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PSFK presents the Future Of Cities


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This report examines 28 key trends that are driving the sustainable development and efficient operation of modern cities as they respond to the unique challenges posed by rapid urbanization. Aided by connected technologies, social platforms, and flexible design thinking, cities at the forefront of these progressive solutions are creating a compelling blueprint for ensuring that their citizens, businesses and public institutions thrive. As we plan for the future, PSFK Labs is excited for the opportunity to contribute its point of view to this ongoing conversation.

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PSFK presents the Future Of Cities

  2. ABOUT This report examines 28 key trends that are driving the sustainable development and efficient operation of modern cities as they respond to the unique challenges posed by rapid urbanization. Aided by connected technologies, social platforms, and flexible design thinking, cities at the forefront of these progressive solutions are creating a compelling blueprint for ensuring that their citizens, businesses and public institutions thrive. As we plan for the future, PSFK Labs is excited for the opportunity to contribute its point of view to this FOR YOUR FULL COPY OF THE REPORT, VISIT: ongoing conversation. INCLUDED 150 page report Featuring five macro themes and 28 key trends 80+ examples of innovation described in detail Relevant experts to follow in the space Ideas for putting the trends into action Spanish translation
  3. The Future Of Cities MAXIMIZED SPACE SENSIBLE CITY 1. Pop-Up Culture 7. Citizen Sensor Networks 13. Crowd Planned 19. Derelict Revival 25. Clean Air Everywhere 2. Elastic Environments 8. Hyperlocal Reporting 14. Community Currency 20. Infrastructure Reboot 3. Snap-On Housing 9. Just-In-Time Alerts 15. Collaborative Economy 21. Enhanced Facades 26. Recycled Resource Systems 4. Micro Living 10. Proximity Services 16. Social Pairing 22. Culture Hacking 5. Multi-Modal Transit Hubs 11. Data Transparency 17. Micro Financing 23. Landscape Narratives 6. Creative Clusters 12. Intelligent Transportation 18. Shared Transport 24. Architectural Infographics The Future Of Cities Report LABS CITIZEN SOURCED URBAN CANVAS GREEN SCAPING 27. Micro Parks 28. Compact Farming A
  4. MAXIMIZED SPACE ESPACIO MAXIMIZADO Creative design solutions for making urban lifestyles feel limitless within a finite amount of space. Soluciones creativas de diseño para la fabricación de estilos de vida urbanos sin sentir límites dentro de un espacio limitado. TRENDS TENDENCIAS 1. Pop-Up Culture 1. Cultura Itinerante 2. Elastic Environments 2. Espacios Flexibles 3. Snap-On Housing 3. Edificios Ensamblados 4. Micro Living 4. Micro Viviendo 5. Multi-Modal Transit Hubs 5. Centros de Transporte Integrado 6. Creative Clusters 6. Clústeres Creativos The Future Of Cities Report LABS B
  5. POP-UP CULTURE Architects and planners are experimenting with temporary venues designed to be quickly deployed and assembled to host temporary events like performances and films. These flash experiences connect with an ever changing audience, while highlighting locally sourced content and bringing cultural enrichment into people’s lives. CULTURA ITINERANTE Debido a que algunas ciudades no pueden tener acceso inmediato a los fondos disponibles o bien en el espacio para apoyar la infraestructura cultural permanente dentro de los entornos públicos, los arquitectos y los planificadores están imaginando escenarios flexibles y rápidamente desplegables diseñados para acoger eventos temporales de actuaciones para el cine. Estas son las experiencias flash de conectar con un público en constante cambio, además de destacar el contenido de origen local y la inyección de disfrute en día a día la gente. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Tendencies 1
  6. Collapsible Movie Theater Can Be Transported By A Single Truck The Moveable Movie Theater is a portable movie theater that is designed to be transported on a single truck. The theater’s rectangular structure is composed of several sections, each layer housed within another, much like a nesting doll. When in use, the accordion-like layers are simply pulled out into a functional, multi-level theater. Created by Japanese designer Yusuke Yamamoto, the current design is able to fit approximately 30 people. The design is also lined with bookshelves to double as a moveable library. Yamamoto has said that he hopes his design will bring ‘smiles to the faces’ of those currently living in the tsunami-ravaged Tohoku region of Japan. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Pop-Up Culture 2
  7. ELASTIC ENVIRONMENTS To keep pace with the changing face of downtown areas as they transition from understated business and commerce centers by day into lively areas for social and cultural engagements by night, developers are designing infrastructure that can adapt to meet an evolving set of needs. These flexible solutions accommodate a range of potential uses, transforming any environment into a multiuse destination that attracts a mix of demographics. ESPACIOS FLEXIBLES Para mantener el ritmo con el rostro cambiante de los centros urbanos en la transición desde negocio discreto y centros de comercio del día a día a las animadas zonas de compromisos sociales y culturales por la noche, los desarrolladores están diseñando una infraestructura que puede adaptarse para satisfacer en conjunto la evolución de las necesidades. Estas soluciones flexibles dan cabida a una serie de casos de uso, ya que pueden transformar cualquier ambiente en un destino de uso múltiple, que atrae a una mezcla de demografía. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Tendencies 3
  8. Parking Garage By Day Converts into Event Space By Night 11 11 is a multipurpose, premium parking garage in Miami Beach, Florida that doubles as a venue for weddings, wine tastings, yoga classes and more. Developed by art collector, Robert Wennett, and the architects of London’s Tate Modern and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Stadium, Herzog & de Meuron, the oversized loft-looking building features extraordinarily high ceilings, mixed retail and parking services and venue rental space that, thanks to the absence of exterior walls, offers event guests sweeping views of the city. The project showcases the potential for creating civic spaces through mixed-use environments. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Elastic Environments 4
  9. SNAP-ON HOUSING As a way to accommodate an increasing influx of urban residents, architects and planners are experimenting with construction techniques that allow for the rapid assembly of housing and other structures, often onto the footprints of existing buildings. These modular, prefab designs can be used as standalone dwellings or stacked together to create multi-unit buildings that can be adapted for a variety of uses. Whether created in pieces or, in some cases, pre-assembled units, the on-demand nature of this style of architecture is changing the pace at which areas can be developed and expanding available real estate, while reducing associated labor and costs. EDIFICIOS ENSAMBLADOS Para acomodar el creciente influjo de personas hacia zonas urbanas arquitectos y planificadores urbanos están experimentado con técnicas constructivas que les ayuden a ensamblar edificios fácilmente, así como la fabricación de módulos que puedan añadirse a la propia estructura del edificio. Estos diseños modulares prefabricados pueden usarse para crear edificios independientes o multi unitarios que se pueden adaptar para diversos usos. La naturaleza ‘on demand’ de este estilo de arquitectura con módulos prefabricados está acelerando la velocidad en que áreas pueden ser desarrolladas y está ayudando a expandir el terreno construible a la vez que se reducen los costes de mano de obra y producción. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Tendencies 5
  10. Prefab Housing Additions Stack Vertically Onto Existing Infrastructure The MuReRe housing concept adds prefabricated units on top of existing structures in order to enhance and expand a city’s built environment. Created by Argentine architect Adamo Faiden, the prefabricated concept features steel framed structures that are relatively light, fast to deploy, and adaptable to the underlying building. Once installed, the units can improve the building’s existing infrastructure by collecting rainwater or by incorporating solarpanels. The concept utilizes the flat rooftop architecture predominant in most Argentine cities as a basis for its design, but its modular offering is scalable worldwide. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Snap-On Housing 6
  11. MICRO LIVING As a larger percentage of the population chooses to reside in cities, a greater emphasis has been placed on the importance of space. As a result, there has been a shift towards living spaces that are designed to take up a smaller footprint without sacrificing on functionality or comfort. These creative solutions rely on multipurpose furniture, adaptive interior environments and the efficient use of resources to accommodate a range of living styles and needs. MICRO VIVIENDO Dado que un número elevado del porcentaje de la población reside en las ciudades, ha habido un mayor énfasis en la importancia del espacio. Como resultado, se ha producido un cambio hacia espacios vivos que se han diseñado para desarrollarse sobre un espacio más pequeño sin sacrificar la funcionalidad o la comodidad. Estas soluciones creativas se basan en los muebles multiusos, adaptables para crear ambientes interiores haciendo un uso eficiente de los recursos para dar cabida a una amplia gama de estilos de vida y necesidades. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Tendencies 7
  12. Transformer Furnishing Collection Saves Space Resource Furniture has successfully designed a 300 square foot apartment through the use of transforming furniture. Resource offers space saving pieces like the Box Table used in the adAPT mock-up; the table converts from a coffee table to an eight person dining table. Resource Furniture is seeking to redefine the possibilities of urban living with a line of space-saving furnishings hand-selected for their ability to transform a space with both beauty and functionality. With pieces designed to cleverly unpack or stow-away on command, the line is designed to unlock potential in small spaces. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Micro Living 8
  13. MULTI-MODAL TRANSIT HUBS City planners and transportation agencies are considering multiuse transit centers as a way to reduce congestion and increase transportation efficiency. These hubs combine multiple forms of public transportation such as trains and buses with shared systems like bikes and cars, allowing people to access the best form of transportation based on their current needs. In addition, these spaces typically contain parking for personal vehicles, as well as additional travel services such as repair, retail and changing facilities. CENTROS DE TRANSPORTE INTEGRADO Los urbanistas y las agencias de transporte están considerando formas de simplificar las soluciones de transporte a los centros de multi-uso en un esfuerzo por reducir la congestión y permitir a las personas moverse de manera más eficiente. Estos centros suelen combinar múltiples formas de transporte público, como trenes y autobuses con sistemas compartidos como bicicletas y coches, permitiendo a la gente a acceder de la mejor forma de transporte en función de sus necesidades actuales. Además, estos espacios suelen contener aparcamiento para vehículos particulares, así como servicios adicionales de viaje. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Tendencies 9
  14. China’s City Of The Future Links Multiple Transit Options In Strategic Hubs A design for China’s Beijing Bohai Innovation City establishes a multimodal transportation solution intended to spur the use of public transit at an unprecedented urban scale. The award winning design by architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill uses transportation hubs linking trains, bikes and pedestrians to urban activities and businesses as well as nearby seaports, airports and metropolitan areas. In addition, the plan calls for an advanced multi-modal transportation network that unites high-speed rail with metro lines, bus rapid transit, local streetcar and a state-of-the-art electric car fleet. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Multi-Modal Transit Hubs 10
  15. CREATIVE CLUSTERS As a way to breathe life back into forgotten corners of a city, there has been a renewed push to develop an artistic and cultural infrastructure like galleries, studios and workshops within transitional neighborhoods. By highlighting educational programming and creative self-expression, these grassroots efforts seek to build a strong anchor for the surrounding community that is attractive to both residents and visitors. As these areas establish themselves as destinations, they open the door for further social and business ventures, adding to the collective benefit of a place. CLÚSTERES CREATIVOS Una de las maneras de reactivar algunos rincones olvidados de la ciudad es desarrollar una infraestructura artística y cultural mediante galerías, estudios y ‘workshops’ en barrios emergentes. El énfasis en los esfuerzos para desarrollar programas educativos en que se promueva la autoexpresión, tiene como objetivo crear un sustrato para la comunidad que atraiga tanto a residentes como a visitantes. Estas áreas aspiran a establecerse como destinos en si y pueden abrir la puerta a futuras iniciativas empresariales y añadir beneficios colectivos al barrio. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Tendencies 11
  16. Chinese Art District Attracts Community Of Cultural Tastemakers The Dashanzi Art District (798 Art District) in Beijing is a neighborhood of Communist-era factories and warehouses converted into art galleries, boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. The district is re-nowned for artists renting out, and remaking the factory spaces, gradually developing them into galleries, art centers, artists’ studios, design companies, restaurants, and bars. Attracting talent and attention from all around, this district of the city is bringing together contemporary art, architecture, and culture with a historically interesting location and an urban lifestyle. For example, 798 Space is a new rising, avant-garde and trendy space that hosts high-level cultural, artistic and commercial activities that can hold more than 1000 guests with ease. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Maximized Space / Creative Clusters 12
  17. SENSIBLE CITY ESPACIO MAXIMIZADO Bringing intelligence to the city and its citizens through the free flow of information and data, helps improve both immediate and long-term decision making. Llevar inteligencia a la ciudad y a sus ciudadanos a través de la libre circulación de información y datos, que ayudan a mejorar tanto de inmediato como a largo plazo, la toma de decisiones. TRENDS TENDENCIAS 1. Citizen Sensor Networks 1. Sensores Dentro de las Redes Ciudadanas 2. Hyperlocal Reporting 3. Just-In-Time Alerts 4. Proximity Services 5. Data Transparency 6. Intelligent Transportation The Future Of Cities Report LABS 2. Reportes Hiperlocales 3. Alertas Justo a Tiempo 4. Servicios De Proximidad 5. Transparencia de Infomación 6. Transporte Inteligente 13
  18. CITIZEN SENSOR NETWORKS Sensor-laden personal electronics are collecting data that, when analyzed, provides insight and real-time intelligence to improve communities. By routinely monitoring environmental and other forms of data, communities can contribute to a public pool of knowledge, enabling any interested party to make more informed choices about their surroundings. These feedback systems require little infrastructure, transforming people into sensory nodes with little effort on their part. SENSORES DENTRO DE LAS REDES CIUDADANAS A través de métodos pasivos de recolección de datos, las personas están encontrando formas innovadoras de reunir y compartir información para ayudar a mejorar sus comunidades. Un número cada vez mayor de tecnologías personales están equipadas con sensores que tienen la capacidad de reunir datos etiquetados geográficamente mientras la gente va sobre su día a día—el establecimiento de una red en tiempo real, de sensor humanoMonitoreando regularmente las formas ambientales y otro tipo de datos, las comunidades pueden contribuir a una piscina pública de conocimiento, para que cualquier interesado pueda disponer de información y así tomar decisiones sabiendo lo que ocurre en su entorno. The Future Of Cities Report LABS *Image copyrighted to Propeller Health (formerly Asthmapolis) Sensible City / Tendencies 14
  19. Sensor Detects Potholes And Reports Them To City Officials Street Bump is a crowdsourcing project that helps residents improve their neighborhood streets by collecting data around real-time road conditions while they drive. Using the mobile application’s motiondetecting accelerometer, Street Bump is able to sense when a bump is hit, while the phone’s GPS records the location. The system filters out things like manhole covers and speed bumps using a series of algorithms—including one that can tell if the initial motion is up over a speed bump, as opposed to down into a pothole. If at least three people hit a bump in the same spot, the system recognizes it as a pothole. City planners believe that this aggregated information cannot only be utilized to fix immediate problems, but also plan longterm infrastructure investments. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Citizen Sensor Networks 15
  20. HYPERLOCAL REPORTING Crowdsourced information platforms are changing the top-down nature of how news is gathered and disseminated by placing reporting tools in the hands of citizens, allowing any individual to instantly broadcast about the environment around them. Often using mobile phone technology, these information monitoring systems not only provide real-time, location-specific data, but also boost civic engagement by establishing direct channels of communication between an individual and their surrounding community. REPORTES HIPERLOCALES Las plataformas de información, crowd- sourced, están cambiando en cuanto ala naturaleza de cómo las noticias se recopilan y difunden mediante la colocación de instrumentos de información en manos de los ciudadanos, lo que permite a cualquier persona poder transmitir en ese instante acerca de la situación que les rodea. A menudo utilizando la tecnología de telefonía móvil, estos sistemas de monitoreo no sólo proporcionan información en tiempo real con los datos específicos de la localización, sino que también impulsan la participación ciudadana mediante el establecimiento de canales de comunicación directos desde cero, mientras que ayudan a garantizar el bienestar comunitario. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Tendencies 16
  21. Twitter Reported Crimes In Mexico Get Mapped In Real-Time Retio is a mobile application that allows Mexican citizens to report on organized crime and corruption using social media. Platform contributors use the Twitter handle that corresponds with the city they are in (e.g. @RetioMID for Mérida), and then tweet out a description of the issue at hand, and if possible, an accompanying photo. Each issue is plotted on a map, allowing users and authorities to get an overall idea of what has been reported or narrow results down to specific incidents. Retio’s Twitter feeds are available in multiple cities throughout every Mexican state and the creators hope to bring it to other countries as well, giving citizens a tool to actively combat problems in their communities. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Citizen Sensor Networks 17
  22. JUST-IN-TIME ALERTS As an increasing number of city services are networked with the cloud, the management and flow of information between various agencies, officials and citizens becomes more responsive, quickly disseminating important messages and alerts throughout a population using a combination of phone calls, SMS texts, or emails. The just-in-time nature of these notification systems ensures that every person has the most current and accurate news at hand, helping provide an intelligent basis to form opinions or make decisions. ALERTAS JUSTO A TIEMPO Un número cada vez mayor de servicios de la ciudad están conectados en la red con ‘la nube’, la gestión y el flujo de información entre los distintos organismos, funcionarios y ciudadanos se vuelve más sensible, rápida difusión de los mensajes importantes y alertas a través de una población que utiliza una combinación de llamadas telefónicas, correos electrónicos o textos SMS . La naturaleza de ‘JUSTO EN ESE MOMENTO’ de estos sistemas de notificación nos aseguran que cada persona tiene la noticia más actual y precisa en la mano, ayudando a proporcionar una base inteligente para la formación de opiniones o tomar decisiones. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Tendencies 18
  23. Citizens Warned Of Impending Earthquakes On Mobile Device The government in Mexico city has launched a mobile-phone application that will give citizens a one minute advance notice of impending quakes. The free app will emit a ‘Seismic Alert’ in the form of a sound when an earthquake is on its way, allowing residents to evacuate buildings or engage in emergency preparations. Tremors striking the city tend to originate near the coast, allowing officials to receive early warning and alert mobile users. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Just-In-Time Alerts 19
  24. PROXIMITY SERVICES Mobile technology platforms are leveraging location as a key metric for helping citizens seamlessly access a host of services to help them better navigate their urban environments. Whether providing a real-time map of available parking spots or instantly connecting nearby people around location-specific conversations and meetups, these solutions make it easier for anyone to easily find and tap into services and information when they need them most. SERVICIOS DE PROXIMIDAD Las plataformas móviles de última tecnología están aprovechando la ubicación como una medida clave para ayudar a los ciudadanos acceder sin problemas a una serie de servicios para ayudar a navegar mejor sus por entornos urbanos. Ya sea proporcionando un mapa en tiempo real de plazas de aparcamiento disponibles o instantáneamente conectando a las personas cercanas en torno a una ubicación concreta conversaciones y cumplir-ups, estas soluciones hacen que sea más fácil para que cualquiera ya que se puede encontrar fácilmente y aprovechar los servicios y la información cuando más los necesitan. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Tendencies 20
  25. Parking App Reveals Available Spaces Nearby ParkMe is a parking application that helps drivers find real-time parking availability in color coded maps that highlight the most likely availability for parking on a block-by-block basis. Drawing from a comprehensive parking database detailing 25,000 worldwide locations in more than 500 cities and 19 countries, factors such as street sweeping schedules, hour limits and pricing are available for street parking, metered parking, parking lots and parking garages. For drivers, the service includes in-app rate calculators, route navigation and a timer. For businesses, the ParkMe widget allows merchant sites to feature real-time parking availability near their location. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Proximity Services 21
  26. DATA TRANSPARENCY City administrators, institutions, and companies are publicly sharing data generated within their systems to add new levels of transparency and accountability. Access to this information not only strengthens civic engagement, but also establishes a collaborative agenda at all levels of government that empowers citizens through greater access and agency. TRANSPARENCIA DE INFOMACIÓN Administradores de la ciudad, instituciones y compañías comparten públicamente información generada en sus sistemas para añadir nuevos niveles de transparencia y fomentar su responsabilidad democratizadora. El acceso a la información no solamente fortalece la colaboración ciudadana, sino que establece unos lazos de colaboración entre los distintos estratos del gobierno que da más poder y mayor voz a los ciudadanos. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Tendencies 22
  27. Transparency Driven App Shows Citizens How Their Taxes Are Being Spent ‘OpenSpending is a mobile and web-based application that allows citizens in participating cities to examine where their taxes are being spent through interactive visuals. Citizens can review their personal share of public works, examine local impacts of public spending, rate and vote on proposed plans for public spending and monitor the progress of projects that are or are not underway. Tax contributions can be broken down to the language of personal daily expenses and, via the mobile app, project data can be reviewed onsite in real time. By providing citizens an easy to understand overview of publicly funded projects, and their personal funding share, local governments are held more accountable to waste, duplication, inefficiency and corruption. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Data Transparency 23
  28. INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION The continuous flow of information being gathered by a network of sensors coupled with seamless communication platforms and sophisticated, autonomous systems is streamlining the movement of people and things across cities. This data is being leveraged to solve any number of transportation challenges from real-time traffic management to the creation of less dangerous roadways for pedestrians and bicyclists. By automating certain processes and alerting drivers with real-time information, these technologies not only ensure a safer, more efficient commute, but remove a principal source of stress from daily urban life, helping to improve health and overall well-being. TRANSPORTE INTELIGENTE Tecnología Barato, fiable sensor se integra en entornos urbanos, tales como edificios, puentes y carreteras, que generan cantidades masivas de datos. Este acceso a la información en tiempo real permite a las agencias municipales, las comunidades y las personas a recibir información en tiempo real y tomar decisiones más rápidas y más informadas. Funcionando como un sistema nervioso central para el entorno construido, estos sistemas inteligentes de conectar el mundo real con el virtual, y utilizar el conocimiento recogido de datos para optimizar y automatizar todo tipo de procesos de gestión de las condiciones del tráfico en el flujo de los recursos. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Tendencies 24
  29. Stoplight Senses Traffic Patterns To Reduce Congestion Technology company Virtual Traffic Lights has patented an algorithm designed to ease traffic by intelligently dictating the flow of cars passing through a four-way intersection. When cars approach the intersection, dedicated short-range communication equipment relays back information about how many cars are approaching and which direction they are headed. The largest group of vehicles is prioritized, and once the group has passed through the intersection, the next largest group will be given the green light to proceed. Simulations over the past three years have shown the system could reduce commute time for urban workers between 40 to 60 percent during rush hour. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Sensible City / Intelligent Transportation 25
  30. CITIZEN SOURCED PARTICIPACIÒN CIUDANA Harnessing the power of citizens to raise the collective resources and benefits available across communities, neighborhoods and entire cities. Aprovechar el poder de los ciudadanos para aumentar los recursos colectivos y los beneficios disponibles a través de las comunidades, barrios y ciudades enteras. TRENDS TENDENCIAS 1. Crowd Planned 1. Sensores Dentro de las Redes Ciudadanas 2. Community Currency 3. Collaborative Economy 4. Social Pairing 5. Micro Financing 6. Shared Transport The Future Of Cities Report LABS 2. Reportes Hiperlocales 3. Alertas Justo a Tiempo 4. Servicios De Proximidad 5. Transparencia de Infomación 6. Transporte Inteligente 26
  31. CROWD PLANNED Participatory online platforms and visual tools are lowering the barriers to participation and empowering citizens to design their communities. These systems facilitate an open dialogue between city agencies and the people they serve, establishing a structured process for collaboration and encouraging a higher level of participation. By seeking input throughout the development process, these systems help ensure greater transparency and buy-in that ultimately results in an end solution that meets the actual needs of the population. PLANEACIÓN POR PARTE DE LOS CIUDADANOS Las agencias municipales, están aprove- chando la sabiduría y la creatividad de los residentes del crowdsourcing, con nuevas ideas sobre la manera de mejorar sus vecindarios y comunidades. Nuevas herramientas en línea y plataformas permiten la conversación de dos vías para fomentar una mayor colaboración, conseguir la aceptación de todas las partes y garantizar que la solución final responda a las necesidades reales de la población. La promesa de un punto de vista compartido puede empoderar a las personas a participar, estimular la innovación y ayudar a ver más ideas a través de la acción. Esto no sólo puede conducir a nuevas formas de pensar acerca de la superación de retos, sino que también permite a las ciudades aprovechar estos conocimientos y entregar mejores resultados a sus ciudadanos. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Tendencies 27
  32. UN-Backed Planning Game Enlists Citizens To Design Their Communities Block by Block is an urban planning game allowing people to participate in the reconstruction process of their own neighborhoods through playing Minecraft. Working in partnership with UN Habitat, the gaming company behind Mojang invites citizens to enter Minecraft servers and modify their own neighborhood and visualize it on screen. The game allows citizens to submit their own urban planning ideas without necessarily having architectural training, and can provide the groundwork for political decisions. The first Block by Block site, in Nairobi, Kenya, is already in the planning phase. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Crowd Planned 28
  33. COMMUNITY CURRENCY A number of businesses and municipalities are experimenting with alternative forms of currency to encourage local spending. Whether creating a local currency that encourages spending at area businesses or accepting less tangible payments such as good deeds as viable tender, these emerging payment systems hope to raise the collective prosperity of a population by placing greater importance on personal relationships, rather than material assets. MONEDAS ALTERNAS En un esfuerzo por redefinir cómo el valor y la riqueza se mide en una comunidad, una serie de empresas y municipios están experimentando con formas alternativas de moneda y el intercambio. Si la creación de una moneda local para alentar el gasto en áreas de negocios o aceptar pagos con menos tangibles, como las buenas acciones como moneda de curso viable, estos sistemas emergentes esperan recaudar la prosperidad colectiva de una población mediante la colocación de mayor importancia en las relaciones personales más que bienes materiales. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Tendencies 29
  34. Waste-By-The-Pound Exchanged For Veggie Credits Municipal organizations in both the cities of Jundiaí, Brasil and Mexico City, Mexico offer citizens fresh produce in exchange for recyclables. In Jundiaí, the city’s utilities department runs a program called Delícia de Reciclagem, where aluminum cans and plastic bottles are the only currency accepted in a publicly run vegetable garden. In Mexico City’s Mercado de Trueque, citizens swap out glass, plastic, aluminum, paper and cardboard waste for credits, which in turn can be exchanged for fresh produce and seedlings from local farmers. By exchanging trash for fresh foods, both programs forge strong links between recycling habits, sustainable food supply and healthy eating. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Community Currency 30
  35. COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY New person-to-person commerce systems are enabling citizens to harness the potential of underused resources such as excess space and Wi-Fi bandwidth, transforming them into valuable services that can be traded with both neighbors and visitors. These platforms help generate extra wealth for enterprising individuals and reduce waste, while providing crucial and affordable infrastructure to underserved communities. ECONOMÍA DE COLABORACIÓN Existen nuevos sistemas de ‘persona a persona’, estos son sistemas de comercio que están permitiendo a los ciudadanos a aprovechar el potencial de los recursos infrautilizados, como el exceso de espacio y ancho de banda Wi-Fi, transformándolas en servicios valiosos que pueden ser objeto de comercio con ambos países vecinos y visitantes. Estas plataformas ayudan a generar riqueza adicional para las personas emprendedoras y reducir los residuos, al tiempo que proporciona la infraestructura fundamental y asequible a las comunidades marginadas. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Tendencies 31
  36. Platform Allows Users To Rent Out Their Internet Connection When Not In Use New York-based KeyWifi allows anybody who pays for Internet access to rent out their connection to those who need it for a nominal fee. The peer-to-peer platform is a web-based solution meaning that users don’t need any additional software or hardware to get online. By simply logging into the KeyWifi website, users with a connection can specify when exactly they aren’t using their Wi-Fi, how many people can log onto it and for how long. Users without connections can join the temporarily vacated network for about $10 a month using web payment platform PayPal. KeyWifi takes about a third of that money for operating costs, but the other two-thirds will be divided proportionally among the owners of the various Internet connections. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Collaborative Economy 32
  37. SOCIAL PAIRING New services are using a mix of social, location and demographic data to match people around similar interests, activities, and needs, allowing for the creation of temporary connections in a way and at a speed that was previously not possible. These systems foster a feeling of community based-on activities and geography and create opportunities for people to work together toward common business, social or civic-minded goals. EMPAREJAMIENTO SOCIAL Nuevos servicios usan un conjunto de datos sociales, geográficos y demográficos para aglomerar a las personas según sus intereses, actividades y necesidades, ayudando a la creación de conexiones temporales de una manera, y a una velocidad, que previamente no eran posibles. Estos sistemas ayudan a crear una sensación de comunidad entre personas que tienen intereses y goles comunes tanto a nivel empresarial, social como cívico. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Tendencies 33
  38. Startup Matches Designers With People To Help Solve Everyday Problems Fixperts is a online service platform that connects designers with people who need help solving everyday problems. The idea behind the project is to match designers who have practical know-how with disabled people and the elderly who need assistance with specific challenges. Designers pay house visits with the intention of developing a solution to the problem in no more than three weeks. Design solutions so far have included a device to help an MS sufferer put in her earrings and fixing the broken joystick on an electric wheelchair. The process is filmed and uploaded to their website so the lessons learned can be transferred to the wider community. Fixperts positions itself as part of a wider return to fixing or ‘hacking’ products, rather than replacing them. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Social Pairing 34
  39. MICROFINANCING A number of social platforms are creating new avenues for people who are seeking funding for their business or creative endeavors. These peer-to-peer models allow a community of like-minded individuals to contribute small amounts of money to the ideas and projects they’d like to see succeed. The platforms serve as viable alternatives to traditional financial institutions, encouraging experimentation by lowering the barriers to participation and providing more opportunities for people to get their ventures off of the ground and into their communities. MICRO-FINANCIACIÓN Un numero elevado de plataformas sociales están creando nuevas vías para personas que quieren financiar sus proyectos o empresas. Estos modelos ‘peer-to-peer’ permiten a la comunidad de personas, que piensan de manera similar, contribuir económicamente, en pequeñas cantidades, a los proyectos u ideas que les gustaría que tuvieran éxito. Estas plataformas sirven como alternativas viables a las formas tradicionales de financiación y promueven la experimentación al rebajar las barreras de participación y proveer de mas oportunidades a las personas para que puedan desarrollar sus iniciativas y acercarlas a la comunidad. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Tendencies 35
  40. Skyscraper Is Funded By City Residents BD Bacata is a crowdfunded skyscraper in Bogota, Colombia that has been funded by its city’s citizens. Thousands of ordinary Colombian citizens have invested their own money to be shareholders in what will be the tallest building in Colombia. Citizens bought small shares called FiDi’s, which entitle them to a portion of ownership and, also, portions of profits. The project will be realized by 2014, and the campaign has already raised over $145,000,000 through 3,000+ investors. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Micro-Financing 36
  41. SHARED TRANSPORT Digital technologies are connecting travelers through their shared needs, enabling drivers to coordinate carpooling efforts during busy commuting times or individuals to rent their vehicles when not in use. By distributing the costs associated with transportation or ownership, these peer-to-peer exchanges not only save money, but also improve the overall community by removing excess cars off the road, limiting the amount of resources used, and connecting people around shared experiences. TRANSPORTE COMPARTIDO Las tecnologías digitales están conectando a los viajeros en torno a las necesidades comunes, permitiendo a los conductores poder coordinar los esfuerzos para un uso compartido del coche durante los tiempos de desplazamiento o bien permite a personas poder alquilar sus vehículos cuando no estén en uso. Mediante la distribución de los costos asociados con el transporte o la propiedad, estos intercambios ‘peer-to-peer’ ‘ de igual a igual’ no sólo ahorrarán dinero, sino que también mejorarán la comunidad en general, mediante la eliminación de exceso de vehículos fuera de la carretera, lo que limita la cantidad de recursos utilizados, y se pues entonces, conectar a las personas del mismo entorno a vivir experiencias compartidas. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Tendencies 37
  42. Social Bike Network Pairs Riders With Owners For Rentals Spinlister is a matchmaking site started in New York and San Francisco that has created a bike rental market out of idle bicycles owned by individuals. Matching those that want to ride a bike with bike owners not using their bikes, the social rental network matches desired bike type, location, size and accessories - like helmet, lock, lights, etcetera—with bike owners who have listed their rides for self-set hourly, weekly and monthly rates. Liquid, in turns, insures participating bicycles, facilitates the payment transactions and markets listed bikes. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Citizen Sourced / Shared Transport 38
  43. URBAN CANVAS LIENZO URBANO Artistic endeavors and considered redevelopments that make the city landscape feel more vibrant and alluring, while engaging citizens around shared experiences and conversations. Actividades artísticas y de reurbanización considerando que conforman el paisaje de la ciudad para que se sienta más vivo y vibrante el entorno, mientrasque involucran a los ciudadanos en torno a experiencias compartidas y conversaciones. TRENDS TENDENCIAS 1. Derelict Revival 1. Abandonados Renacimiento 2. Infrastructure Reboot 2. Reacitvar la Infraestructura 3. Enhanced Facades 3. Renovación de Fachadas 4. Culture Hacking 4. Hackear la Cultura 5. Landscape Narratives 5. Paisajes Que Narran 6. Architectural Infographics 6. Infografia Arquitectónica The Future Of Cities Report LABS 39
  44. DERELICT REVIVAL As cities struggle to find available land for new development projects, there is a counter-movement taking place that seeks to reinvigorate existing urban environments that have been neglected. The reimagination and rehabilitation of these decaying urban environments enhances existing structures and makes them suitable for public use, while retaining the original character of the past. These modern hybrids can serve as burgeoning civic centers, bringing new opportunities for commerce and cultural exchange. ABANDONADOS RENACIMIENTO Igual que existe la constante lucha de las ciudades para encontrar tierras disponibles para nuevos proyectos de desarrollo, paralelamente hay un contra-movimiento que tiene lugar, en la búsqueda de formas para revitalizar los entornos urbanos que se enfrentan al desuso y deterioro. Esta reinvención del paisaje construido, mejora las estructuras existentes y diseños con avances creativos, haciéndolas adecuadas para el uso público, mientras que conserva el carácter original del pasado. Estos híbridos modernos pueden servir como un rebrote de centros cívicos, generando nuevas oportunidades para el comercio y el intercambio cultural. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Tendencies 40
  45. Entrepreneurs Take Over Vacant Storefronts To Spur Retail Revival Popuphood in Oakland, San Francisco was an urban initiative offering free retail space in unused buildings to local entrepreneurs. Launched by two local entrepreneurs to encourage urban renewal in Oakland where retail is struggling, the project allows local artists, designers, and retailers the opportunity to open their own stores in previously vacant storefronts for six months, rent free. The project’s main focus is to provide the local community with a vibrant shopping area, and has led to five new retail shops, including a jeweller and art gallery. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Derelict Revival 41
  46. INFRASTRUCTURE REBOOT As consumer technologies grow more advanced and the needs of a population evolve, much of a city’s existing infrastructure can become outmoded and therefore go underutilized. As a way to inject relevancy back into these older systems and environments, artists and developers are creating intelligent solutions for bringing them up-to-date, while keeping their original uses and designs intact. REACTIVAR LA INFRAESTRUCTURA Como consumidor se desea el avance de las tecnologías para cubrir las necesidades de una población y así evolucionar, gran parte de la infraestructura existente de una ciudad puede llegar a quedar obsoleta y por lo tanto subutilizada. Una manera de inyectar la relevancia de nuevo en estos sistemas más antiguos y sus entornos, es invitar a los artistas y desarrolladores a crear soluciones inteligentes para criarlos hasta la fecha, conservando sus usos y diseños originales intactos. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Tendencies 42
  47. Reinvented Bus Stop Allows Citizens To Post Virtual Notes Eyestop is a bus stop that has been partially covered with touchsensitive e-ink and digital screens to deliver a wide range of information. Developed by MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, the concept provides bus passengers in Fukoka, Mexico City and Rome with a range of interactive information. Passengers and passers-by will be able to post ads and community announcements to a moderated bulletin board on the bus stop. Ads can be displayed, and the solarpowered bus shelter also collects data about the local environment for scientific use. The concept aims to enrich the city with state of the art sensing technologies, interactive services, community information and entertainment. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Infrastructure Reboot 43
  48. ENHANCED FACADES Artworks and other creative design solutions are being added to building facades and other structures to enhance the overall beauty of the urban environment. These efforts are inviting artists and even brands to help contribute to the cityscape by helping refresh drab exteriors, hide ongoing construction, and complement the existing surroundings. RENOVACIÓN DE FACHADAS Obras y otras soluciones de diseño creativo que se añaden a las fachadas de edificios y otras estructuras para realzar la belleza general del medio ambiente urbano. Estos esfuerzos están invitando a artistas e incluso marcas para ayudar a contribuir al paisaje urbano, ayudando a los exteriores de actualización monótona, ocultar construcción en curso y complementar el entorno existente. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Tendencies 44
  49. Uninviting Spaces Become Safer With Rainbow Hued Lights To transform a desolate pathway and motorway beneath a San Antonio, Texas highway into a more pedestrian and motorist friendly passageway, artist Bill Fitzgibbons has installed lighting that converts the highway underpass columns into a rainbow display of illumination. The LED lighting system flashes through a range of color spectrums that, repeating in a 20 minute loop, are projected onto the highway’s structural columns capped with aluminum. By layering bright lighting and cheerful hues into an otherwise dubious space, safety and comfort are improved attractively and playfully. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Enhanced Facades 45
  50. CULTURE HACKING Communities are using various forms of street art as a way to make statements about and bring attention to larger social, political and economic issues. These playful and sometimes provocative displays are designed to make people question the status quo, creating an open discourse around important topics that often go overlooked within the context of the city. HACKEAR LA CULTURA En un esfuerzo para criticar la cultura dominante, las comunidades están utilizando diversas formas de arte callejero como una manera de hacer declaraciones sobre y llamar la atención a los grandes problemas sociales, políticos y económicos. Estas exhibiciones lúdicas y provocativo a veces están diseñados para hacer que la gente a cuestionar el statu quo, la creación de un diálogo abierto en torno a temas importantes que a menudo pasan por alto en el contexto de la ciudad. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Tendencies 46
  51. Ugandan Artists Create A Local Park Out Of Garbage Artist and teacher Ruganzu Tusingwire has built an amusement park using recycled materials including repurposed plastic bottles. In designing the park he notes that this initiative was a conscious effort to create a space for local children. The park is multi-faceted in that it allows a safe area for children to play all the while encompassing traits to psychologically and emotionally stimulate the children. In addition, by using recycled material to create this playground, Tusingwire is sparking creative ways for the children to actively participate in environmental initiatives. The project was awarded the 2012 TED Prize at the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Culture Hacking 47
  52. LANDSCAPE NARRATIVES Digital technology is enabling people to attach stories, information, and thoughts to specific locations and moments in time. These can be shared, followed, and interacted with by others through their mobile devices, bringing more meaningful and engaging experiences to our physical environments. PAISAJES QUE NARRAN La tecnología digital está permitiendo a la gente para unir historias, información y pensamientos a lugares y momentos específicos en el tiempo. Estos pueden ser compartidos, seguido e interactuaron con los demás a través de sus dispositivos móviles, con lo que las experiencias más significativas e interesantes para nuestros ambientes físicos. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Tendencies 48
  53. Website Creates Digital Notes For Others To Find Anywhere In The World Findery is an online platform that allows users to move throughout their cities and ‘pin’ virtual notes on a map for others to interact with and experience. Notes can be private or made available to the general public, allowing citizens to discover stories, advice, and information as they move throughout their environments. Information can be organized into categories like, ‘Best Spots for Butterfly Hunting’ or ‘Find me a Nearby Toilet NOW’ allowing users to contribute to a database being built up over time. In future versions, the app will include an instant notification system that would push messages to users as they travel throughout a city. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Landscape Narratives 49
  54. ARCHITECTURAL INFOGRAPHICS As a way to connect citizens with their fellow residents, their immediate surroundings and wider world events, designers and architects are working together to transform buildings and other structures into large- scale information displays. These platforms use lighting and other visual reporting to relay real-time data to the population such as environmental conditions, social sentiments and election results, bringing people together around a shared experience. INFOGRAFÍA ARQUITECTÓNICA Es una manera de conectar a los ciudadanos con sus compañeros residentes y de su alrededor inmediato de los mayores eventos mundiales, los diseñadores y los arquitectos están trabajando juntos para transformar los edificios y otras estructuras en grandes pantallas de información de escala. Estas plataformas utilizan iluminación y la información visual ofreciendo datos a tiempo real a la población, tales como las condiciones ambientales, el sentimiento social, y los resultados electorales, en definitiva, reunir a la gente en torno a una experiencia compartida. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Tendencies 50
  55. Iconic Landmark Projected With Pie Chart Expressing Public Sentiment To report on the mood in Great Britain surrounding the 2012 Olympics, the energy company EDF Energy partnered with branding agency Ignite and MIT graduates to create a light installation on the London Eye, the city’s iconic Ferris wheel on the banks of the River Thames, that visualized the nation’s daily mood as Olympic activities ensued. In a campaign called Energy of the Nations, people were invited to tweet responses to the question, ‘How are you feeling today, Great Britain?’ Taking an emotional read of the tweets, algorithms analyzed collected adjectives, emoticons and punctuation to estimate the share of daily energy which was positive or negative. Visualized as a simple pie chart projected on the circular Ferris wheel form, illuminated portions in yellow expressed positive energy while purple expressed negative. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Urban Canvas / Architectural Infographics 51
  56. GREEN SCAPING PAISAJISMO VERDE Designs for urban environments that promote natural landscapes and the sustainable use of resources. Los diseños de entornos urbanos que promueven los paisajes naturales y el uso sostenible de los recursos. TRENDS TENDENCIAS 1. Clean Air Everywhere 1. Aire Puro en Todas Partes 2. Recycled Resource Systems 2. Sistemas de reciclaie de Recursossystems 3. Micro Parks 4. Compact Farming The Future Of Cities Report LABS 3. Micro-Parques 4. Agricultura en Espacios Pequeñosing 52
  57. CLEAN AIR EVERYWHERE A combination of advanced materials and living walls are being incorporated into buildings and other structures to help remove harmful pollutants from the air. In addition to health and environmental benefits, these material choices can contribute to the overall aesthetics of the surroundings, creating safer and more enjoyable places for people to work and live. AIRE PURO EN TODAS PARTES Una combinación de materiales avan- zados y las paredes vivientes se están incorporando en los edificios y otras estructuras para ayudar a eliminar contaminantes peligrosos del aire. Además de los beneficios para la salud y el medio ambiente, estas opciones de materiales pueden contribuir a la estética del entorno, creando espacios más seguros y más agradable para las personas que trabajan y viven. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Green Scaping / Tendencies 53
  58. Five-Story Mural In Italy Helps Clean City Air A 59-foot mural located in Bologna, Italy was painted using photocatalytic paint, which is capable of converting nitrogen monoxide (smog) into clean air. Created by Italian artist Andreco, the five-story piece of public art called Philosophical Tree, demonstrates how artwork can increase quality of life by contributing to the environment and improving urban spaces. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Green Scaping / Clean Air Everywhere 54
  59. RECYCLED RESOURCE SYSTEMS Engineers and architects are rethinking the current design of architectural and environmental infrastructure, in favor of regenerative systems that are capable of harnessing wasted energy and resources and redistributing them where needed. Whether converting the kinetic energy from foot traffic into electricity or recycling grey water for other residential uses, these closedloop designs help deliver greater efficiencies that lower resource consumption and cut back on costs. SISTEMAS DE RECICLAJE DE RECURSOSSYSTEMS En un esfuerzo por bajar el consumo de recursos y reducir costos, los ingenieros están diseñando sistemas regenerativos que son capaces de aprovechar la energía desperdiciada de una variedad de fuentes y redistribuir donde sea necesario como una forma de poder suplementario. Ya sea que la captura de la energía cinética de los residentes caminando por una acera ocupada para operar farolas o redirigir el calor de transporte subterráneo para calentar edificios de apartamentos, los diseños de circuito cerrado ayudar a ofrecer una mayor eficiencia. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Green Scaping / Tendencies 55
  60. Leaf-like Pavilion Concept Doubles As Rainwater Harvesting Site An award-winning architectural concept created for the city of Cassablanca, Morocco, features a leaf-like pavilion that will store and recycle rainwater for use in public toilets. Created by Tom David Architecten, the design consists of enormous petal-shaped structures that collect rainwater and channel it into underground tanks for future use. In addition to providing, the structure will provide infrastructure for markets operating in the neighboring streets. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Green Scaping / Recycled Resource Systems 56
  61. MICRO PARKS In an effort to inject more greenery into the urban environment, artists and planners are getting more creative with how they use available space, trans-forming underutilized aspects of the landscape into small parks and gardens. These reclaimed places not only make the surroundings feel more vibrant through the use of natural greenery, but also help people redefine public space within cities, creating more opportunities for people to gather. MICRO-PARQUES En un esfuerzo por inyectar más zonas verdes en el entorno urbano, los artistas y los planificadores son cada vez más creativos con la forma en que utilizan el espacio disponible, la transformación de los aspectos infrautilizados del paisaje en pequeños parques y jardines. Estos lugares recuperados no sólo hacen que el entorno se sienta más vibrante a través de la belleza natural, sino también ayudar a la gente redefinir el espacio público en las ciudades, creando más oportunidades para que las personas se reúnen y congregan. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Green Scaping / Tendencies 57
  62. Project Aims To Replace Billboards With Wi-Fi-Enabled Bamboo Gardens Urban Air is a project created by Los Angeles-based artist Stephen Glassman that aims to turn existing billboards into urban gardens filled with bamboo. The suspended gardens will feature Wi-Fienabled sensors, transforming them into global nodes capable of monitoring the climate. Working with a team of environmental engineers, planners, technologists, billboard fabricators, bamboo growers, and plumbers, Urban Air is developing a DIY kit that could change any billboard into a garden oasis no matter the city, further spreading the idea of urban sustainability. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Green Scaping / Mirco Parks 58
  63. COMPACT FARMING In an effort to bring city centers closer to their food sources, developers and architects are experimenting with various methods for constructing farms and gardens that maximize yield within a limited amount of space. Whether incorporating their designs into existing structures or reducing physical footprints by building vertically, these compact solutions are making urban agriculture a viable model for supplementing the current food system. AGRICULTURA EN ESPACIOS PEQUEÑOSING En un esfuerzo por llevar los centros urbanos más cerca de sus fuentes de alimento, los desarrolladores y arquitectos están experimentando con diversos métodos para la construcción de parques y jardines que maximizan el rendimiento dentro de una cantidad limitada de espacio. Tanto la incorporación de sus diseños en las estructuras existentes o la reducción de las huellas físicas de la construcción en vertical, estas soluciones compactas están haciendo de la agricultura urbana un modelo viable para complementar el sistema alimentario actual. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Green Scaping / Tendencies 59
  64. Vertical Farm Opens For Commercial Use In The Busy Streets Of Singapore With the aim of decreasing dependence on food imports, Singapore implemented the world’s first commercial-scale vertical farm. The vertical farm, which has been developed by Sky Green Farms, consists of 120 aluminum towers, each extending up almost 30 feet in height. It can produce over 1,000 pounds of vegetables per day, all of which are sold in the local FairPrice Finest supermarkets. Although the cost of the vegetables is more compared to other produce, the farm has had success selling its product to local consumers. Until now, the country imported 93% of its vegetables, and the farm is estimated to more than double in size and output by the end of 2013. The Future Of Cities Report LABS Green Scaping / Compact Farming 60
  65. THE FUTURE OF CITIES MAXIMIZED SPACE SENSIBLE CITY 1. Pop-Up Culture 7. Citizen Sensor Networks 13. Crowd Planned 19. Derelict Revival 25. Clean Air Everywhere 2. Elastic Environments 8. Hyperlocal Reporting 14. Community Currency 20. Infrastructure Reboot 3. Snap-On Housing 9. Just-In-Time Alerts 15. Collaborative Economy 21. Enhanced Facades 26. Recycled Resource Systems 4. Micro Living 10. Proximity Services 16. Social Pairing 22. Culture Hacking 5. Multi-Modal Transit Hubs 11. Data Transparency 17. Micro Financing 23. Landscape Narratives 6. Creative Clusters 12. Intelligent Transportation 18. Shared Transport 24. Architectural Infographics The Future Of Cities Report LABS CITIZEN SOURCED URBAN CANVAS GREEN SCAPING 27. Micro Parks 28. Compact Farming 61
  66. ABOUT This report examines 28 key trends that are driving the sustainable development and efficient operation of modern cities as they respond to the unique challenges posed by rapid urbanization. Aided by connected technologies, social platforms, and flexible design thinking, cities at the forefront of these progressive solutions are creating a compelling blueprint for ensuring that their citizens, businesses and public institutions thrive. As we plan for the future, PSFK Labs is excited for the opportunity to contribute its point of view to this FOR YOUR FULL COPY OF THE REPORT, VISIT: ongoing conversation. INCLUDED 150 page report Featuring five macro themes and 28 key trends 80+ examples of innovation described in detail Relevant experts to follow in the space Ideas for putting the trends into action Spanish translation
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