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Fashion Institute of Technology - Chapter Meetings


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Fashion Institute of Technology presented "Get to Know The Pros: Through Meeting Programming Find Your FIT in PR" for their Chapter Development Session at the PRSSA 2012 National Conference in San Francisco. This is an online version of the presentation.

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Fashion Institute of Technology - Chapter Meetings

  1. 1. PRSSA 2012 National ConferenceGet to Know the Pros: Through Meeting Programming Find Your FIT in PR
  2. 2. Welcome to the “PRSSA Apprentice!”
  3. 3. We need your help! Keep track of your favorite advice throughout the session by using your note sheet. It’ll come in handy when you vote for the next “PRSSA Apprentice.”
  4. 4. Tweet us your questions!
  5. 5. “How can my Chapter create effective meeting programming?” Connect with Chapter members.  Engage with members and make them feel part of the team.  Find out what members need and what their interests are. Take action and start planning.  Reach out to professionals, companies and PRSA.  Work with contacts to create workshops, take agency tours, invite guest speakers and more.
  6. 6. “What meeting programming initiatives work best for my Chapter?” If your members want to be educated about the PR industry and enhance their passion…  Invite guest speakers.  Host workshops.
  7. 7. “Where can my Chapter find guest speakers?” Utilize Champions for PRSSA. Reach out to your PRSA sponsor Chapter. Connect with previous speakers from Regional and National events. Invite your Faculty and Professional Advisers. Contact university alumni.
  8. 8. “What topics should guest speakers focus on?” Various sectors of PR. (entertainment, consumer, hospitality, sports, etc.) Benefits of joining PRSSA and PRSA. Agency vs. Corporate. Navigating life as a New Pro. Media relations.
  9. 9. “What types of workshops should my Chapter host?” PR vs. Advertising. Networking/elevator pitch. Mock interviews. Resume/cover letter building. Mock crisis communications game. PRSSA Jeopardy game.
  10. 10. “What meeting programming initiatives work best for my Chapter?” If your members want to gain hands-on experience and increase their network...  Coordinate fundraisers.  Create networking opportunities.  Volunteer with your PRSA sponsor Chapter.  Partake in the Bateman Case Study Competition.
  11. 11. “What types of programming will give members this experience?” Coordinate an “Intern For-A-Day” fundraiser with a PR firm to raise funds and let members get an inside look at a PR career. Plan a large-scale event that’s targeted to your university’s students to help raise funds. (We host an annual speed dating event!) Host a networking event, such as a dinner or speed networking. Connect with PRSA by volunteering at award ceremonies,
  12. 12. “What meeting programming initiatives work best for my Chapter?” If your Chapter is looking for the full PRSSA meeting programming experience, no matter where youre located…  Team up with local Chapters for meeting collaborations and programming guidance.  Take an agency tour during break to connect with professionals and bond with members.  Host Skype and Twitter chats during meeting
  13. 13. Start Planning! Meeting programming can spark that passion, enhance your member’s knowledge and open a window of opportunities! Were always here to help! Tweet us with any more meeting programming questions, @FIT_PRSSA.