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Boston University - Digital Media

  1. Mike DeFilippis Christina Serrano Chapter President Digital Media Coordinator @mgflip @ChristinaSerran Friday, January 11, 13
  2. Digital strategy is very important in 2012. No choice whether to be offline or online; we’re always online. Underlying idea of digital strategy is branding. Friday, January 11, 13
  3. branding: “kind, grade, or make, as indicated by a stamp, trademark or the like.” å Friday, January 11, 13
  4. Not to generalize, but, for example, New York City may post more content about fashion while Lincoln, Neb. may be more focused on hospitality. Friday, January 11, 13
  5. These differences are not a bad thing. They are what defines each Chapter. This differentiation is important since it will make it easier for your Chapter brand to stand out in the non-stop fire hose that is the Internet. Friday, January 11, 13
  6. Reputations are not built overnight. Brands are built over the long-term and short-term. Here are some quick fixes! Friday, January 11, 13
  7. Inventory all of your digital platforms. Make sure you’re using each for a strategic reason. Branding can be muddled with too many online platforms. Friday, January 11, 13
  8. Use all the platforms correctly. Ex.) Chapter should have a Facebook Page; not individual account. Don’t post pointless things; it hurts your brand. Friday, January 11, 13
  9. Don’t fall for ‘new-toy syndrome.’ Ex.) Create a Pinterest, pin a couple things and never touch it again. This will detract from a cohesive online brand. Friday, January 11, 13
  10. Eliminate errors by scheduling posts ahead of time with tools such as HootSuite. Grammar still counts no matter what online platform you’re using. Friday, January 11, 13
  11. Stylebook is a good template for online grammar. Use full words; avoid ‘plz’, ‘thx’, etc. Friday, January 11, 13
  12. No emoticons! Keep to a tight, journalistic structure in online copy writing. Friday, January 11, 13
  13. Keep all usernames and passwords secure. Short-term fixes are aimed to establish brand consistency. Streamline logo and graphics, but also language to market your Chapter. Friday, January 11, 13
  14. You’re not going to post random things. Fill your platforms with quality content. Best way to do this? An awesome blog. That’s what our Chapter did and it worked. Friday, January 11, 13
  15. Having and maintaining a successful blog is key to long-term digital strategy. Our framework will enable your Chapter to consistently produce quality content. Friday, January 11, 13
  16. Your content will attract fans, followers, etc. Even a small Chapter can have a large online presence. Friday, January 11, 13
  17. Our framework model is scalable. First, a bit of background on how our Chapter did it. Friday, January 11, 13
  18. Our new strategy began in September 2011. The blog recorded 1,409 views that month. Friday, January 11, 13
  19. Thanks to the new strategy, views in October skyrocketed by 300% to 4,024. Friday, January 11, 13
  20. The blog then averaged 3,171 views/month until the end of December 2011. Friday, January 11, 13
  21. An all-time monthly view record of 4,093 was recorded in February 2012. Pretty impressive, but didn’t happen overnight. Friday, January 11, 13
  22. Previously, the blog sucked. It had minimal postings on a sporadic schedule. We had never tried to create original content. Friday, January 11, 13
  23. Executive Board member in charge of blog was just one person. This limited the amount of content we could produce. Friday, January 11, 13
  24. There was zero focus. We realized there was a lot of missed potential. So, how did we do it? Friday, January 11, 13
  25. We could leverage our members to produce content. They were even for asking for more opportunities to get involved. Friday, January 11, 13
  26. We saw the ability to use our Boston surroundings to create content. Ex.) BU has a rich history of PR; 1st in nation to offer PR degress in 1947. Friday, January 11, 13
  27. Geography is not end all for content. Technology can help us reach out to professionals in Tokyo or Bangladesh for an interview. Friday, January 11, 13
  28. WordPress • Easy and powerful setup • Expandable if you need a special feature; ex.) more storage, self-hosting •Great functions like postings, categorizing, and even administrative functions Friday, January 11, 13
  29. The Framework •Consists of digital media coordinator (on e-board), editors, writers, data analysts and graphic designers • Holds separate weekly meetings • Edits are made over the weekend; schedule them for release •Schedule is set at least one week in advance Friday, January 11, 13
  30. Digital Media Coordinator •Sits on the Executive Board and is a one-person role • Position is very much like an Editor-in-Chief • He or she helps shape the content calendar, coming up with web presence and leading the team. Friday, January 11, 13
  31. Editors • Editors don’t just edit • Help brainstorm content idaes • Crucial to shaping & maintaining Chapter’s online brand • They do proofread for grammar, spelling and clarify; also for focus Friday, January 11, 13
  32. Writers •Everyone from Chapter President to at-large member can be one •Writer choses what topic they want to write •1-week deadline to write post •More writers = more content •Helps with professional development Friday, January 11, 13
  33. Writers •Responsible for one post/week (Not a huge time commitment) • Basic guidelines: 350-450 word count, tagging and research for topic •Posts must align with Chapter’s online brand Friday, January 11, 13
  34. Analysts • Important to measure efforts to evaluate effectiveness of strategy • Twitter includes follower growth and number of links clicks, per week • Facebook includes fan growth, user engagement, organic reach, per week • WordPress includes daily views, weekly views, and monthly views Friday, January 11, 13
  35. Graphic Designers •Usually folks who are obsessed with Adobe Creative Suite • Perform functions like rebranding, logo creation and designing infographics Friday, January 11, 13
  36. This is scalable. Not every Chapter has 100 paying members. Responsibilities can be consolidated to as few positions as possible. Friday, January 11, 13
  37. That was a lot. Remember the key points. Friday, January 11, 13
  38. Be Known Friday, January 11, 13
  39. Create Consistency Friday, January 11, 13
  40. Blog Friday, January 11, 13
  41. Tweet Us Maybe? @BUPRSSA Friday, January 11, 13