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Building a social media team


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A 5-minute presentation I gave at H&K London's Demystifying Digital event in March 2010.

There's a narrated version on vimeo:

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Building a social media team

  1. 1. Who do I need on my Social Media team?
  2. 2. What we’ll cover in 5 minutes • Who has time for messing about on Facebook and Twitter? • It’s not the intern’s job • The perfect social media team • What does it cost? • A few thoughts on success
  3. 3. Who has time for all these social media shenanigans?
  4. 4. This can’t be your social media team.
  5. 5. They should be experienced communicators
  6. 6. So what does the team look like? Reconnaissance • On the lookout for what’s next • Up-to-date, plugged in, motivated to discover Mad Scientist • Tinkerer, joiner, experimenter • Tries the tools, sees the pros and cons Communications General • Realist, integrator • Focused on effectiveness and results Community Manager • Human, not a message machine • Responsive and helpful
  7. 7. Recon • On the lookout for what’s next • Up-to-date • Plugged in • Motivated to discover
  8. 8. Mad Scientist • Tinkerer • Joiner • Tries the tools • Experiments • Weighs the pros and cons
  9. 9. Communications General • Realist • Integrator • Focused on results
  10. 10. Community Management Listening Responding Engaging
  11. 11. Community Management is the glue Listening • Monitor • Participate Responding • Help • Correct Engaging • Relate • Build Trust
  12. 12. How much does it cost? $22,000 A day!!
  13. 13. How much does it cost? Between 0 and $1million+
  14. 14. How much do those other guys spend? $0
  15. 15. Molson Coors Tonia Bryan Adam Sebastien Forrest
  16. 16. How much do those other guys spend? $1million+
  17. 17. Rogers Communications Agency Richard Mary Miranda Sean Stacey Rob
  18. 18. A few final thoughts on success • It’s not about your budget • It’s about your resources • How much TIME can you and your team commit to social media? • Agencies can help (on the good and fast part!) • If you’ve got an honest one, they’ll tell you that they are working themselves out of a job
  19. 19. Don’t try to boil the ocean • You can’t really get your arms around this stuff – There is no manual – There is no rulebook – There is only what’s happening today – Start with one thing • Do three things for me: 1. Get a senior champion 2. Identify the people in your organization who have the personalities for the four roles
  20. 20. #3 – Be the mad scientist!
  21. 21. THANK YOU