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PSFK CES Guide 2017


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PSFK’s CES Guide 2017 helps brands, retailers, technologists and creatives distill this year’s 3,600-exhibitor conference into a future-focused field guide, identifying the most important technology trends for the future consumer.

The full guide is a comprehensive preview of 2017’s top technology event, complete with a roundup of top exhibitors, panels and events, as well as key takeaways for those in Las Vegas or following along at home.

The 4-day guide features:
- Expert Curated Schedules of panels, keynotes, product announcements and exhibitors tailored for professionals in retail, advertising, media, wellness and other industries.
- Industry-Specific Takeaways to help attendees and global readers summarize innovation on the exhibit floor.
- 6 Tech Industry Shifts to prepare for in 2017 and beyond, handpicked from PSFK’s 2020 Forecast
- Download includes desktop, mobile, and print-ready guides

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PSFK CES Guide 2017

  1. 1. C E S 2 0 1 7 M A P N S EW ARIA LASVEGASBLVD PARADISERD. COSMOPOLITAN SANDS AVE. E FLAMINGO RD. THE VENETIAN SANDS EXPO HARRAH’S / THE QUAD FLAMINGO’S / CAESARS PALACE BALLY’S PARIS LAS VEGAS THE PALAZZO LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER TECH SOUTH TECH WEST TECH EAST LVH LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER As a brand, retailer, or solutions provider, what lessons can you take from CES to transform your business and messaging to empower the future consumer? These trends-inspired shifts stand to shape consumers’ experiences in 2017 and beyond. Shortened Supply Chain: Sourcing and production methods are becoming more closely monitored, and consumers are gravitating to products that offer them more control of the final output or experience. PeerHelp: Consumers have acclimated to using platforms that allow them to exchange goods or services with peers. Crowdhelping marketplaces are integrating into social and chat, allowing for more seamless collaborations or transactions. Remote Results: By putting smarter products in the hands of consumers, brands and organizations can complete tasks such as education, repair, or even medical diagnoses remotely—enhancing comfort and reducing overhead. Lifestyle Lens: In the same way people apply filters to curate online personas, they also are personalizing social feeds and news media to match their beliefs and preferences—prioritizing relatability and relevancy as top needs. Person As The Paradigm: Genetic sequencing and biometric technologies are allowing consumers to personalize their products, services and routines more intricately to their cellular makeup. Extended Persona: Hardware (robots, drones) and software (AI) are becoming proxies for personal identities and are learning to support and assist consumers in digital and physical settings. 6 T E C H S H I F T S T O S P O T A T C E S 1 4 2 5 3 6 6 T E C H S H I F T S T O W A T C H PSFK’s CES Guide 2017 helps you distill this year’s 3,600-exhibitor conference into a future- focused field guide, identifying the most important technology trends for the future consumer. A B O U T P S F K This CES guide is authored by PSFK—the leading business intelligence resource for creative professionals to help them build better products, services and experiences through regular trend reports, insight news, immersion briefings and innovation consulting. Corporate subscribers include Coca-Cola, Google, Nike and Target. #PSFKCES | | @psfk 42 Bond Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10012 USA F o r e c a s t 2 0 2 0 The insights in this guide are adapted from PSFK’s Forecast 2020, designed as a preview to the fully-empowered consumer. Leverage the insights in this survey to help your brand remain relevant as consumers increasingly tailor information and products to their own needs. Access it here: A r e Yo u A C o n t e n t P u b l i s h e r ? PSFK’s CES guide is supported by Wallkit, the most progressive paid-content system out in the market today. Our versatile technological platform handles the most diverse content access control, billing and administrative functions for membership-based content publishers. Learn more about Wallkit at: Download the mobile and print versions of this guide at: P S F K C E S G U I D E 2 0 1 7
  2. 2. C O N N E C T E D L I F E 3 M u s t - S e e s3 M u s t - S e e s 1. Invest as a synchronized partner in growing home systems and integrate auto-renewal or auto-replenish for easy consumer opt-in. 2. Where it’s not possible to integrate with an established ecosystem, focus on peripheral technologies—AR, haptic tools, wearable interactions—that further enhance the smart home. 3. Extend in-home digital and wireless bandwidth in order to accommodate homeowners’ growing IoT and entertainment needs, as well as larger automated and passive ecosystems. Panel. Creating The Connected Home Ecosystem: The emerging at-home connectivity ecosystem presents new opportunities for brands to enter consumers’ daily, digitally enhanced routines. Learn how to balance convenience, security and personalization for smart home products. Featuring speakers from LG, Zonoff and Lowe’s. Time: 10:15 – 11:15 AM on Thursday, January 5 Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, N261 Demo. Hyundai IONIQ Autonomous Hybrid: Automaker Hyundai will debut two autonomous concepts of its IONIQ hybrid model on the streets of Las Vegas. Cars are capable of dealing with hazards like pedestrian traffic, school zones and road blocks without unsightly self-driving accoutrements. Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Booth #6906 Test drives available for press Product Showcase. Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock: A delightful integration of AI into the home, Bonjour is an alarm clock that also acts as a personal assistant. By learning daily routines, Bonjour adjusts wake up times to contextual information such as calendar appointments, traffic and the weather. Location: Sands Expo, Hall C, Booth #43622 3 I n s i g h t s To L o o k F o r A t C E S 3 I n s i g h t s To L o o k F o r A t C E S R E T A I L 1. As currency becomes more and more amorphous, consider how bartering and exchange—of data, behaviors, promotion, etc.—can be traced and accounted for in transactions. 2. Determine how identity and biometric cues can provide secure, always-portable payment systems that encourage anywhere transactions. 3. Allow consumers to be co-creators of the products they purchase by offering personalization, modular systems or home-creation instructions that provide more control of the final experience. Marketplace. eCommerce & Enterprise Solutions: Meet the enterprise solutions partners who ensure that retailers offer a personalized, consistent and secure omnichannel experience. Standout participants include Amazon Media Group, Mastercard and Walmart eCommerce. Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1 Keynote. Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour: Plank shares how his brand Under Armour created an ecosystem of personal growth around its core product line of sports apparel. Learn how peripheral technology and social tools support, rather than dilute, a core retail experience. Time: 3:00 PM on Friday, January 6 Location: Venetian, Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom Speaker Series. The Expansion Of Mobile Commerce In The Connected World: Changing mobile habits, from chat to AI assistants, continue to present new opportunities for mobile commerce. Speakers from Venmo, Mastercard and others discuss how peer-to-peer exchange, data sharing and micro payments will change ecommerce for retailers and brands. Time: 3:30-4:30 PM on Thursday, January 5 Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, N253 H E A L T H & W E L L N E S S 1. Adapt products to empower audiences of all skill levels to learn more about their health, administer treatments or make improvements. 2. Help consumers track their own metrics over time and measure progress against them, creating a more personalized wellness plan. 3. Use new detection technologies such as AI, AR and skin sensors to reduce cost and discomfort associated with medical testing. Panel. Fitness As A Second Skin: Fashion houses, developers and designers are forgoing wearables for more nuanced health tracking technology directly within the fabric of our clothes. Featuring speakers from The New York Times, Sensoria and TomTom, this panel explores the body as a health and technology interface. Time: 10:15-11:15 AM on Thursday, January 5 Location: Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4303 Product Showcase. HiMirror: Trailblazing the future of at-home diagnostics and treatment, HiMirror is the world’s first personal beauty and health mirror that analyzes skin profiles and provides skincare treatment recommendations. Location: Sands Expo, Hall B, Booth #42513 Product Showcase. K’Track: Health tracking company PKvitality unveils K’Track—the next generation of wearables capable of analyzing key physiological markers simply by tasting the skin, without pain and without the need to draw blood. Location: Sands Expo, Hall C, Booth #44635 M A R K E T I N G & M E D I A 1. As social surpasses editorial as the primary entertainment lens, create tools that allow users to quickly and accurately share their experiences with their friends and fans. 2. Focus on curating, rather than creating content and messaging; support and share audience work in order to engage followers and develop a reflective voice. 3. Enable all users to be content creators by personalizing media to their preferences, personality or biomarkers. Speaker Series. C Space Storytellers: Google: A leader at the intersection of advertising and AI, Google shares how artificial intelligence can grow stronger brand and business results. Additional speakers AT&T and Universal Pictures talk about AI’s role in storytelling and customer service. Time: 10:15-10:45 AM on Thursday, January 5 Location: ARIA, Level 1, Pinyon 4 Ballroom Panel. Modern Marketing: Digital Hieroglyphics: Emojis, GIFs, videos and symbols comprise a growing portion of how mobile users communicate; this panel of experts from Twitter, GIPHY, Tinder and beyond discuss how brands can engage authentically in the space. Time: 10:15-11:15 AM on Friday, January 6 Location: ARIA, Level 1, Bristlecone 10 Product Experience. Qualcomm + Lionsgate: Wireless leader Qualcomm and film studio Lionsgate are hosting the ultimate Power Rangers VR experience to show off the capabilities of Qualcomm’s upcoming mobile chip – Snapdragon 835. The nostalgic VR experience is a nod to the companies’ upcoming VR entertainment initiatives, particularly in China. Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, Booth #10948 3 M u s t - S e e s 3 M u s t - S e e s 3 I n s i g h t s To L o o k F o r A t C E S 3 I n s i g h t s To L o o k F o r A t C E S