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Presented by Bruno Naulais, on January 19th 2011 in the Barcelona Nord Technology Park

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ESA presentation road show barcelon activa 20110119.pdf

  1. 1. ESINET ROAD SHOW # 14 - BarcelonActivaHow can ESA support new business ideas and ventures The ESA support for entrepreneurs within the innovation chain: the “SYSTEM” view of entrepreneurship Bruno Naulais European Space Incubators Network Manager Technology Transfer Programme Office Directorate of Technical and Quality Management Barcelona, 19/01/2011
  2. 2. Objectives Road Show- Raise awareness about support of ESA Technology Transfer Programme Office in: o Space technology utilisation o Business development for SMEs and start-ups- Show concrete examples in both areas- Discuss concrete cases in face-to-face meetings- Source the deal flow for the ESINET members and the ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs)
  3. 3. A new space policy for Europe at theEuropean Parliament (Oct. 2010) “There is no competitiveness without Research and Innovation. Space is a domain where innovation is the engine. We must reinforce investments in space”…“Space Policy is not only about satellites and launchers, but is also about providing concrete answers to the needs of European citizens”… “Space represents our future!” Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European CommissionPag. 3
  4. 4. ESA activities are fostering InnovationFor ESA and the EC– Innovation is an enabler o To implement the challenging missions o To strengthen competitiveness of space solutions o To strengthen competitiveness of European industry– Innovation is an objective
  5. 5. ESA Facts and Figures (end 2009)– Over 30 years of experience– 18 Member States– Four establishments, 2043 staff– €3.6B budget (2009)– Over 60 satellites designed and tested– 14 scientific satellites inoperation– Five types of launcherdeveloped– More than 180 launches made
  6. 6. Yearly investment in space technology Approved programmes 3 540 934 k€ Financed by third parties Programmes financed by third parties 47 641 k€ European cooperating states agreement 3206 k€ 1.33%, 47 641 k€ Total 3 591 781 k€ ECSA General Budget Technology 0.09%, 3206 k€ 6.67%, 239 749 k€ 3.14%, 112 855 k€ Space Situational Awareness Associated to General Budget 0.25%, 9000 k€ 5.48%, 196 760 k€ Launchers 18.35%, 659 103 k€ Science 12.10%, 434 449 k€ Budgets 2009 Exploration 3 591 781 k€ 3.22%, 115 505 k€ k€: Thousand Euro Human Spaceflight10.77%, 386 958 k€ Earth Observation Microgravity 16.32%, 586 151 k€ 2.61%, 93 696 k€ Navigation Telecommunications 10.78%, 387 249 k€ 8.89%, 319 459 k€
  7. 7. Yearly investment in space technology Income from Member States and other states 2 818 998 k€ Income from Member States, previous years 352 570 k€ Other income 420 213 k€ Total 3 591 781 k€ CDN: 0.78%, 22 133 k€ A: 1.54%, 43 355 k€ UK: 9.56%, 269 401 k€ B: 5.71%, 161 000 k€ CH: 3.35%, 94 400 k€ CZ: 0.24%, 6871 k€ S: 1.99%, 56 031 k€ DK: 0.99%, 27 807 k€ FIN: 0.71%, 20 000 k€ E: 6.53%, 184 000 k€ P: 0.56%, 15 671 k€ N: 1.58%, 44 607 k€ 2009 income from F: 25.41%, 716 285 k€ MSNL: 3.51%, 99 000 k€ 2 818 998 k€ k€: Thousand EuroL: 0.45%, 12 800 k€ I: 13.11%, 369 527 k€ IRL: 0.47%, 13 280 k€ GR: 0.51%, 14 500 k€ D: 23.00%, 648 330 k€
  8. 8. Watching the earth
  9. 9. Watching the earthBusiness Incubation
  10. 10. weather
  11. 11. Watching the sun’s surface
  12. 12. Watching our neighbours
  13. 13. Building a new home
  14. 14. Finding our home
  15. 15. Leaving the haven
  16. 16. Connecting home
  17. 17. Coming home
  18. 18. The home in the sky
  19. 19. The lab in the sky
  20. 20. The lab in the sky
  21. 21. Home work
  22. 22. Going home
  23. 23. Connecting Europe
  24. 24. Connecting Europe
  25. 25. From Space Systems and Space Technologies: Business Development within ESA Earth Observation ESA Industry Portal Market DevelopmentTechnology Transfer and ESA Telecom Start-Up Business Incubation Initiative ISS Commercialisation SME Support
  26. 26. Why are Space Technologies interested (engineering) Innovation allows to answer to space needs:– low weight– strength and durability– efficiency and reliability– compactness– temperature resistance– radiation resistance– corrosion resistance Pag. 26
  27. 27. From space activities to innovative businessidea to successful operations…A road marked out with hurdles…Pag. 27
  28. 28. Innovative Business Idea andEntrepreneurs? Yes but…. How to source them? How to chase them?Pag. 28
  29. 29. Galileo Masters (ESNC) - And the winner is…..( ESNC 2010: > 500 business ideas Inc. ESA special prize: 45 ideas – A business ideas contest allowing: o raising awareness about ESA support and o finding hidden entrepreneurs – Pag. source of deal flow for ESA BICs and A 29 ESINET
  30. 30. Technology Transfer Brokers Network( ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) uses a network of technology brokers to STFC assess the market needs in areas where there is a potential for exploitation of space technologies. The technology brokers also foster Spin-off by New Business Creation and source the deal flow to ESA BICsPag. 30
  31. 31. Technology Transfer Brokers Networkin FrancePag. 31
  32. 32. ESINET Road ShowsPag. 32
  33. 33. Transforming the business case into arobust business plan… How to shape a project?How to develop a robust business plan and a prototype?Pag. 33
  34. 34. Creativity and Concurrent Design– Hosted at the REDU station.– Aiming at supporting entrepreneurs to prepare their project upstream the incubation period, through: o a combination of result-oriented creativity sessions, o immediate access to technical expertise, o a concurrent design facility and o rapid prototyping/modeling techniques.– These services will allow applicants to the incubators (eg. ESA BICs) to present a stronger and more mature business case.– The incubator will fulfill its role in a more efficient way, with a shorter retention time, and as such the success rate of incubated projects will increasePag. 34
  35. 35. ESA Business Incubation Centres( > ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands > ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany > ESRIN, Rome, Italy > DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, GermanyPag. 35
  36. 36. ESA Business Incubation Centres > ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands > ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany > ESRIN, Rome, Italy > DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, GermanyPag. 36
  37. 37. ESA BICs ServicesINCUBATION SUPPORT:– Access to business support services– Access to entrepreneurial community– Unique High Tech Environment – Technical Expertise – Laboratories & Workshops– International gateway to industry– Spark-FundingPag. 37
  38. 38. ESINET( European Space Incubators Network– Huge potential to create new business opportunities thanks to space technologies and downstream applications of satellite systems– SMEs are the main actors to convert innovative research & innovation ideas into successful commercial products, to create new jobs and boost the economy.– ESINET, an answer to this assessment: the leading network of incubators, coordinated by EBN, acting as catalysts for the launch of new innovative companies capitalizing on space developments,Pag. 38
  39. 39. Growing… How to get access to equity investment? How to get access to international markets?Pag. 39
  40. 40. Why are Space Technologies interested?(investors) Highly Reliable • ESA & networks spend up to €5billion per annum de-risking technology • Satellite enabled services €1trillion by 2020 (GJU & Esys) Key enabler on • Patient monitoring $6billion market in 2006 in US alone global markets • Sustainable businesses and the environment $240billion market by 2016 (Clean Edge) • Privatisation of launch will dramatically reduce costs and drive further research, innovation and new services Accelerating • Space faring nations increasingly see the sector of strategic Innovation importance • Entry of China and India is sparking new era of competition driving investment and innovation Highly reliable Lower investment risk, faster return Key enabler Competitive advantage, capture market value Accelerating innovation More investment opportunities
  41. 41. Open Sky Technologies FundOffering– Total volume of €100M of Limited Partnership interests to be achieved by June 2011– 1st closing of €15M signed in March 2010– €5M seed investment from ESA– Only fund supported by ESA– Investment range €0.3m - €1.3m (max €5m total in any one company)– 5 year investment period then 5 year exit horizon (limited life ten year fund – two year extension option)Pag. 41
  42. 42. ESA Investment ForumWhen “Money meets Ideas”– “investor ready” (mainly early stage) companies meet business angels and venture capital companies o 2 events in 2010 o 1st investor forum held in May in Stuttgart, 2nd in Milano on 5th of October. o 1st day = elevator pitch coaching; 2nd day = presentation to investors and face-to-face meeting o On-line application, followed by a selection process– Preparation of the forum through the Acceleration Workshop: 3 days intensive trainingPag. 42
  43. 43. Benefits and services offered to ESINET members1.Technical and Marketing Support for SMEs and start-ups2.Access to finance3.Networking4.Events5.Fast Track Access into EC & International projectsPag. 43
  44. 44. Further Logistics and Support Where to go once the incubation period is finished? How to continue to get support from ESA and more?Pag. 44
  45. 45. Finding a home after business incubation supportBarcelonActiva and its partners in the Barcelona region ESIC in NL closed to ESA/ESTEC The European Space Innovation Centre, the future (Spring 2011) multi-tenants building, opposite ESTEC, in the Space Business Park Will host the ESA BIC Noordwijk but will also provide office space for Pag. 45 alumni
  46. 46. Access to other ESA and EC programmesThrough ESINET and/or directly– At ESA, o Open calls for feasibility studies and prototypes development within TTPO o Other ESA business development programmes: ESA telecom for professionals (ARTES), ISS business, Earth Observation Market Development (EOMD) o spin-in possibilities within the Innovative Triangle Inititiative o Access to experts, labs, tests centre o Access to Earth Observation data– At EC o FP7 projects such as NAVOBS, KIS4SAT, GSA Projects, etc. through ESINET Pag. 46
  47. 47. CONCLUSION: ESA and its partners support entrepreneurs all over the innovation chain to foster regional developmentTechnology & Market Readiness Level The SYSTEM VIEW OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP BN1 Pag. 47 Time
  48. 48. Diapositiva 47BN1 Bruno Naulais; 25/11/2010
  49. 49. ConcreteExamples
  50. 50. Man has alwaysdreamed of reachingbeyond the earth Now space activities impact our everyday lives
  51. 51. Technology Transfer Spin-Off: The Anson Medical caseStart-Up example in medical applicationsSpace Origin:Shaped Memory AlloysNon-Space Application:Improved resistance to kinking and torsional stressEndovascular stent graft
  52. 52. Technology Transfer Spin-Off: The Anson Medical case Anson Medical sold to Lombard Medical DTi SMART and EUREKA for € 27 M fundingMaturation Spin-off from Brunel Institute for Private equity BioEngineering placement through Corporate Assets Management ESA support of raised 2,800K€ 13K€ 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 Year
  53. 53. ESA BICs support > 100 start-up companies
  54. 54. ESA BICs case Race in real time against your favorite pilots from your console or PC
  55. 55. Do you want to join?
  56. 56. innerTV : Immersive TV TechnologyImmersive Quiz Show Production Tools Initial Client Prototype Immersive Quiz Show Client Application
  57. 57. Thruvision
  58. 58. – RIVOPS_video_M.wmv Remote Intuitive Visual OperationsOberpfaffenhofen, GSOC
  59. 59. MIRAMAP
  60. 60. The era of Info Mobility will bringnumerous uses of space systems in ourday-to-day life.. - Seamless multi-modal transportation - Support to personal navigation - Selective information about tourism, traffic, - Health monitoring of elderly people - Etc … LBS represents a sizeable industry, amounting to €9.9 billion worldwide and €3.32 billion in Europe by 2010
  61. 61. P G N SO S &S U WI B T eR c hI n o sS
  62. 62. 68
  63. 63. Visualizing sports on theInternet, on mobile devices andon displays
  64. 64. Solution to connect retail, cultural and tourism sectorswith their consumers via a mobile device, inc. GNSSchip.
  65. 65. On-Board Telemetry
  66. 66. track & trace
  67. 67. Achievements at ESA BICs end 2009Mainly from ESA BIC Noordwijk (90%)– 58 alumni after 5.5 years of Ops– Success rate 91.4%– 225 FTE, €13M TurnOver, €19M equity investment (data from M&A not accounted)Pag. 73
  68. 68. Achievements at ESA BICs end 2009Pag. 74
  69. 69. Achievements at ESA BICs end 2009Pag. 75
  70. 70. Space2Business: a reality CartographyLocation , Navigation Datation Tele-medécine Risk Management Telecom, Data broadcasting Monitoring forecast TV broadcasting
  71. 71. “The space you needto bring your businessoff the ground”
  72. 72. Technology Transfer Programme