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Go Green and Go Home: Research Findings

  1. GO GREEN AND GO HOME! Part 2: Summary of research findings Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. Global Civic Education and Leadership Fellow Center for Legislative Studies – Bridgewater State University
  2. FINDINGS: MIX OF SOCIAL ISSUES Sturdy, transplanted grass roots Campaigns beyond tent cities, homelessness Official nightmares: Memes, moving targets, challenges to laws
  3. Face-to-face interactions + Tagging-based media, live-streaming
  4. NETWORKS OF MESSAGES OWS: Come together! Tar Sands Action: This is it! Public officials: Go green and go home!
  5. Actor rankings in OWS Sustainability Discussions Social media: TWITTER – 19362 links Facebook, Foursquare, DIY:,, Niche audiences:, Talk to the Man: (drums, permits, etc.)
  6. Strategic campaigns inviting public empathy, investment
  7. Crisis comm: How to negotiate widespread distrust in government
  8. Protesters Win in Public Arena Solidarity of protesters vs. Singularity of pepper spray But do issues?
  9. MEMES: Oh, bother
  10. Human Oil Spill at Speaker Boehner’s office (Moves from economy to all justice) December 14, 2011
  11. Seattle: A clash of public spaces
  12. Classes at Seattle Central Community College: “Why we support Occupy (and Mother Earth” “Legislative Lobbying” “The Art of the Protest Sign” “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations”
  13. Multiple tribal environmental issues Occupy Wisconsin: Support Band River Tribe fighting Penokee Mine!
  14. OPPOSING NEEDS Successful movement vs. Peace/status quo Case in point: Shifting messages in Oakland
  15. LEADERLESS TO CATALYTIC STRUCTURE? Tar Sands --- OWS winter offshoot: 99 Percent (currently haunting G.E. and Wells Fargo)
  16. Call to Action: As did the Tea Party – Small, active group, Screaming at town halls. Lost first fight, BUT…captured momentum.
  17. Large gulps of conversations  small sips of online connections
  18. Next up: Tuesday, May 1
  19. STRUCTURES Language ---> Political affordances Technology ---> Political organization Organizations ---> Cross-issue discourse NEXT: Part 3, Discussion All three presentation segments available at

Editor's Notes

  1. The list of actors in the online OWS sustainability groups discussions are: 15october.netadbusters.orgaddtoany.comamericancensorship.orgautomattic.combuddypress.orgdemocracynow.or Two Three to, one to 19362 links received from crawl
  2. Public officials across the nation were expected to react to charges of police violence and these two images last November went viral. On the left is Officer Pike, the infamous “Pepper Spray Cop” who sprayed protesters at UC Davis; at right is an 84-year-old protester in Seattle who was sprayed when the group didn’t immediately disperse.
  3. Occupy Wall Street + Tar Sands Action stormed Boehner’s West Chester, OH, office after a vote to force through Keystone XL pipeline.
  4. According to Sherry Turkle’s NYT piece, the bigger challenge to human relationships is that technology is causing us to un-learn the art of messy relationships as we veer only into clean, edited selves.