PRSI Int PR Conf 2011 Day 1 - Who has a stake in our business by Jimmy Tay


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PRSI Int PR Conf 2011 Day 1 - Who has a stake in our business by Jimmy Tay

  1. 1. Business Continuity and Your Stakeholders: Who Has a Stake in Our Business? JIMMY TAY Co-founder and Managing Partner Tate Anzur 13 December 2011 PR Society of Indonesia Conference Jakarta
  2. 2. Theme:“The Dynamics of Value-Driven Corporate Communications: Enhancing Strategic Stakeholders Engagement to Safeguard Reputation in the Digital Era” Topic: “Business Continuity and Your Stakeholders: Who Has A Stake In Our Business?” “Public Relations for Public Relations” 2
  3. 3. Why?Public Relations Practitioners have a CredibilityProblem...The Central Question is:Credibility Issue with Whom? 3
  4. 4. Board of Commissioners / Directors 4
  5. 5. Board of Commissioners/Directors Garuda Indonesia Merck Indonesia SICC Singapore 5
  6. 6. “PR in an organisation is what top management says it is” Thompson, as cited in Aronoff (1977) CEO CFO CMO CTO CLO CIO Accounts Advertising C&B Legal IT PR/Internal PR PR PR Comms 6
  7. 7. Strategic vs TacticalWho: BOD or Senior ManagementWhat: Competent managerial role  generate value  Capable of exerting influence and engaged in setting organisational strategies and policiesBottom Line: Strategic   create and generate long-term desirable outcomes Tactical   Traditional “arms and legs” activities that impact the short-term and with limited utility value 7
  8. 8. Technician• Media relations/publicity• Organizing events• Writing/editing corporate literature/websites• Marketing/product communications• Employee communications Arms & Legs Content 8
  9. 9. Strategist• Counseling senior management• Planning• Scanning• Research Strategic input and insights into corporate issues Trends , Issues and Policies 9
  10. 10. Route to professionalism Accountant Lawyer Doctor Pilot Public Relations (Public Accounting) PractitionerBasic Training 3 years 4 years 5 years 2.5 years 3 yearsInternship Available 6 months of 1 year - Available pupillage (“slavery”)Certification/ • 3 years before Called to the Bar Yes Yes NoLicensing becoming qualified account (CPA Singapore) from Institute of Certified Public Accountants of SingaporeNext Level • 3 years from entry- • Minimum 5 • 5-7 years to • Captain • 2 years, Senior level to “Senior years, Junior achieve 5,000 hours and Account Exec Associate” Partner accreditation as a 1,250 sectors • 2 years, Manager • 5-6 years to become (Salaried) Specialist (8-12 years) • 2 years, Senior Manager • Equity Manager • Director Partner • 2 years, Director • Partner (License from ACRA)Continuing Training Mandatory In the pipeline Mandatory Mandatory No 10
  11. 11. Are you sure PR is for you? 11
  12. 12. We need to change• Strategist first, communicator second• Results not content• Anticipate not react• Multi-disciplinary approach not communication for the sake of communication 12
  13. 13. Changes needed• Equipped with knowledge on communication excellence + strategic and operational management 1. Academically trained in PR 2. Supplemented with know-how in finance, operations and management (“business of the business”)• Professional accreditation  Recognition as a seasoned practitioner 13
  14. 14. THANK YOU!Questions? 14