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  1. 1. ShoeS If you give a girl perfect shoes,she can rull a world: ,,Marilyn Monroe’’Kristina Bukarica II2 Filološka gimnazija, Beograd
  2. 2. Time changes,so as shoes
  3. 3. I PReSeNT• 1.History• 2.Fashion• 3.Interestings Facts• 4.Women’s obsession
  4. 4. HISTORYShoes are one of the oldest inventions of man, ​even though they were made of grass, skin or fur.Solely for protection from the cold or sharp rocks.Only 1850th Whatever begins to distinguish leftand right shoe.Shoes with high heels was the first hit among menand for one simple reason. Because the horse waspart of everyday life.
  5. 5. FIRST Tall ladY• Chopines or equestrian heels were very popular.• Among the first women who wore shoes with heels is Madame Pompadour.• Later than the 19th century heels are in fashion again until sometime the midle of the last century, when worn over flat shoes or low heel.• Today it is a little different. Heels adorned woman or as a higher heel to the elegant women.
  6. 6. FaSHION• Artists and designers included in the high heel show are: Manolo Blahnik, Gaza Bowen, Lee and Julie Brewster, Jimmy Choo, Patrick Cox, Georgina Goodman, Nicola Green,Tamara Henriques, Dean Hollowood, Prada, Jenny Stolzenberg, Oliver Sweeney, Ted Taylor, Roger Vivier, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Wilson, Silvia Ziranek,Jeffrey Cambel…
  7. 7. • After World War II, Dior• collaborate with the creator of shoes Vivi, who 1954th represents the first pumps with "stiletto" heels (get their name from the Italian short blade, narrow uncle). These shoes are at the time were often banned in public buildings, for the damage.• From that time until today stilettos change their shape and height, but do not go out of fashion, especially in formal occasions.
  8. 8. INTERESTING FACTS• Only in 1400th year, for the first time in Turkey appeared platform shoes called Chopines .They were popular in Europe until the mid-17th century. Believe it or not, they weren’t intended to be used to adorn womens feet but, rather, to be practical to men! Namely, as in the 15th century horse was basic transportation, many riders are faced with problems as they ran from the foot stirrup, causing frequent injuries. Because of this, high-heeled shoes in order to solve the problem of skidding flat shoes. Of course, they were nothing like todays shoes with high heels, but so-called "natural horsemanship heel in history gradually modified into a more extravagant models stiletto, without which most of the ladies nowadays can not imagine a life.
  9. 9. WomEN’S obSESSIoN• Shoes are much more than simply an item of clothing - they can be objects of fantasy and desire, they can make us feel good or they can be instruments of torture and abuse.
  10. 10. OBSESSIVE COLECTING• Many books are written about womens fascination with shoes, but the secret is never completely revealed. On the list of mysteries in male-female relations take high shoes.• Men will never understand the subtle relationship that exists between each pair of shoes and their owners, as well as the claim that a woman can never have too many shoes.
  11. 11. LOVE IN THE CLOSET• In particular weakness as shoes with high heels. It does not change the fact that less than 43 percent of the women heels at least once in their lives suffered minor injuries and eight percent of them serious fractures. It is interesting from an American research the average woman a quarter of its volume of shoes once, and 13 percent of women hide new shoes from their partner. To avoid complaining. At the same time they use a variety of tricks: bringing home shoes without boxes or accuse a man that "nothing ever noticing it on", and thus does not know that she was actually "old" shoes. Trying to understand this fascination with a woman resembling that buying new clothes he can be awkward if it turns out that the woman put on weight and can not go into their normal sizes. Shoes, however, "do not ask" or any weight for years and still look good.
  12. 12. THE END!• Thank you for your attention!• By:Kristina Bukarica II-2