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Perian madalin


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Published in: Education
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Perian madalin

  1. 1. First-year student at the Faculty of Sociology-Psychology in the University of West at Timisoara Perian Silviu - Madalin
  2. 2.  I have 19 years old or like I like to say , I have almost 20 years of experience in this world  I am a normal teen I suppose , who likes to listen music , go out with his friends , go to parties , play video games when I can all day , and pretty much have fun  But I am also a responsible person when I have too
  3. 3.  I seek self-development , I like challenges and I like to see and experiment new things since this , at least in my opinion is one of the things that makes life great and help us improve  I like to believe that in life you “ can’t climb a stair with your hands in your pockets “ like a friend used to say
  4. 4.  I don’t really like to appear in photos but this is one of the few I like