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Mid-semester description of news, details, and actions for Managerial Marketing at Presidio Graduate School!

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  • This month has brought several examples of marketing trends; once again, we have a great case of crisis PR plus continuing marketing debates about positioning,
  • Still worth repeating: This AIDA formula is a standard framework for marketing, especially advertising strategies. Such efforts are part of the care and feeding of your target audience. By drawing attention to the message and ending with an action item (as opposed to the “raising awareness” protocol), you’ll better reach marketing goals by establishing trust, building community, and fostering engagement.
  • The ongoing murder trial of Michael Jackson’s former personal physician Conrad Murray; the freeing of Amanda Knox, and the death of Steve Jobs grabbed global attention this month.
  • And this retro global tribute to an icon.
  • Occupy Wall Street: Saturday, Sept. 17, 5,000 Americans marched with flags and and banners to occupy America’s “Financial Gomorrah”. Police arrests caused several hundred to build encampment but have wavered on more movement, although website tallies daily arrests. International solidarity: When protesters tweeted their hunger, over $2,800 in orders poured into a nearby pizza restaurant for delivery to the Wall Street Occupiers.Tar Sands Action:
  • Here’s the latest media blurb, from Sierra Club initiating a massive protest in DC.
  • Abbie Hoffman led a few dozen protestors to throw dollar bills down on Wall Street traders; as a result of the protest, more security measures were adopted.
  • Plus, the individual Ignite presentations about the team’s marketing plan will be during fourth residency!
  • Here’s the layout of the final written strategic marketing plan (which should include revisions) and executive summary. A word about grading: As you know, I read and graded all of the situation analyses; this time, Vanessa will comment and grade before sending them onto me for final grading and comments. While we will try to get all comments back to you by next Wednesday, it will probably be closer to Friday night before we both can read-re-read, and assess each piece. Now let’s run through all the pieces:
  • You’ve already completed the most in-depth parts of the marketing plan, such as the situation analysis, brand strategy, and marketing strategy.
  • Notes from the field mktg res 3 10.20

    1. 1. NOTES FROM THE FIELD:Managerial Marketing - Residency 3! Current trends include: Clutter: Global response to true crime and icons Continuing: Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. The changing rhetoric of activism and protests October 2011 Managerial Marketing
    2. 2. Overview of today’s presentation
    3. 3. Some media/marketing trends• Former fB President Sean Parker: -- Facebook power users have gone to Twitter or Google+ -- (fB doesn’t give enough ways to manage info glut)• PR as “Blood Sport” -- PR firms are doing pro bono work for #OWS and more --- Messaging of political debates and protests may splinter
    4. 4. Worth noting: Global response to true crime.
    5. 5. World tributes following Steve Jobs’ passing . . .• fB viral posting of 2005 Stanford commencement address• (Like MJ) Twitter crashed; 24-hours later, still trending: #Steve Jobs, #iSad; #ThinkDifferent, #ThankYouSteve• (Pre-planned day of Jobs-wear) October 14: Steve Jobs Day
    6. 6. Penney’s statement after over 1,600 signed protest letter on
    7. 7. Follow-up: Nonviolent Protests, 2011#OccupyWallStreet #TarSandsAction
    8. 8. Tar Sands Action or Keystone Pipeline?• From Sierra Club: Join us at the largest Tar Sands Protest in history!“We need to send President Obama a message he can’t ignore about tarsands. On November 6th, the Sierra Club is gathering with allies fromaround country to encircle the White House and rally against tar sands.”WHO: People who want to save the planet from destruction of Big Oil’star sands plans.WHAT: Public protests to demonstrate to President Obama that tarsands will not be toleratedWHEN: Sunday, November 6thWHERE: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.
    9. 9. Competing messages or in synch with #OWS?Facebook presence/actions Keystone Pipeline• Largest Tar Sands Action FB group passed 20,000 fans on Tuesday• New 10-minute video explains it all (Stop the Pipeline: The Rise Against Keystone XL)• News about NYC solidarity protest at Obama’s office, new Robert Redford video, updated pumpkin carving templates
    10. 10. #OWS, going global, building on historical movements One-month anniversary night in NYC, Oct. 17: “We shall overcome “ is now “We shall not be moved” Academic study: “Mainstream Support for a Mainstream Movement: The 99% Movement Comes From and Looks Like the 99%”2135 communities --Now expanded from New York to: Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore,Boston, Casper, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Hartford, Indianapolis, Juneau, LasVegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Oakland, Orlando, Philadelphia,Phoenix, Portland (Maine), Redding, San Francisco, Seattle, Tucson, Washington D.C.,Wichita, WorcesterMarchs, possible extended meet-ups and occupations in: Boise, Dallas, Dayton,Houston, Jersey City, Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Tampa, more.
    11. 11. Comparisons in media to Abbie Hoffman Yuppie on Wall Street 8/24/67, mastered media in Steal this Book: Make every opp dramatic. Use visuals, musical effects. Don’t stiffen up. Make it brief and action-packed. Express emotions. Remember: You are advertising a new way of life to people. At the same time you’re mocking the shit they’re pushing, steal their techniques.
    12. 12. COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVESREMINDER: Here’s • Apply methods learned in thehow this course is course to create a strategicintegrated into the marketing plan for an existingPresidio MBA Program. organization • Publish public blog posts of anIt supports the three organization’s marketing and/orprogram outcomes of: brand strategy through evaluation and examination of a green, social, or cause marketing1) business foundations, program2) sustainable leadership • Analyze, critique, recommend3) sustainable systems. and apply strategic marketing methods in the context of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. • Team based EL project enables students to integrate leadership competencies.
    13. 13. EL Marketing Plan Deliverables 1. EL Letter, Concept Statement 9/7 4. PLAN Complete 2. Situational (and ex. Analysis Draft summary) 9/20 11/15 12/13 3. Marketing & Branding Strategies 10/18 Reminder of learning outcomes:Business foundations, sustainable leadership, sustainable systems
    14. 14. Next Deliverable: Draft of Final Plan (including revisions) and executive summary(5,000 word maximum, not counting executive summary) 1. Executive Summary (to upload to the EL Moodle site) 2. Situation Analysis 3. Brand Strategy 4. Marketing Strategy 5. Strategic Alliance Strategy 6. Marketing Research 7. Financials 8. Controls and Metrics 9. References 10. AppendixP. S. A word about feedback and grading timelines for teaching team . . .
    15. 15. 1. ExecutiveSummarySeparate, extractedsummary is first-look at 2. Situation Analysisyour strength andcredibility 3. Brand StrategyInsert at beginning ofplan, before situationanalysis 4. Marketing StrategyUpload final version toEL Moodle site byDecember 13.
    16. 16. 5. Strategic Alliance (Collaborators) Strategy• Define objectives / goals of collaboration / alliance strategy• List organizations, individuals, etc. important to success of the plan and how they will be engaged• Provide a visual map of alliances and how the system benefits your plan, where appropriate Pages 54-55 of Kotler & Keller: Types of alliances include product or service, promotional, logistics, and pricing
    17. 17. 6. Marketing Research• List activities necessary to support development, implementation, and evaluation of the marketing strategy In Kotler and Keller, process is described in detail on pages 90-105Example from page 61 about fictional sports company:Pegasus is located in the center of the skating world, Venice, California. Itwill be able to leverage this opportune location by working with many of thedifferent skates that live in the area. Pegasus was able to test all of itsproducts not only with principals, who are accomplished skaters, but alsowith many other dedicated and “newbie” users located in Venice. Theextensive product testing by a wide variety of users provided Pegasus withvaluable product feedback and has led to several design improvements.
    18. 18. 7. FinancialsMarketing budget: See Kotler and Keller pages 85-86, 113, 484-485 , 499-500, 572-573; plus example on page 628. Controls and MetricsPlan to assess and measure resultsUse Elluminate session and presentation posted on thecourse page to help determine metrics for your planSee Kotler and Lee page 62 for example of “Controls”
    19. 19. 9. References• ALWAYS use APA, including dates of web retrieval• Kotler and other strong marketing resources9. Appendix • List of tables • List of charts • List of graphs (reminder for reader ease) • Additional research, notes, data
    20. 20. Final thoughts (based on past client feedback):• Omit PGS team name• Traditional format helps going up business chain/outside readers• LABEL graphs and figures (and summarize for readers)• TOC helps organize sections plus graphics and appendices
    21. 21. CHANGE to course page: Scheduled Elluminate Live! Session on Pulling it All Together (November 3)Replaced with OPTIONAL team calls with NVL during November (Pre-scheduled, with agenda before meeting!)
    22. 22. 9:00-10:15 Notes from the Field, Marketing plan overview10:10-10:30 Break10:30-12:30 AASHE conference recap/CSR cases 22-minute meeting exercises Team time!12:30-1:30 LUNCH1:30-2:00 Ignite prep for next res (sample, rubrics)2:00-3:00 Quickfire Speakers: People Powered Savings3:00-3:20 Break3:20-5:00 Quickfire Challenge assignments, team time!