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rules and regulation for rent a room


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This is an example of the rules in the case of a lease to rent a room

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rules and regulation for rent a room

  1. 1. RULES and REGULATIONS The Mansion Cipete Rules and Regulation must abide by our tenants in order to have a safe and comfortable atmosphere. 1. Confirm Room pricing has been informed in advance before check in by The Mansion Cipete. Booking fee is 50% from room price. Payment must be done at full amount before check in. 2. All the payment being made can not be refundable. 3. Late payment for extended length of stay will be charged of penalty value Rp. 500,000 per day (maximum 3 days). Should the payment not happen after 3 days; The Mansion Cipete has right to unreserved the room and do the clean up. 4. Payment can be done in either of the following method: a. Direct payment / Cash to the receptionist b. Bank Transfer, showing on the receipt to the receptionist. 5. Number of guest per room is: 2 person max; additional guest sharing the same room will be charged by Rp. 1,000,000,- per month; and / or Rp. 100,000,- for daily. 6. For monthly tenant must have completed the payment before a month start. And deposit amounted 1 month fee. 7. Deposit can be refund should the tenant is not continuing the stay after month end. However, this need to be confirmed before a month start, otherwise, the refund will be charged with prorate basis. 8. All the tenant’s guest must inform to the receiptionist. Guest can not come to the room, and should be informed to the receptionist if she/he are planning to stay in the room. This subject to additional charged as per point no.5. 9. Tenant can only have a guest reception until 11pm. The Mansion Cipete has right to inform and request the tenant guest to leave. 10. No pets allowed in the property (The Mansion Cipete area). 11. No sitting, climbing, and standing on railing. 12. Hanging or storage of clothing, towels, or other i tems on balcony is prohibited. 13. The maximum number of vehicle is 1 unit per room. The parking area is limited only with the vehicle with the tenant pass. 14. Tenant must prioritize the comfortable atmosphere of the surrounding and environment. The Mansion Cipete has right to terminate the contract should the tenant is being considered as a threat to the environment and surrounding area. 15. Tenant must do take care the facility on the property and not doing damage. Tenant are not allowed to bring out any facility or Mansion assets outside the property. All the cost will be charged to the tenant as per the price. 16. No electrical appliance in a room exceeding 500 watt. Otherwise it will be charged and needs to reported to the receptionist. 17. The Management of The Mansion Cipete will not responsible for any loss, theft or damage of Tenants belongings and assets. All tenants must be fully responsible on their own belongings. 18. No drugs (prohibited by Indonesian law) & No free sex (prohibited by culture and syariah). The Mansion Cipete