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Computer assisted neurosurgery


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Prezentacija studenta sa Računarskog fakulteta u Beogradu

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Computer assisted neurosurgery

  1. 1. Computer assistedneurosurgery AleksandraKukrka RN 18/11
  2. 2. Concept Computers and neurosurgery Today and past Tools Preoperative planning Mapping Telemanipulator
  3. 3. Computers and neurosurgery Everyday computer Use in science fields Less known to us Neurosurgery Nervous system,the brain and spinal cord
  4. 4. Past
  5. 5. Today
  6. 6. Preoperative planning Before surgery starts 3D body simulation Model, discuss Less unexpected
  7. 7. Preoperative planning
  8. 8. Mapping Computer database Getting anatomy map Mark parts of head Compare Devices to mark head Less mistakes
  9. 9. Telemanipulator Robot operated by person Micro neurosurgery Small brain tumors Precise and accurate
  10. 10. Telemanipulator