History of cosmetics and makeup


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History of cosmetics and makeup

  1. 1. History of cosmetics and makeup Milica Perić II3 Filološka gimnazija Beograd 2012/2013.
  2. 2. History of cosmetics and makeupThere’s a lot of talk about how today’s society is obsessed with appearances.There isunderlying belief that there was less pressure to change your appearance for beauty’s sakebefore modern society.When you actually look at the habitsof people hundreds orthousands years ago, you will see that appearance has always been important tosociety.The history of makeup spans at least 6000 years of human history.
  3. 3. Africa –The use of cosmetics in Ancient Egypt is well documented.Kohl and hennahave their roots in north Africa.They had creams for strech marks and to fight aging.
  4. 4. Mineral makeup was also used by the Egyptians.The Egyptians also used kohl to linetheir eyes,because they believed it protected them from harmful sun rays.They alsowore green eyeliner made from crushed malachite stone.
  5. 5. China-Chinese people began to stain their fingernails with gum arabic, gelatin,beeswax and egg from around 3000 BC.The colors used represented socialclass.Chou dynasty royals wore gold and silver; later royals wore black orred.The lower classes were forbidden.to wear bright colors on theirnails.Flowers play an important decorative role in China...
  6. 6. Japan-In Japan, geisha wore lipstick made of crushed safflower petals to paintthe eyebrowsand edges of the eyes as well as the lips. They used Rice powder .The geisha would alsosometimes use bird droppings to compile a lighter color.
  7. 7. India- Make up in India was a very important part of Indianculture.Henna ,locally known as Mehndi is used for dyeingskin,hair,fingernails,leather,silk and wool.It was first introducedbetween the fourth and the fifth centuries .It has become veryknown for painting complex designs on hands and feet especiallybefore Hindu and Muslim wedding...
  8. 8. For clensing the skin and masking the body odor , scented oils andointments, were usually applied while Indian rich people useminerals on their faces , skin and oil-based perfumes .
  9. 9. Europe- In the Middle Ages it was thought sinful and immoral to wear makeup by Churchleaders.From the Renaissance up until the 20 th century the lower classes had to workoutside, in agricultural jobs and the typically light-colored European’s skin was darkenedby exposure to the sun. The higher a person was in status,the more leisure time he or shehad to spend indoors, which kept their skin pale.The highest class of European society werepale resuting in European men and mostly women attempting to lighten their skin directly,or using white powder on their skin to look more aristocratic.
  10. 10. A variety of products were used, including white lead paint which also may havecontained arsenic, . Queen Elizabeth I of England was one well-known user of whitelead with which she created a look known as “the Mask of Youth”.Pale faces were atrend during the European Middle Ages. The 13th century Itallin women wore redlipstick to show they were upperclass.In England Queen Victoria denounced makeupas vulgar.It lost some popularity and was only acceptable for use by actors.
  11. 11. The 20th century –During the early years of the 20th century, makeup becamefashionable in the USA and Europe owing to the influence of ballet and theatrestars.But the most influential new development of all was that of movieindustry in Hollywood.Modern synthetic hair dye was invented in 1907 by thefounder of L’Oreal.The red lipstick,red nail polish and the suntan wereinvented as a fashion statment by Coco Chanel.Cosmetics deodorant wasinvented in 1888. By unknown inventor from Philadephia and wastrademarked under the name Mum.
  12. 12. The 21st century- Although makeup has been used mainly by womentraditionally, gradually an increasing number of males are usingcosmetics usually associated to women to enhance their own facialfeatures...Cosmetics brands are releasing cosmetic productsespecially tailored for men, and men are using such productsincreasily more commonly.
  13. 13. Today modern companies are L’oreal,Max Factor,Maybelline,Deborah....
  14. 14. It’s in human nature to want to look and feel attractive.The nexttime you think today’s society is superficial,remind yourselfsof the products used by Ancient Egyptians and Renaissancewomen.At least our products today are relatively safe....
  15. 15. Milica Perić II3