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Presentación Peter Debreceny Congreso PRORP 2009


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Presentación Peter Debreceny Congreso PRORP 2009

  1. 1. This is Our MomentThe Future of Public Relations Peter Debreceny
  2. 2. This Is Our Moment•  “Maximizing Strategic Impact” Echo Research•  “The Authentic Enterprise” The Arthur W. Page Society (2008)•  “The Dynamics of Public Trust in Business” (2009)•  Industry/academic conferences in US and Europe•  The work of the Institute for Public Relations
  3. 3. This Is Our MomentThere is great opportunity
  4. 4. This Is Our MomentWhat is public relations?
  5. 5. This Is Our Moment5
  6. 6. This Is Our Moment
  7. 7. This Is Our MomentWhat is public relations? •  Originally the management of relationships between an organization and its publics, in order to achieve a desired outcome for the organization •  PR has become a maligned term – but more relevant than ever •  It’s about the business – so it has to be strategic not tactical •  Reputation is the enabler of business success
  8. 8. This Is Our MomentRevolution!
  9. 9. This Is Our Moment TemaCuerpo de texto
  10. 10. This Is Our Moment International Multinational Globally Integrated Corporation Corporation Enterprise
  11. 11. This Is Our Moment
  12. 12. This Is Our Moment
  13. 13. This Is Our Moment
  14. 14. This Is Our Moment
  15. 15. This Is Our Moment
  16. 16. This Is Our MomentThe Authentic Enterprise•  The enterprise must be grounded in a sure sense of what defines it (mission, values, principles, beliefs).•  And those definitions must dictate consistent behavior and actions. In place of the voice of “authority”, stakeholders demand proof of authenticity
  17. 17. This Is Our Moment Reactive Proactive Interactive • Prioritize inquiries • Develop ideas & campaigns • Collaborate with key • Manage press & events • Messaging Stakeholders • Spokespersons • Monitor reputation across • Define and enable stakeholders company values • Monitor reputation • Educate employees • Shape strategic direction • Crisis management • Measure resultsCEOs feel that communicating their company’s values has become more complex at the exact time that it has become absolutely essential.
  18. 18. This Is Our Moment Why trust matters   Trust improves the efficiency of transactions.   Trust within firms impacts employee performance.   Trust among firms impacts customer acquisition and retention.   Trust among the business units of large firms impacts innovation.
  19. 19. This Is Our MomentWhy Trust Matters
  20. 20. This Is Our MomentThe Trust Nose Dive How much do you trust each institution to do what’s right? Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2009, US 20
  21. 21. This Is Our MomentTrust Report Recommendations •  Ground the enterprise in a sure sense of what defines and differentiates it (mission, values, principles, beliefs). •  Ensure that values are adhered to consistently across your enterprise. •  Build and manage strong relationships with mediating institutions. •  Embrace transparency. •  Work to build trust in your business sector. •  Focus on the core contribution that the firm makes to society.
  22. 22. This Is Our Moment We must assert leadership in:  Defining and activating enterprise values  Building and managing multi-stakeholder relationships  Enabling the enterprise with “new media” skills and tools  Building and managing trust  Be a strategy participant rather than just a supporter  Reactive, Proactive, Interactive  Committed to ethical approach
  23. 23. This Is Our Moment What can we influence? •  Survive the current economic crisis •  Manage the impact of changes in the communications industry •  Take advantage of a globalized world •  Adjust departments and agencies to the new world There is great opportunity
  24. 24. This Is Our MomentThere is great opportunity And great responsibility
  25. 25. This Is Our MomentThe Page Principles •  Tell the truth. •  Prove it with action. •  Listen to the customer. •  Manage for tomorrow. •  Realize a company’s true character is expressed by its people. •  Conduct public relations as if the whole company depends on it. •  Remain calm, patient and good-humored.