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Desenvolvimento de Comunidade Rural na Roménia - Denise Deshaies


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Desenvolvimento de Comunidade Rural na Roménia - Denise Deshaies

  1. 1. AMURTEL Romania Master Unit A community supported agriculture initiative with a social integration component
  2. 2. AMURTEL Romania’s Mission The mission of AMURTEL Romania is to create inclusive programs for the economic and holistic development of children, young adults and parents at risk of social exclusion.
  3. 3. AMURTEL’s Main Projects • “Familia AMURTEL”: residential placement center • “Vistara” Social Integration program for youth leaving care • “Sunrise Kindergarten”: vegetarian Neohumanistkindergartens with inclusive education • “Fountain of Hope”: afterschool center • “AMURTEL Social Garden Master Unit”: social enterprise
  4. 4. Master Units PROUT’s model for sustainable community development
  5. 5. AMURTEL Poieni MU, Buzau county AMURTEL is the first NGO in Romania to apply the Community Supported Agriculture model to a work integration project
  6. 6. ASAT Social Gardens Association for the support of small agricultural producers The first Romanian CSA network – formed in 2008. Now there are ASAT partnerships in 7 cities (Timișoara, Arad, OdorheiuSecuiesc, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, TârguMureș and București).
  7. 7. Defining anASAT Social Garden • Economic activity (agricultural production) is performed by an NGO or a company whose single shareholder is an NGO; • At least 25% of those involved in the economic activity are people in need, either the direct beneficiaries of the organization or disadvantaged people from the local community, this is a legal activity intended to ensure a decent income; • The income derived from the business (products and money) will be used for investments and to support the social mission of the NGO.
  8. 8. AMURTEL’ s Master Unit works towards the following goals: Offer high quality organic vegetables at an equitable price to consumers, respecting traditional agricultural methods Create a fair market for small producers Provide food and income for AMURTEL’s social programs Create professional insertion job opportunities for youth from AMURTEL’sVistara integration program Provide educational programs in organic agriculture and sustainable development
  9. 9. Offering healthy food for a group of 35 consumers in Bucharest and for the other social projects of the organization
  10. 10. • In 2012, its first year, the farm served up to 22 consumers in Bucharest • The farm produced approximately 1 ton of fruits and vegetables in its first year • In 2013, the farm serves 35 consumers and has produced 5 tons of fruits and vegetables
  11. 11. Social Insertion Opportunities • In the first year, the main farmer and 1 young adult from the Vistara program were the main farmers • In 2013, the farm hired 2 economically disadvantaged women and hires Vistarayouth on the harvest days. 6 gained work experience.
  12. 12. Target groups • Economically disadvantaged rural women that are professionally inactive • Young people leaving the care system • Young adults with mental disabilities from the care system
  13. 13. Our volunteer agronomist, guiding youth and workers on working the land
  14. 14. He guided specific companion planting associations
  15. 15. He also guided the planting, harvesting and cultivating the vegetables
  16. 16. Educational component: • Organic Farming workshop, November 2012 • Permaculture Design Course, March 2013
  17. 17. Results • Financially – reached break even point already in 2012 • Business plan awarded within the Prometeus program • Partnership with Ecoshopping for specialty vegetables (kale, swiss chard etc) • Developed planning instruments
  18. 18. Infrastructure: • 2 wells • drip irrigation • 750 sq. mgreenhouses
  19. 19. Social Results: • Job creation for 2 local rural women that were beneficiaries of social services • 6 of the youth of the placement center FamiliaAMURTEL were paid for assistence on the farm on harvest days • 40 people trained in organic agriculture activities
  20. 20. Developments in the 2nd year: • Modern drip irrigation system installed • Number of jobs in the farm increased from 1 to 2 farm workers and from 1 assistant to 6 (young adults from the children’s home) • Consumers number increased from 24 up to 35 • Ecoshopping company involved in the vegetables distribution, guaranteeing quality control and professional consultation
  21. 21. Sustainability • The community supported agriculture provides a stable market that builds on the special advantages of supporting a social cause as well as receiving organic produce • The model can be expanded to provide greater flexibility to clients by creating a form of cooperation amongst NGOs and local farmers
  22. 22. The next step: Multi-farm CSA • Our partner , AMURT Romania has already begun an experimental garden, in preparation to join in 2014
  23. 23. Other development plans: • Medicinal plants garden / Detox programs • Processing line “Food hub” • Community development educational programs