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PSOW 2012 - Culture Meets Strategy


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PSOW 2012 - Culture Meets Strategy

  1. 1. CULTURE MEETS STRATEGY Ernesto Rodriguez Austin-Travis County EMS Chief
  2. 2. Ò  Mission – To change the lives of the people we serve through a reliable, effective and affordable clinical practice that exceeds our customers’ expectations . Ò  Vision – To be trusted by our community, employees, and partners, as the clinical provider of choice that clearly demonstrates our value to our patients, through our practice and our outcomes and to be considered the organization that others want to emulate. Ò  Values – Public Service and Community Engagement; Responsibility and Accountability; Innovation and Sustainability; Diversity and Inclusion; Ethics and Integrity. Ò  Core Competencies – Patients, Practice, Outcomes.DEDICATED TO SERVICE, IMPROVEMENT,AGILITY, AND RESPONSIVENESS
  3. 3. PILLARS OF EXCELLENCEÒ  PeopleÒ  ServiceÒ  QualityÒ  Finance Successful execution of the Pillars of Excellence produces Growth and Sustainability
  4. 4. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES – PILLARS OF SUCCESSÒ  People:Be an employer that quality EMS professionals want to join; where they can grow into recognized industry leaders, and where they can enjoy long and satisfying careers.Ò  Service:Be driven by the delivery of high quality care, attention to detail, and variety of services that are designed to meet the broad range of community needs
  5. 5. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES – PILLARS OF SUCCESSÒ  Quality: Have a culture of excellence through continuous improvement of quality and safety in everything we do.Ò  Finance: Have an effective and transparent financial model that insures good stewardship of public funds.
  6. 6. STRATEGIC GOALSPeople Service Quality Finance•  Attract, recruit, •  Be an •  Build a clinical •  Utilize effective hire and retain organization that practice that financial quality people. strives to enhances quality management•  Have a workforce improve the lives through error tools and that knows what of people in our proofing methods that is expected of community. •  Be an industry allow for fiscal them. •  Have a service leader in transparency•  Foster an delivery model innovation, and environment of that best service collaboration, accountability individual growth our community clinical •  Provide value to opportunities. •  Put service performance and the community.•  Have an before self evidence based •  Provide quality informed •  Support our practices cost efficient workforce employees •  Promote services to the engaged in efforts to help ownership in community. decisions. others. safe practices. •  Have an informed community
  7. 7. LEADERSHIP CULTUREÒ  Moving from leader to leadership focusÒ  We LeadÒ  Leading with Love and RespectÒ  I-Squared Leadership
  8. 8. LeadingWithLove and Respect Ernesto Rodriguez, BAAS, LP Chief of EMS Austin-Travis County EMS Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  9. 9. Two Important Things For Leaders ToDon  Identify your destinationn  Make the Journey Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  10. 10. Ways To Know Your Destination n  Mission Statements n  Vision Statements Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  11. 11. So What About the Journey? n  The long haul n  Everyday n  Day In – Day Out n  Your Commitment n  The Absolute Hardest Part of Your Job Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  12. 12. What’s Our Job All About? Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  13. 13. Our Job Is To Build and Produce Results = Tools Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  14. 14. How Do We Go About It?n  Managementn  Leadership Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  15. 15. ManagementManagement is about coordinating people; their knowledge, skills, and abilities; and their tools. This is simply making sure that people have the tools they need so they can use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to get their job done. Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  16. 16. LeadershipEveryone talks about it; a lot of people teach about it, many of whom dont know what it is or have ever done it... But most of us recognize good leadership when we see it! Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  17. 17. LeadershipIts about inspiring people to use their knowledge, skills, and tools to create phenomenal results that are exciting, refreshing, and revolutionary. In other words: 1 plus 1 doesnt equal just 2 anymore.(Warning… this is The World According to Ernie) Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  18. 18. If You Don’t Think Inspiration isImportant…Try Breathing without it.Breathing is essential to life. It requires inspiration and expiration. Of the two phases, inspiration is an ____ process and expiration is a ____ process. Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  19. 19. My Personal Goal…Inspire one person everyday…If I end my day and have not had an inspirational encounter with at least one person… then I’m not done yet.The most meaningful thing I can do is inspire someone. Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  20. 20. So… How Do We “Do” Inspiration?n  Know who you are.n  Know what you believe.n  Live what you say.n  Speak your heart.n  Lead with Love and Respect. Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  21. 21. Leading with LOVELove is a passion word. It conveys a whole assortment of meanings. It is an emotion. It is so strong that some people cannot say it to one another. We know it from the feelings we experience.Love is not expected at work. We are taught to avoid it. It is not “professional.”Love is human. It is essential. It is part of our lives. We need it. Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  22. 22. Leading with LOVE…n  Loyaltyn  Obediencen  Validationn  Expression Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  23. 23. Lead with RESPECTn  Relayn  Evangelizen  Sinceren  Prosperityn  Essentialn  Compassionaten  Tough Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  24. 24. The Potential Is Amazing! Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006
  25. 25. Austin-Travis County EMSn  How We Lead Copyright Ernesto M. Rodriguez 2006