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Resort~Case Study


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My Project ~Hip resort and spa
This is my case study~

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Resort~Case Study

  1. 1. วีรันดา รีสอร์ท แอนด์ สปา ระดับ : อีเมล :   (662) 212-4696 แฟ๊กซ์ :   (662) 674-8183, (662) 674-8182 โทรศัพท์ :   737/12 ถนน มุงทะเล ชะอำ เพชรบุรี ที่อยู่ :  
  2. 8. Master plan
  3. 11.   @ 131 sqm.   3 villas    Beachfront Pool Villas   @ 158 sqm.   8 villas    Pool Villas 2 bedrooms   @ 158 sqm.   2 villas    Pool Villas 1 bedrooms   @ 111 sqm.   2 rooms    Executive Suite   @ 54 sqm.   22 rooms    Veranda @ Sea   @ 44 sqm.   60 rooms    Veranda Deluxe
  4. 12. Veranda Deluxe Rooms With hip decor and striking bathroom design, the 60 Veranda Deluxe rooms provide cozy ambience with touches of originality Veranda @ Sea Rooms Twenty-two stylish rooms with a comfortable bed n the middle of the room. The spacious balconies overlooking the sea are perfect for enjoying a drink or chat with your loved one. Executive Suites Two spacious suites with elegant beds and adjustive.TV stand that allows you to hide the TV to emphasize the scenic view out the window. The suites feature a large living room and balcony with daybed and dining area.
  5. 13. Pool Villas These ten trendy villas feature a loft and glass walls and a private pool, a patio, outdoor bath and living room. Beachfront Pool Villas Providing extreme privacy,these three villas are ideal of honeyroom couples. Enjoy a private pool, an outdoor bathtub and beautiful views of the sunrise and white sand beach.
  6. 14. ห้องพัก
  7. 15. สถาปัตยกรรม
  8. 16. ร้านอาหาร
  9. 17. LOBBY
  10. 18. LOBBY BAR
  11. 19. POOL
  12. 20. SPA