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Google Adwords Campaigns


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The essential basics before digging into Google Adwords

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Google Adwords Campaigns

  1. 1. What is Google Adwords? Google adword is a form of onlineadvertising where you display your ads on google website partners, google search page or on different websites related to the niche of your business.
  2. 2. Benefits of Google Adwords Ads are displayed while prospects are already searching for terms related to your industry
  3. 3. Benefits of Google Adwords Ads can be displayed on websites that are related to your industry
  4. 4. Where Google Adwords are displayed
  5. 5. Example on Google Search Page Adword adAdword ad
  6. 6. Google Adword Campaign Organization
  7. 7. Account Happy Kids Clothing Store Campaign 1 Campaign 2 Girls Clothing Boys Clothing Adgroup Adgroup Adgroup AdgroupFashion for Fashion for Batman Spidermanlittle girls teenagers T- Shirts T-Shirts
  8. 8. Google Adword KeywordYou normally ask yourself: who is yourreader? What is he looking for and fromthere, start to set up your keyword Google adwords keyword research toolaccordingly with your target’s necessity.What are they looking for? Google has a tool that will help you with this process. It is called the google adwords keytoolIf you sell clothes, your keyword will bebased on what kind of clothes you selland the terms your niche is using tosearch for this.
  9. 9. Google Adword Keyword Tool
  10. 10. The Google Adwords Campaign(Inside View)Find a name for your campaign ( could be your main keyword)Have in mind the geographic places the campaign will beshown
  11. 11. The Google Adwords Campaign(Inside View)Decide in which type of website your ad will be displayed. It could be on google search website, google partners websites such as youtube or other websites related to your niche.You can have multiple campaigns at once for one product oryou can have unique and different campaigns for differentproducts.
  12. 12. The Google Adwords Campaign(Inside View)Ex: If you are offering children clothing, you can createthree different Campaigns inside your google adwordaccount: ● Google Adword Campaign 1: Female Children Clothing (girls clothing) ● Google Adword Campaign 2: Male Children Clothing (boys clothing) ● Google Adword Campaign 3:Baby Clothing
  13. 13. The Google Adwords: AdgroupsLook at the campaigns: “Girls Clothing” and “Boys Clothing”.The adgroups will hold the specific keywords related to each oneof these campaigns. See again:
  14. 14. Further ReadingGoogle AdWords - Online Advertising by Keyword Tool - Google AdWords