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Japanese mythology


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Japanese mythology

  1. 1. Anđela Knežević II3, Filološka gimnazija Beograd
  2. 2. Japan is an islandcountry in EastAsia. Japanesearchipelago consistsof many islands butthe four largestislands are Honshu,Hokkaido, Kyushu,and Shikoku. Shintoism(,,way ofthe gods”) isJapan’s oldestreligion.
  3. 3. This story isdescribed inKojiki,which is thefirst book written inJapan. This storydescribes the birthof heavenly andearthly world, thebirth of the firstgods and the birth ofthe Japanesearchipelago.
  4. 4. At the beginning theuniverse was sunk insilence. The first deities whichcame into existence arecollectively calledKotoamatsukami. The first twogenerations are calledhitorigami, , while thefive that followed cameinto being asmale/female pairs ofkami.The mostimportant couple areIzanagi and Izanami.
  5. 5. After their birthIzanagi and Izanamistood on the floatingbridge of heaven andstirred the primevalocean with a jeweledspear. They made a island anddescended there. They got married. Their child wasdeformed because theymade a mistake. They got marriedagain, Izanami soon gave a birth to eight children,who became the islandsof Japan.
  6. 6. When Izanami died, Izanagidecided to go there and bringhis beloved back from the landof death.When he came,she warned himnot to look at her.However,he saw her and hewas horrified to see thatIzanami was a rotting corpse.Angry that Izanagi had notrespected her wishes, Izanamisent hideous female spirits,eight thunder gods, and anarmy of fierce warriors tochase him.Izanagi felt unclean becauseof his contact with the dead,and he took a bath to purifyhimself.Then when he washedhis left eye the sun goddessAmaterasu appeared,from hisright Tsuki-yomi appeared andSusanoo appeared from hisnose.…
  7. 7. Amaterasu is themain Japanesegodness.According to legend,she is the firstancestor of theimperial family ofJapan. She was in a fightwith her brotherSusanoo. The legend says thatAmaterasu wasfurious atSusanoo,she went intoa cave and locked theentrance. So the sundisappeared .Thenother gods tried tolure her out the cave.
  8. 8. It is a shrinededicated togoddessAmaterasu. It is sacredplace in Japan. Ise shrine isreconstuctedevery 20 years.
  9. 9. Tsukuyomi is the moon god. Amaterasu was his wife but he angered her when he killedthe food godness .After that she refused to ever look athim.And then she moved to another part of the sky. This isthe reason that day and night are never together.
  10. 10. Susanoo is a god of the sea andstorms.He is also considered to be rulerof Yomi.Susanoo envied his sisterspower over the sun and hisbrothers power over the moon.After Amaterasu left the cave,Susanoo was punished by beingbanished from Heaven.Susanoô went to live in Izumo inwestern Japan, where he hadvarious adventures and began touse his powers for good.
  11. 11. •Jorogumo is a typeof Yokai.•According to somestories, a Jorogumois a spider that canchange itsappearance intoseductive woman.•When it turns 400years, it gainsmagical powers.
  12. 12. The beautifulwoman would enticea man into a quietshack and she wouldplay a Biwa.Whilethe victim isdistracted by thesound of theinstrument, shewould bind him inspider silk threadsin order to devourthe unsuspectingperson as her nextmeal.
  13. 13. •It is large fire-breathingchicken monster.•The fire is a coldfire, a glow, andit does not burn.
  14. 14. They really exist.Heikegani Crabs area species ofarthropod native toJapan. Originally,Japanese mythstates that thesecrabs bore the facesof Heike samuraithat died in thebattle of Dan-no-ura, and indeed, thebodies of thesecrabs do in factresemble human
  15. 15. Amazake-babaa isan old womanyokai.She comes tothe doors of housesat late night askingfor sweet sake in achild like voice, butif anyone answersthey fall ill.She was also knownas the godness ofchickenpox.
  16. 16. A tree spirit thatgrows in areas wheremass amounts ofhuman blood werespilled on the groundsuch as battle fields orexecution sites. Theysucked up so much ofthis blood that theyturned into demons.These trees, havingsucked up humansblood to born, willbleed off blood whentheyre cut.
  17. 17. Sometimes on rainyevenings, thisinnocuous weatherspirit can be seenrunning about andsplashing playfullyin the puddles. Itappears as a strangechild, carrying apaper lantern andwearing a peculiarhat fashioned fromthe husk of an oldumbrella.
  18. 18. In Japanese mythologyOnamazu is a giantcatfish who causes anearthquakes. It lives inthe mud under theislands of Japan.Namazu is so engrainedin Japanese culture he ispictured on many of thecountry’s earthquake-warning devices.Namazu remains adelicate topic in Japan— a Pokemon episodefeaturing a similarcatfish monster,wasbanned when it was
  19. 19. The Makura-gaeshiis a trickster spiritfamous for…moving pillowswhile people sleep.Some sources saythey also sprinklesand in the eyes andsteal souls, but,really, what they’reknown for is movingpillows.
  20. 20. A kawauso is a riverotter with thesupernatural abilityto become human.In most stories thekawauso aredepicted as dressingas young, poorchildren or womento attract people, toonly then kill andeat them.
  21. 21. •The Kasa-obake isa type ofTsukumogami – anobject thatspontaneouslycomes to lifeafter existing for100 years.•It is an animatedparasol.