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DePaul - Effective Networking


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DePaul University - "After the Card: A Discussion on Effective Networking"

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DePaul - Effective Networking

  1. 1. After the Card: A discussion on effective networking DePaul University PRSSA
  2. 2. Introduction • Three students have been competing for the attention of The Recruiter, an representative from a major PR agency. • The Recruiter is looking for the newest intern to join the team; she is looking for someone passionate, willing to learn and collaborative. • The students compete in a variety of networking “challenges” in the hopes of obtaining The Recruiter’s business card. • Link to video:
  3. 3. The Career Fair • Takeaways: • Approach with a smile • Prepare an “elevator pitch” about yourself • Research the companies attending • Bring resumes
  4. 4. The Informational Interview • Takeaways: • Attend an informational interview to learn, not land a job • Have questions about the company, its clients and projects • Learn about your interviewer • Relate any of your previous work to what the company is going
  5. 5. The Coffee Meeting • Takeaways: • Have questions • Express interest in learning more about the company • Look to form a relationship with The Recruiter
  6. 6. Takeaways • Be confident when networking, but not overly so • Research companies and employees before meetings • Be able to discuss your past experiences and relate them to the company’s work • Always have questions • Network to form relationships, not just land a job
  7. 7. DePaul PRSSA