioning Strategy Lets make Singapore the boiling point of all unique experiences the world has to offer.
  8. 8. Positioning Strategy Lets make Singapore the boiling point of all unique experiences the world has to offer.ADVENTURE ENTERTAINMENT How do we do that? Through the following filters CULTURE INFRASTRUCTURE FUTURISTIC
  9. 9. Communication Idea:
  10. 10. A city that providesa completeimmersive world experiencethroughits 3 pillars Global infrastructure in termsof roads, parks,islands, architecture etc. Newexperiences in termsof music, nightlife,sky-diving, Formula1 etc. Multi-cultural experiences in termsof food, people, festivals etc. What is All-In-Singapore!
  11. 11. Every user journey begins with a choice. So, how do we make them choose Singapore? THE JOURNEY
  12. 12. MAKING THEM CHOOSE How do we do this? Through the experiences the city has to offer Through the experiences the user wants to have
  13. 13. Phase 1: Discovering All-In-Singapore!
  14. 14. A first of a kind tourism video that showcases the awesome experience of the city from an alien’s perspective.
  15. 15. Watch video here! Before you proceeds
  16. 16. Why the Alien’s perspective? - An alien will find everything new and interesting - An alien represents an unfamiliar person having an awesome time in Singapore - This re-positions Singapore as a new place, even for those who have already been there. - And because an alien would want to experience everything grand the world has to offer and there’s no better place to do so than Singapore
  17. 17. WHAT HAPPENS THEN? As we introduce the story of interest led vacations/breaks that are a far cry from stereotypes, the mundane, and the boring tourism videos, we release it on the brand’s YouTube channel. The conversation continues with the users via #AllinSingapore
  18. 18. This further leads into a series of before/after images with case study videos being released online The most liked/retweeted picture will be awarded a trip to the destination- he has chosen/clicked. We urge users to click their most relatable/favourite moment from the video and share it on Instagram & Twitter.
  19. 19. All-In-Singapore Teasers Teaser walkthroughs (GoPro) of the new & unique experiences that the city has to offer through visually appealing gifs, images & videos to capture the users attention. Utilizing social media properties like Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Vines etc. we will offer them seamless online discovery.
  20. 20. Phase 1 Big idea – All-in-Singapore Challenge A unique travel show sponsored by Singapore Tourism in collaboration with Fox traveler- where you explore the world in Singapore.
  21. 21. #AllinSingapore Challenge! Engaging users on social media to tell us about new experiences in the world they would one day like to tick off from their travel bucket list. Step 1:
  22. 22. How it works Using the best requests, we will create the “All-In-Singapore” travel challenge. A travel show on YouTube powered by Singapore Tourism. 5 users paired with 5 travel celebrities. One city. One Amazing journey. Step 2:
  23. 23. All-In-Singapore Widget- on google chrome We will create a widget that would constantly remain with the user, to provide the latest updates, fare alerts, and more. Constantly reminding the users that the awesomeness of Singapore is just a click away!
  24. 24. On Ground Activation
  25. 25. Digital activation: A pub/restaurant is often a cool place to unwind. Its is a place where we people initiate discussion on their life, their plans, etc. A perfect place to start a conversation about a trip. As they order their beverages, like a cocktail, mocktail, iced tea, beer etc. we will give them a coaster, that is personalized to their drink.
  26. 26. The coaster willcome attached with RFID tags. On placing the phone on the coaster, it will launch a video/teasers that showcases the best destination toenjoy the ordered beverage –Singapore.
  27. 27. PrintActivation
  28. 28. Video that showcase real time events. A unique functionality that engages users to break away from the monotony of life & explore All-in-Singapore promises. When a person views our ad in the morning at 11.00am he is told how he could be spending the same time doing more exciting things in Singapore. So if he happens to see the ad in the evening the video changes to what Singapore has to offer him real time. Morning
  29. 29. Phase 2: Facilitating the All-In-Singapore experience!
  30. 30. Brand Website: The website is an All-In-Singapore experience! Based on customized requests it will throw up various new experiences in the city in tune with user interests.
  31. 31. Phase 2 Big Idea – Air BNB Bid A unique concept of Singapore Tourism in collaboration with Air BnB bidding for potential travelers to come explore the city that promises everything. Creating a unique proposition, where users pondering on a trip to the city can register themselves for a bid. And with 190+ local hosts bidding, you have a chance to have your trip sponsored for FREE The bid page will be a part of the website itself. The winning bid will be covered through blogs & reviews.
  32. 32. #CatchItAll
  33. 33. Travelers are always looking for deals, but seldom get it because deals come and go in seconds. But what if we release 5 exciting trip deals every month on Twitter & Facebook, for just for 1 minute each? Brand will notify users a day before. The next day brand will send out tweets with special deals which the user has to catch. The FIRST ONE to retweet or share the #CatchItAll tweet will win the trip. The tweet can appear any time of the day & all the user needs to do is follow the brand & keep an eye out to #CatchItAll.
  34. 34. Customized Packages Collaborating with travel websites & airlines to provide special packages.
  35. 35. Customized Packages Collaborating with travel websites & airlines to provide special packages. For segmented target audiences. HoneymoonersSolo Travelers Family Off beat travelers Re- union seekers Others
  36. 36. All-For-One Package – For the Solo Traveler This package is specifically designed for the solo traveler to provide flight tickets + staying options for a cheap price. This gives the solo traveler the freedom to chose beyond an itinerary.
  37. 37. After choosing his package, the traveler will be given a choice to create his perfect itinerary to explore all that he wants to (without any restrictions) in Singapore in 48 hours. Based on the best itinerary, few lucky solo travelers can have their desired plan, FREE of cost. All-For-One Package
  38. 38. Placement of banners on various travel portals
  39. 39. All-For-Two Package – For the Honeymooners A honeymoon package that can be yours for just two Tweets
  40. 40. Singapore Tourism Tweets the#AllForTwo honeymoon offer on their twitter handle The first couple to claim the offer by tweeting #AllForTwo at the same time, wins the package for free. A package that’s specially made for Honeymooners that involves a romantic week in Singapore All-for-Two Package
  41. 41. Singapore for All For the Family Participate on behalf of the family and win the trip for free
  42. 42. Phase 3: Talking about the All-In-Singapore By inspiring people to share their experiences on social media User Generated Content Testimonials Special Experiences
  43. 43. CREATING POST LAUNCH SOCIAL BUZZ After the video launch, we create a buzz on social and blogging platforms of many Alien/UFO sightings around Singapore. Amplifying the news about the sighting, we will involve influencers and bloggers to keep up the hype. Video content and stories on blogs like ScoopWhoop, Story Pick, Diply, Bored Panda will also add up a lot to the conversation.
  44. 44. Recruitment. Influence. Support. #AllInSingapore The different groups of travellers seek different kind of information and require a different style of conversations. Tapping all the travelers and social junkies, there lies an opportunity on Instagram where people show off their travel adventures for no reward whatsoever. Some even hope to get featured on Nat Geo. The idea is to reward travellers and enthusiasts for sharing their travel stories and memories, and in the process creating content around the unlimited memories and interests that can be experienced at Singapore
  45. 45. How? Whenever a user uploads a picture/video using #AllInSingapore, we will tag ourselves (Singapore Tourism) on the best entries. The picture will get added to our Instagram page/catalogue, and at the end of a month long Instagram campaign we would showcase a collection ofall the pictures in a forma musical StopGapFilm on ourdifferent Social Media Platforms. This unique music project can be a great connect between the users and there stories around Singapore. Celebrating the user content we give them a reason to remember there stories forlifetime.
  46. 46. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT ON TWITTER By inspiring people to share their experiences on twitter we can engage them around different contest and there first hand expernces around Singapore. An engageing contest on twitter where we ask users to share their unique experinces around Singapore and in return we gratify them for the same.
  47. 47. Further taking this engagement ahead we will hopintoother platforms like Pinintrest andFlicker. Where we can engage a large mass ofaudience according tothere interest. #AllInSingapore
  48. 48. #IDidItInSingapore