Unleash Your Employees:How Internal Social Networks Will     Keep You Competitive!      Mitch Germann, Edelman Digital!   ...
12	  benefits	  of	  internal	  social	  networking	      •    	     Collabora5on	      •    	     Communi5es	  –	  problem...
51%	  of	  employees	  say	  their	  company	  employs	  internal	  social	  media	  tools	                               ...
Social	  Brand	  vs.	  Social	  Business	  
The	  Social	  Brand	                               A	  social	  brand	  is	  any	                               company,	...
Relevant	  Challenges	  with	  the	  Social	  Brand	  •    Employees	  don’t	  know	  how	  to	  behave	  •    Confusion	 ...
The	  Social	  Business	                                  A	  social	  business	  is	  any	                               ...
Social	  Business	  Value	  Crea9on	  Model	                                                                              ...
Impact	  of	  Internal	  Social	  Networks	  
Change	  Management	  and	  Collabora9on	                                    •  A	  social	  business	  is	  built	  upon	...
Internal	  Social	  Networks	  in	  Ac9on	                                  •  Same	  principles	  brands	  are	  using	  ...
Housing/Sharing	  Digital	  Conversa9on	  Guides	                               Digital	  conversa4on	  guides	  arm	  emp...
Housing	  the	  Digital	  Content	  Library	                                           •  A	  digital	  content	  library,...
Internal	  and	  External	  Alignment	  =	  Results	                                             Programs	                ...
Social	  Maturity	  Chart	                                                                                                ...
Common	  Business	  Processes	  and	  Use	  Cases	                     Design	                      Build	                ...
Enterprise	  Reality:	  Employees	  are	  Disconnected	  from	  Customers	                                                ...
Spaces	  by	  Moxie™	  Communica9on	  Powered	  by	  Collabora9on:	  “Market	  &	  Sell”	                                 ...
Collabora9on	  at	  Work	                             Video	  Game	                                             Retail	  s...
Corporate	  Heroes…	                        ©	  2011	  Moxie	  Sogware	  Confiden5al	  
Key	  Technology	  Requirements	  of	  Consumeriza9on	  that	  Drive	  Enterprise	  Business	  Value	           Social	   ...
Design	  Mabers:	  Usability	  Study	                          ©	  2011	  Moxie	  Sogware	  Confiden5al	  
How	  to	  Get	  Started…	  Ø  Iden9fy	  an	  ini9al	  use	  case	  and	  small	  core	  team.	  	  Ø  Iterate	  and	  E...
Recommended	  books	  Josh	  Bernoff,	  Ted	  Schadler	  –	  Empowered	  Charlene	  Li	  –	  Open	  Leadership	  Don	  Taps...
Mitch	           •  Mitchell.Germann@edelman.com	                     •  EdelmanDigital.com	  Germann	          •  @MCG5	 ...
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Internal Social Networking


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Presented by Mitch Germann, Vice President, Edelman Digital, Seattle, and Dennis O'Malley, VP, Global Services, Moxie Software. Moderated by Bill Boyd, Founder of IABC's Morning Manager Series.

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Internal Social Networking

  1. 1. Unleash Your Employees:How Internal Social Networks Will Keep You Competitive! Mitch Germann, Edelman Digital! Dennis O’Malley, Moxie Software! Moderator: Bill Boyd, The Bill Boyd Group!
  2. 2. 12  benefits  of  internal  social  networking   •    Collabora5on   •    Communi5es  –  problem  solving   •    Tap  into  networks  (MIT  study  -­‐  8%  faster)   •    Locate  exper5se  (5me  to  talent)   •    Innova5on  –  collect  ideas   •    Status  updates  –  “here’s  what  I’m  working  on”   •    Execu5ve  communica5on   •    Share  content     •    Arm  ambassadors   •    Offer  tools  that  Millennials  expect  (medium  =  message)   •    Control  rumors   •    Reduce  email  overload  
  3. 3. 51%  of  employees  say  their  company  employs  internal  social  media  tools   5nyurl.com/apcoinfo  
  4. 4. Social  Brand  vs.  Social  Business  
  5. 5. The  Social  Brand   A  social  brand  is  any   company,  product,   individual,  poli4cian,  etc.,     that  uses  social  technologies   in  order  to  communicate   with  the  social  customer,   their  partners  and   cons4tuencies  or  the  general   public.     (EXTERNAL  FOCUS)    
  6. 6. Relevant  Challenges  with  the  Social  Brand  •  Employees  don’t  know  how  to  behave  •  Confusion  of  roles  &  responsibili5es  •  Lack  of  internal  communica5on  resul5ng  in  mul5ple   social  channels  with  no  clear  goals  or  alignment  •  Mixed  messages  going    out  externally  •  Measurement  inconsistencies  •  Organiza5onal  silos  s5ll  exist  and  plague  companies   today  
  7. 7. The  Social  Business   A  social  business  is  any   organiza4on  that  has   integrated  and   opera4onalized  social  media   within  every  job  func4on   (and  process)  internally.     (INTERNAL  FOCUS)  
  8. 8. Social  Business  Value  Crea9on  Model   •  The  social  customer  creates  value  within   Sales   Advocacy   conversa5ons   Product   •  The  social  brand  creates  value  by  listening   Feedback   and  engaging   •  The  social  business  creates  value  by   implemen5ng  change  internally     •  They  all  need  to  work  together  to  close  the   Social  Customer   loop   Value     Crea9on   Social  Business   Social  Brand   Brand  Enablement   Engagement   Product  Innova9on   Product  Discounts   Process   Relevant  Content   Improvement   Solving  customer   issues  
  9. 9. Impact  of  Internal  Social  Networks  
  10. 10. Change  Management  and  Collabora9on   •  A  social  business  is  built  upon  three   pillars  –  people,  process  and   technology   •  Change  management  and  culture   change  is  essen5al  in  order  for   genuine  social  business   transforma4on  to  occur   •  Organiza5ons  cannot  have  effec5ve   external  conversa4ons  with   customers  unless  they  can  have   effec5ve,  internal  conversa4ons   with  each  other  first   •  Internal  social  networks  can  provide   the  technology  necessary  to  help   foster  change  and  collabora5on  
  11. 11. Internal  Social  Networks  in  Ac9on   •  Same  principles  brands  are  using  to  monitor  and   engage  externally  should  be  applied  internally  –   employees  are  most  important  brand   ambassadors  and  are  on  the  front  lines   •  Communica5ons  teams  monitor  conversa5ons  to   track  trends  and  flag  issues  for  discussion   •  Flagged  threads  are  escalated  to  appropriate   internal  contacts  to  join  the  conversa5on   •  Accessibility  and  transparency  of  internal  thought   leaders  fosters  open  discussion,  breaks  down   silos  and  helps  employees  communicate   externally  with  consistency   •  Internal  discussion  and  clarity  leads  to  consistent,   unified  messages  externally  
  12. 12. Housing/Sharing  Digital  Conversa9on  Guides   Digital  conversa4on  guides  arm  employees   with  the  right  informa4on  internally  to  be  able   to  communicate  properly  externally   •  Sample  tweets   •  Sample  Facebook  status  updates   •  Ideas  for  blog  posts   •  Checklists  (best  prac5ces)  for  Twier/ Facebook  usage   •  Links  to  product  assets  on  corporate  website   such  as  specs,  product  demos,  videos   •  Hashtags  for  various  products  and  the  brand   •  Calls  to  ac5on  to  follow  product  specific   Twier  accounts  and  to  “Like”  Facebook   pages  
  13. 13. Housing  the  Digital  Content  Library   •  A  digital  content  library,  housed  on   the  organiza5on’s  internal  social   network,  aggregates  all  branded   content  and  makes  it  easy  for   employees  to  share  with  their   external  social  communi5es  
  14. 14. Internal  and  External  Alignment  =  Results   Programs   Community  Management   Marke5ng   Customer  Service   Communica5ons   Events   Campaigns   Advocacy   Crisis     SOCIAL  BRAND   MEASURABLE   SOCIAL  BUSINESS   (External)   OUTCOMES   (Internal)   Training   Collabora5on   Organiza5on  Models   Research  &   Development   Policies  &  Guidelines   Knowledge  Sharing   Culture   Infrastructure  
  15. 15. Social  Maturity  Chart   Stage   4   Business:  I  need  a  partner  to  help  make   me  successful,  one  that  can  help  crag   strategy,  and  execute,  a  sogware  that  my   users  will  love   Stage   3   Social  Maturity   CIO:  In  2013  Sharepoint  will  have  a  great   social  plaform.  Let’s  wait  un5l  then.   Stage   2   Business:  They  get  excited  and  use  everything  they  can  –   Dropbox,  Yammer,  Skype,  YouTube.  Freedom  from  IT  at   last.  There  really  are  security  risks   Stage   1   CIO:  “Social  is  a  Fad.  I  don’t  want  people   was5ng  their  5me  like  on  Facebook.  There   are  security  risks”   Business  Value     Moxie  Sogware™  Confiden5al  and  Proprietary      
  16. 16. Common  Business  Processes  and  Use  Cases   Design   Build   Market  &   Support   Sell   •  Greater  agility   •  Cross-­‐Func5on   •  Tradi5onal  &   •  Find  Experts   •  Connect  People   •  Speed   Collabora5on   Social  Service   •  Share  knowledge   •  Faster  issue   •  Share  knowledge   •  Speed   •  Idea5on   iden5fica5on  &     •  Idea5on   •  Consistent   •  Accelerate     resolu5on   •  Project   answers  across   Innova5on   •  Open     Collabora5on   channels     Collabora5on   •  Crowd-­‐source       knowledge     Moxie  Sogware™  Confiden5al  and  Proprietary      
  17. 17. Enterprise  Reality:  Employees  are  Disconnected  from  Customers   According  to  the  IBM  2010  CEO  study,   geing  closer  to  customers  is  the   overwhelming  top  priority  for  CEOs.     IBM  Ins5tute  for  Business  Value     Moxie  Sogware™  Confiden5al  and  Proprietary      
  18. 18. Spaces  by  Moxie™  Communica9on  Powered  by  Collabora9on:  “Market  &  Sell”   Sales  Opportunity:     Steve  Jobs  book  coming  out!   Customers  buy   Ideastorm  and   more  books   Contest  created  to   discover  the  best  POS   Spaces  by  Moxie™   display  for  retail   outlets.   Enabling  Marke5ng  and  Sales  to  work  together   to  increase  sales  in  a  distributed  retail   environment.   The  best  performing   Each  store  shares  photos   POS  is  iden5fied  and   and  videos  of  the  display   other  stores  mirror  the   along  with  sales  data   display     Moxie  Sogware™  Confiden5al  and  Proprietary      
  19. 19. Collabora9on  at  Work   Video  Game   Retail  sales     Development   Communica9on  &     promo9ons   40%  Reduc9on  in  Manufacturing   March  Madness  On   Cycle  Time   Demand  collabora9on     Collabora9on  with  Chief         Learning  Officers  of    Fortune  500   ©  2011  Moxie  Sogware  Confiden5al  
  20. 20. Corporate  Heroes…   ©  2011  Moxie  Sogware  Confiden5al  
  21. 21. Key  Technology  Requirements  of  Consumeriza9on  that  Drive  Enterprise  Business  Value   Social   Social  Graphs   •  40%  of  the  US  popula5on   •  People  want  to  connect  with   People.  Find  the  trusted  source   maintains  a  social  network  profile   Integra5ons   Video   •  IDEO  Design  Principle  “Go  Where   •  Not  just  marke5ng  –  training,   the  People  Are”   support,  key  business  processes   Security   •  Enterprise  level  privacy  and   Gamifica5on   standards   •  Beyond  Badges.  How  to  recognize   Mobile   and  reward  desired  community   •  Two-­‐thirds  of  the  workforce   works  remotely  at  least   behaviors   occasionally   Recommenda5ons   Analy5cs   •  User  behavioral  analysis,   •  “My  scien5sts  spend  50%  of  their   cura5ng  content,  segmen5ng   5me  searching  for  informa5on  we   audience   already  have”  -­‐  $1B  Pharma  CIO   ©  2011  Moxie  Sogware  Confiden5al  
  22. 22. Design  Mabers:  Usability  Study   ©  2011  Moxie  Sogware  Confiden5al  
  23. 23. How  to  Get  Started…  Ø  Iden9fy  an  ini9al  use  case  and  small  core  team.    Ø  Iterate  and  Expand.  No  manual  required.     Group Use Case! Executive Comm! Use Case! The Initial Core Team ! Use Case! External Use Case! Individual Use Case! ©  2011  Moxie  Sogware  Confiden5al  
  24. 24. Recommended  books  Josh  Bernoff,  Ted  Schadler  –  Empowered  Charlene  Li  –  Open  Leadership  Don  Tapsco,  Anthony  D.  Williams  –  Macrowikinomics  Recommended  ar9cles  Delicious.com/billboyd  Recommended  blog  The  Brainyard  –  informa5onweek.com/thebrainyard    
  25. 25. Mitch   •  Mitchell.Germann@edelman.com   •  EdelmanDigital.com  Germann   •  @MCG5   Dennis   •  DOMalley@MoxieSog.com   •  MoxieSog.com  O’Malley   •  @dennis_omalley   •  bill@billboydgroup.com  Bill  Boyd   •  InfoOverload.net   •  @billboyd  |  linkedin.com/in/waboyd