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WCR Metro St Louis E-Zine - 2010 (12 Editions)


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WCR Metro St Louis E-Zine - 2010 (12 Editions)

  1. 1. LEADERSHIP TRAINING: The WCR-Metro STL THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... leadership program has started and will include GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW independent study, seminars, attendance at national The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of leadership summits, networking events with local the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of members, class projects and much more. This pilot REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro program enters its second year and will be a model STL website at To submit an article or program for other chapters in future years. inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at NETWORKING EVENTS: Recognizing that real estate sales is about relationships, WCR-Metro STL will again host a series of networking events including eventsA Message from President with the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri and a joint meeting with the St. CharlesElizabeth Robb Womens Council of REALTORS®. SOCIAL MEDIA: As Dieter Pauwels discussed at the January 2010 Business Resource Meeting, the only constant is change. In 2010, the WCR-Metro STL is embracing change by expanding its member resources and assistance through the use of social networking sites. Here are some of the planned changes:In 2010, the leadership of the Metropolitan St. LouisChapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS® • LINKEDIN / FACEBOOK: Establish ourintends to continue its mission of empowering real estate LinkedIn Group and Facebook Fan Page asprofessionals to succeed in the current real estate market resources for our members. The LinkedIn Groupby providing resources that REALTORS® and affiliates and Facebook Fan Page will include regularcan use in their daily real estate practice. announcements of chapter meetings and events, notices of free technology and other trainingBUSINESS RESOURCE MEETINGS: This years line- sessions offered by members, articles and tips forup of guest speakers and discussion panels will address use by our members and their clients and links,a wide variety of issues ranging from life coaching videos and audio featuring real estate news andto networking to technology to community leadership training.and much more. The line-up includes national speakers,regional leaders and some of our own WCR-Metro STL • TWITTER: Use Twitter to disseminate weekly tipsmembers who will offer their knowledge, experience and for use of our members and their clients. Theinsights to assist our members to push their business to weekly tips will address such topics as the purchasenew heights in 2010. of a home, sale of a home, home staging, title insurance, mortgage loans, home inspections, home 1
  2. 2. maintenance, new building products, technology, • Article: Building a Strong Internet Presence by sales skills development and much more. Blogging–Real Topics that Drive Traffic and Generate Leads - p. 16If you arent a member or havent renewed yourmembership for 2010, I would encourage you to do so • 2010 Leadership Program - p. 18by clicking on Join Now at and discover • Upcoming Training Events - p. 18why the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter is the "Go 2 • Upcoming State and National Meetings - p. 19Network for St. Louis Real Estate Professionals." Tohear first hand some of the great reasons to join WCR- • Our Sponsors and Supporters - p. 20Metro STL, please see the "Word on the Street - Member • Our Leadership - p. 21Testimonials" section of this newsletter.Have a Fun and Prosperous 2010! NOTES FROM THE EDITOR:WCR-Metro STL President Elizabeth Robb In this issue, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® launches a new monthly newsletter with a new name and a new look.In This Issue of the WCR Metro Together with our social networking sites and soon to be relaunched website, the newsletter–entitled WCRSt. Louis E-Zine (January, 2010) Metro St. Louis E-Zine–aims to provide our members with news and insights that can be used to address the complexity and challenges of the current real estate market. Some elements, such as the President’s Message, Event Calendar, Program Announcements, New Member Introduction and others, will be familiar. However, the new electronic platform allows us to expand the scope ofIN THIS ISSUE: the newsletter as follows: • Message from Our President - p.1 • The platform supports the development of more in- • Editors Notes - p. 2 depth articles related to the subjects of our Business Resource Meetings by allowing the creation of • 2010 Membership Drive - p. 3 articles from RSS feeds and website URLs. • New Member Introductions - p. 4 • The platform allows the use of links in articles • January Business Resource Meeting - p. 4 directing WCR members to websites, blogs, videos and other web resources for additional information • Article: Developing a Blueprint for Success - p. 5 associated with the subject of the article. • Article: Starting Out Right in 2010–Setting Goals • The platform allows us to disseminate the newsletter and Shaping a New Attitude - p. 7 in more formats such as .PDF for printing or e- • Article: The Google Virtual Library and the Search mailing, RSS feeds for reading on one’s computer for Self-Improvement - p. 8 or distributing content to social networking and other websites, Mobipocket for downloading to • Tech Toolbox–Websites to Track Your 2010 Amazon Kindle and other Mobipocket compatible Resolutions - p. 9 devices and ePub for Sony eBook readers and other • Word from Our Sponsor - p. 9 compatible devices. • Article: New Government Regulations May Impact • Shortly, we will also be making the newsletter Your Closing Date - p. 10 available via streaming audio and via downloadable • Many Faces of WCR-Metro STL - p. 11 MP3 audio files for listening on Smartphones, iPods and other devices. • 2010 Chapter Fundraising Events - p. 12 • The newsletter will be archived and available on our • Word on the Street/WCR Testimonials - p. 13 Chapters website as well as available on Twitter, • WCR-Metro STL Social Networking Sites - p. 15 the WCR-Metro STL Facebook Fan Page and the 2
  3. 3. WCR-Metro STL LinkedIn Group, expanding its NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: New Membership reach to non-members as well as the general public. Forms can be found on the WCR-Metro STL Facebook Fan Page under e-Docs Resource Center in theHowever, the success of our new newsletter will depend Membership Folder or on the WCR-St. Louis website aton the contribution of each and every member. Here is you can participate: RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION RESOURCES: • Suggest topics for articles. Here are some WCR-Metro STL resources to assist in • Submit photographs and articles for inclusion in the new member recruitment: newsletter. • Member Recuritment & Retention Kit: Download • Advertise in the newsletter. Or, encourage your the Member Recruitment & Retention Kit found at colleagues and favorite local businesses to advertise in the Members Only Section under in the newsletter. Chapter Tools. • Disseminate the newsletter to your colleagues with a • Video-The Benefits of Membership: View the note encouraging them to become a WCR member. WCR Video found at in the • Provide constructive criticism and feedback. Members Only Section under Chapter Tools. • Be patient as we make changes to the newsletter. • Brokerage Sales Meeting Speakers - If you need a speaker for an upcoming sales meeting to discussINTERESTED IN ASSISTING WITH THE the Benefits of WCR Membership as a part of theNEWSLETTER? Contact Michelle Silies at 2010 WCR-Metro STL Membership Drive, contact Jillian Butler at 314-677-6100. • WCR-Metro STL Facebook Fan Page: Membership2010 WCR-Metro STL Forms and the Member Recruitment and Retention Kit can be found on the WCR Facebook Fan PageMembership Drive under e-Docs Resource Center in the Membership Folder or on the WCR-St. Louis website at The Video can be found on the WCR-Metro STL Facebook Fan Page on the Wall or in the Box Tab under Videos. INTERESTED IN ASSISTING WITH THE 2010 WCR-METRO STL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE? ContactLike many professional organizations, the Metropolitan Jillian Butler at 314-677-6100 or Brett Nelson atSt. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council of 636-795-5781. The challenge for the February BusinessREALTORS® is a member supported and member Resource Meeting is for each member to attend anddriven organization. The strength of our local chapter is to invite a guest to discover the Benefits of WCRbased on its ability to attract and retain new members. Membership.2010 RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION CONTEST:National and state member recruitment and retentioncontests are now underway. The state recruitmentcontest offers a cash prize to the member who recruitsof the most new members. The national recruitmentcontest is for the chapter that recuits the most memberswith 20 points awarded for new member applicationsreceived before February 28 and 15 points awardedfor new member applications received from March 1through March 31. The retention contest is based onthe percentage of members retained based on 2009membership figures. 3
  4. 4. New Member IntroductionsPlease welcome our newest WCR-Metro STL membersand encourage them to get active in their localWCR chapter. In addition, if you have recently joinedWCR-Metro STL, please consider attending one of theupcoming New Member Orientation sessions to see whythe WCR-Metro STL is the "Go 2 Network for St. LouisReal Estate Professionals."NEED MORE INFORMATION ON THE BENEFITSOF WCR MEMBERSHIP? Contact Brett Nelson at636-795-5781. WCR-Metro STL Business Resource Meeting - January 2010 The keynote speaker for this months Business Resource Meeting was business and life coach Dieter Pauwels. Mr. Pauwels is a professional certified life and business coach, speaker and author. He facilitates personal and organizational transformation and works with both individuals and teams to create new possibilities, navigate change and maximize their productivity and personal effectiveness. His presentation focused on the need to embrace change and developing the right mental attitude to embrace change. For more information, visit the Dieter Pauwels website at The website includes a description of his life and business coaching services, 4
  5. 5. blog posts and other articles, video and much more.Mr. Pauwels also offers a FREE 45 minute life andbusiness coach session. For more information, click on:Free Coaching Session.RECOMMENDED READING: • Do I Need a Life Coach? • 10 Ways to Build a Positive Mental Attitude • Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting Your Personal Goals • Understanding and Living Your Core Values • Change What Really MatterRECOMMENDED PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTBLOGS: • • • Talent Development Resources Developing a Blueprint for • Lifeoptimizer Success in 2010 With the start of a new year, we earnestly make resolutions to improve our personal and professional lives over the next 12 months. For those few precious days or weeks, we zealously pursue these resolutions. However, after the holidays are over, the hectic pace of everyday life begins. With each passing day, we seem to lose our ardor and the intensity of our commitment to pursuing our new goals. By mid to late January, we are deeply entrenched in the grind of our everyday lives. The resolutions that we so ardently made are relegated to the back of a junk drawer and are forgotten. So this year, instead of simply making resolutions, I developed a plan that I intend to use as my blueprint for success in 2010: STEP 1-EMBRACE CHANGE: Before I set my goals for 2010, I made a list of five daily affirmations. The affirmations focus on my ability to effect change in my daily life. It included such affirmations as: • I can and will take control my daily life. • I can and will effectuate change in my daily life. 5
  6. 6. • I acknowledge that there are things in my daily life that they are first made, they can and should appear to beI will not be able to control or change. impractical, unrealistic or even impossible to attain. I wrote out five personal and five professional goals. Even• I will strive for progress, not perfection, in reaching reading them now make me laugh. For example, Imy goals. spent twenty years adding to my waistline. One of my• I understand that it is insane to continue with the same visionary statements is to return to my college weight. Itactivities and expect different results. is a visionary statement because I am trying to undo inThese affirmations are simple reminders that no plan one year that which took me twenty years to build perfect. In real life, our goals and plans to reach STEP 4-BREAK VISIONARY STATEMENTS INTOthem must be fluid and must change with our personal A SERIES OF MILESTONE GOALS: After re-readingcircumstances. We cannot and wont be able to change my affirmations, I realize that I will not be able to makeeverything. I also used the affirmations to refocus my permanent changes or achieve the goals in my visionarythoughts. Instead of thinking in absolute terms such "I statements overnight or even in a matter of weeks.will always..." or "I will never...", I set my resolutions When I look at the goals, they can seem overwhelming.and personal goals with the simple recognition that I However, for each long-term goal in each visionaryam committed to making progress towards these goals. statement, I set a series of milestone goals with one newWhether it is a weight loss goal or a sales goal, I goal to be met each month. For example, for weight loss,recognize that I am looking for gradual and steady I set a series of progress and related goals: January -progress or change, not immediate perfection. elimination of fast food in-take; February - start regularSTEP 2-TAKE PERSONAL INVENTORY OF CORE fitness program; March - reduce carbohydrate in-take;VALUES: After I finished writing my five daily April - start regular running program; etc.affirmations, I then took a personal inventory of my core STEP 5-ANNOUNCE YOUR MILESTONE GOALS: Itvalues. By the term "core values," I mean those unifying is difficult to make life-altering changes unless you haveprinciples and beliefs that guide my conduct and bring the support and encouragement of colleagues, friends andme personal satisfaction. I then wrote down ten core family. For each goal, I selected a partner to act as myvalues. After making the list, I then asked why these mentor, coach and/or sounding board for change. Toovalues were important to me. Often, a value such as often, we dont share our goals. Instead, we attempt toincome or job security was really a subset of a deeper pursue our goals in isolation. When we commit to a goal,and more concise value like providing for my family. As write the goal down and announce the goal to others, itI reviewed the list, I then narrowed my core values to a strengthens our commitment to reach the goal. With thelist of five items. While making this list, I noticed that support and encouragement of others, we are more likelymy daily actions and my core values were not always to accept short term set backs in pursuit of our long-termconsistent. For example, working long hours did not goals.match my strong commitment to family. By reducing my STEP 6-TRACK YOUR SUCCESS: It is much easiercore values to writing, I intend to use the list as a reminder to achieve a goal when you have a sense of personalof what is and isnt important to me. When you take the satisfaction. When you pursue a goal, develop a plan andtime to think through your fundamental values and then monitor progress toward achieving the goal, you generatecommit yourself to living your life consistent with them, a feeling of success within yourself when each small stepyou feel a surge of mental strength and well-being. You in the plan is accomplished. You tend to feel more infeel stronger and more capable. You feel more centered control and more motivated to proceed with the next stepin the universe and more competent of accomplishing the to reach the lofty goal. When you track your progressgoals you set for yourself. and generate the feeling of success, it becomes an easy toSTEP 3-CREATE VISIONARY STATEMENTS WITH do thing. When you clear the first few hurdles, you thenLONG TERM GOALS: Woody Allen once was asked develop a psychological momentum that enables you to"How can you make God laugh?" He responded "Tell address and handle adversity that would otherwise beGod your future plans." Although I dont remember the setbacks to achieving your goal. If you need software tocontext in which the line was uttered, I do remember what track your goals, consider using free software availableit meant to me. To me, it is important to set visionary to create your plan and to track the tasks necessary togoals. These visionary statements are lofty goals. When meet your goals. 6
  7. 7. STEP 7-TAKE ACTIONS: After you have set your monthly and weekly goals, you take ownership of yourgoals, take action. Each day review your milestone goals success or failure and become accountable.and your long-term goal and take some small step to • Start each week by reviewing your goals. Constantlyreach the goal today. remind yourself of your goals by writing them on a whiteReprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The board, putting them on a laminated card in your wallet,Lafayette Report-All Rights Reserved (2010). list them on your PDA, etc. By reviewing your goals, you stay focused on what is important and you achieve greater awareness of what may be distracting you or impeding your progress towards achieving your goals. • After you have set your goals, create action plans for all goals with specific completion dates. Place these dates on your calendar. Track your progress on tasks, review your plan, and make adjustment.Starting Out Right in 2010 - CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT:Setting Goals and Shaping a • Eliminate clutter. Start by clearing your work spaceNew Attitude or desk of clutter. Develop a filing system whereby you eliminate clutter by placing items in a short term file on your desk for immediate review, file it your file cabinet, or toss it in the trash. When you finish your office, tackle your car and then your briefcase. • When you feel overwhelmed, stressed or simply have a mental block, get up and out of the office. Walk in the park, get a coffee, or visit with family and friends. GetWhen you start a new job or take a new position, you some fresh air, sleep, exercise or whatever you physicallyoften start with a great explosion of positive energy. need to rejuvenate you. The important thing is to take aHowever, when the activities performed at the outset break and then start with a fresh look at the problem.dont generate immediate results, it is hard to stayfocused, to keep on point, and to remain motivated. Here • Take a look at your work environment. Ask whetherare some tips: your work environment is holding you back. Some people thrive in a loud and chaotic office or can multi-DEVELOP A VISION AND A PLAN: task and work from home while managing kids, dogs, etc.• Ask yourself the basic question - Does your vision Others need a quiet, clutter-free environment.and actions determine your success? Or, do you let ESTABLISH YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM:circumstances dictate your success? Once you acceptpersonal responsibility for your success or failure, you • Ask your sales manager what his or her priorities arecan develop the winning attitude necessary to stay for 2010. Dont assume you know what the priorities are.motivated and succeed in sales. • Contact your customers and thank them for their• Develop a vision and a plan for what you want to business. Ask for referrals. Take an interest in yourachieve in 2009. Before you set goals, analyze what did customers, stay in regular contact with them, and offerand didnt work for you in 2009. By doing so, you can your services to them as the life needs change.develop a plan with goals that focus on your strengths and • Find a networking, mentor or similar group. By sharingseeks to make improvement regarding your weaknesses. experiences and exchanging ideas and participating inLOOK FOR PROGRESS (NOT PERFECTION): such a group, you develop professional relationship that will give you a sounding board for improving your sales• After you develop your vision and start working on and business skills.your plan, establish personal and professional goals inwriting for 2010. Goal setting is extremely important. • Dont try to do everything yourself. Outsource small or Otherwise, you are letting circumstances such as market even large project. Consider hiring a virtual assistant toconditions dictate your success. By setting annual, 7
  8. 8. handle the things that you dont have the time, skills orinclination to handle. The Google Virtual LibraryIMPROVE YOUR SALES SKILLS: and the Search for Self-• Remember that it is physically impossible to be good Improvementat everything. Whether it is sales skills, search engineoptimization or some other aspect of your real estatebusiness, hire others to assist you in improving yourskills. I strongly believe that new real estate agentsshould invest in their future by hiring a sales coach toguide them through their first year in business.• Allocate thirty minutes a day to reading or listening The power and ambition of Google never ceases to amazeabout your profession. I strongly believe that new real me. I had heard about Google Books and its ambitiousestate agents should invest in a professional sales library project to create an online library. However, I onlyto learn more about how to sell, how to manage their time, recently started exploring its content. You can find aand how to manager their business. book for almost any topic in any genre. Here are just a few of the books that may be useful to improve yourACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GOOD FORTUNE: sales, marketing or life skills.• When you start questioning your success or start to TIME MANAGEMENT: Try over 600 different timebemoan your personal situation, remember that everyone management books ranging from the 80/20 Principle tohas faced personal challenges in their life. Review the life Getting It Done to Time Management Inside and Outstories of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and to the Personal Efficiency Program to 10 Natural Lawother to discover how they failed before they succeeded. of Successful Time and Life Management to The OnExamine your life and be thankful as there is always Time On Target Management Program to Complete Idiotsomeone less fortunate than you are. Guide to Organizing Your Life and many more.With the right motivation, right plan and right attitude, DECORATING OR HOME IMPROVEMENT: Tryyou can take control of your future and be as successful over 1000 different home improvement and decoratingas you want to be. Success requires self-discipline and books from Wind Energy Basics to the Backyard Ideaaction. No one ever achieved success without working Book to Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui and manyhard. So start on the path to success today! more.Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The BUSINESS PLANNING: Try over 700 differentLafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). business planning books from How to Write a Business Plan to Strategy Safari to Business Plans for Dummies to the One Day Marketing Plan and many more. INTERNET MARKETING: Try over 600 different internet marketing books from 101 Ways to Promote Your Website to Web Copy that Sells to Search Engine Optimization for Dummies to Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies to The Art of Digital Branding to Effective E-Mail Marketing. REAL ESTATE SALES: Try such books as the Real Estate Sales Handbook, Consultive Real Estate Agent, Listing and Sales Success, Modern Real Estate Practice, the Real Estate Sales Guide, Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Sales Genius, Road to Wealth, and many more. With a virtual library of books and magazines at your fingertips, it is hard for me to imagine any excuse for not setting your sights high in 2010, improving your 8
  9. 9. skills and changing your life today. For those of youwho have set your goals and have started the process ofself-improvement, I wish you an outrageously successfulyear.Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / TheLafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). A Word from Our Sponsor - PARAMOUNT MORTGAGEFrom the WCR-Metro STLTech Toolbox - Websites to This months Business Resource Meeting wasTrack Your 2010 Resolutions generously sponsored by PARAMOUNT MORTGAGE COMPANY. We would like to thank our sponsor for their support as well as their informative presentation. Ruth Battle, Senior Vice President of Paramount Mortgage, outlined several issues and offered tips on how to best manage the loan process. TIP 1 - BE FAMILIAR WITH THE TIME FRAMES.Did you make any personal resolutions or set businessgoals for 2010? New federal laws and regulations mandate waiting periods for almost every aspect of the loan transaction.Here are four websites from the WCR-Metro STL Tech There are no more "last minute" closings or dramaticToolbox to assist you in setting your goals, developing a changes at the closing table.daily action plan and tracking your success. TIP 2 – ACCURACY IS IMPERATIVE. • New federal laws and regulations mandate precise • disclosure of fees. Realtors should anticipate providing accurate third party information such as title fees to the • lender early in the loan process. • TIP 3 - HOME VALUATION CODE OF CONDUCT.Here are two websites from the WCR-Metro STL Tech Realtors should be aware of appraisal related issuesToolbox with articles on performance management: associated with the HVCC. Common complaints include: Timely submission and review of appraisals, national • appraisal firms unfamiliar with local conditions, low • valuations and poor communication. To avoid problems, take a proactive approach providing accurate informationFor reviews on these and other websites, visit regarding the subject property and comparable TIP 4 - CONSUMER PROTECTION - PARTICIPATE IN THE PROCESS. It is important to be aware of proposed of proposed legislation, understand possible consequences and voice concerns. New federal laws and regulations mayresult in 9
  10. 10. increased fees and rates, closing delays, and less efficient When it comes to the Extended Federal Home Buyer Taxservice from lenders. Credit, you cant afford to wait until the last minute to purchase a new home. The government changed someTIP 5 - USE A LENDER YOU TRUST. of the laws and regulations associated with mortgageThere have been dramatic changes in underwriting and lending including the adoption of the Home Ownershipregulatory guidelines. In todays market, experience and Equity Protection Act ("HOEPA"), the Housingmatters. It is important in todays market to have a lender and Economic Recovery Act ("HERA"), new Truthwho is knowledgeable regarding guidelines and has a in Lending Act disclosure regulations, and the Homeplan to get loans closed. Valuation Code of Conduct ("HVCC"). To view theINTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? new Truth in Lending Act regulations, click on: Revised TILA Regulations.For more information on Paramount Mortgagesloan products and services, contact Gordy Here is a summary of the regulations:Pilkington at 314-372-4324 or via e-mail to • Initial Loan Disclosures: Within three Or, visit their days after the submission of a loan application bywebsiteat or their the borrower to the lender, the lender must providecorporate blog at www. the borrower with the initial Truth in Lending ActRECOMMENDED READING - Recent Articles Posted Paramount Mortgages blog: • Mandatory Review Period: The lender may not • Some Areas Hot; Others Take a Breather close the loan until seven business days after the delivery of the initial Truth in Lending Act • Top Savvy Home Buying Tips for 2010 disclosures. • Are Free Credit Reports Really Free? • Revised Disclosure Requirements: If the APR • Giving the Gift of a Down Payment disclosed on the initial Truth in Lending Act disclosure increases by more than .125%, the lender • IRS-Tips About The Extended Home Buyer Tax must provide the borrower with revised Truth in Credit Lending Act disclosures at least three business days • Proposed Missouri Program to Pay First-Year prior to the closing date. Property Taxes • Appraisal Report: The lender must provide the borrower with a copy of the appraisal report three business days prior to the closing date. POTENTIAL IMPACTS ON THE APR The borrower, their agent and the lender must be aware of these requirements and must manage the loan process to minimize the possibility of delays in closing datesNew Government Regulations attributable to changes in the APR. Here are common occurrences that may impact the APR and may therebyMay Impact Your Closing Date trigger the requirement that the lender provide revised Truth in Lending Act disclosures to the borrower with or without the three day waiting period after the delivery of the disclosures: • Unlocked Rate • Change in Loan AmountNEW GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS MAY • Loan Product ChangesIMPACT YOUR CLOSING DATE • Rate Re-Lock due to Market Improvements 10
  11. 11. • Change in Closing Date • Promptly issue any revised Truth in Lending Act disclosures at least 3-days prior to the closing date. • Changes in Loan or Settlement Fees For the Settlement Agent:HOW TO AVOID DELAYED CLOSING DATESIn todays lending climate, it is important that the • Provide the lender with accurate settlement feespurchaser/borrower, real estate agent, lender, and upon receipt of the initial title order.settlement agent work together to ensure timely closings.Each participant in the sales transaction has a role to play. With a little planning, these new regulations shouldnt Here are some general tips and suggestions: impact you closing date.For the Borrower/Purchaser: Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The Lafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). • Obtained a credit based pre-approval letter prior to searching for a new home. • Plan for at least a 30 day close. • Request a written time line of the loan process so you know and understand the deadlines for each step in the loan process and understand the impact that missed deadlines may have on your closing date. • Review the appraisal requirement and consider whether or not to waive the 3-day review period The Many Faces of WCR-Metro STL prior to closing. • Select your loan product and lock your interest rate at least 10 business days before the closing date.For the Real Estate Agent: • Set realistic expectations by providing the borrower/ Despite the first heavy snow storm of the season, WCR- purchaser with a time-line with milestone dates Metro STL still had a very nice turnout of 60 members associate with the loan process. and guests at 2010s first Business Resource Meeting to listen to nationally renown guest speaker Dieter Pauwels. • Discuss the new regulations with the borrower/ purchaser specifically explaining what actions or NEXT UP - BUSINESS RESOURCE MEETING: changes might impact the closing date. The Mega Networking Event with the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri is set for • Manage the loan process, including missed February 4, 2010. Click here for the February Business deadlines that could impact the closing date. Resource Meeting flyer. To make your reservation, • Confirm that accurate settlement fees are promptly contact Shelly Clark at sent by the settlement agent to the lender at least 10 or 636-357-5062. days prior to the closing date. RESERVATION POLICIES: Due to space limitationsFor the Lender: and contractual commitments, WCR-Metro STL is discontinuing the availability of "walk-in" registrations • Promptly obtain information from the settlement for its Business Resource Meetings. A limited number agent regarding closing fees. of additional "stand-by" registrations will be available at each meeting. However, a "stand-by" reservation does • Promptly issue the initial Truth in Lending Act not guarantee entrance and is subject to availability. disclosures at least 3-days after the submission of To guarantee a seat and lunch at the meeting, you are the loan application. strongly encouraged to make a reservation by contacting • Confirm selection of the loan product and lock the Shelly Clark at prior to interest rate at least 10 days prior to the closing date. 11
  12. 12. noon on the Monday before the meeting. Reservationsmay be cancelled prior to noon on the Tuesday before 2010 WCR-Metro STLthe meeting. Cancellations after this deadline will not be Fundraising Eventshonored and all "no shows" will be invoiced for the fullticket price. In the event that a person is unable to attendafter the cancellation deadline, a substitute may attendthe meeting by notifying the person at the registrationtable of the substitution at the time of check-in.GOT PHOTOS? Post under the Photo Section on theBoxes Tab of the Facebook Fan Page. This monthsphotos provided courtesy of Liz Connolly and BarbaraKeathley. Dont miss our first 2010 WCR-Metro STL fundraising and networking event on February 11th. The MARDI GRAS HAPPY HOUR AND KARAOKE EVENT will be held at Big Daddys in Soulard at 1000 Sidney Street. Space is limited to the first 120 people so register early! Doors open at 4 pm with free drinks and appetizers from 5 to 8 pm. Sponsored contestants will perform for votes in karaoke contest. Karaoke sponosrship is $30 per individual or duet and votes may be purchased at $1 per vote. Event tickets for this event are $30.00 per person. Costumes, masks and beads are encouraged. Fax ticket reservation form to Bob Sargent at 314-628-2196. This event is generously sponsored by Assured Title Company, American Eagle Credit Union, Continental Title and USA Mortgage. Registration forms can be found at http:// shared/dqiiq7rvmu. 12
  13. 13. Word on the Street... WCR Testimonials This Months WCR-Metro STL Spotlight on Success goes to the 2009 Governing Board, our active WCR membership and our WCR sponsors and supporters in the business community. Excellence takes time and commitment. To each member who volunteered for a committee or event, your hard work was noticed and appreciated. Just see the comments from our membersSAVE THE DATES FOR THESE GREAT WCR- below:METRO STL FUNDRAISING AND NETWORKINGEVENTS: • Beale Leubben/Buyer’s Protection Group: The St. Louis Women’s Council of REALTORS® is • May 19th - URBAN BUS TOUR. This event will the best resource for education, networking, and start in Clayton and will include stops in Clayton, relationships. I have sent countless referrals to Lafayette Square, Soulard and more. Food and agents in WCR through my association with this beverages will be provided at each stop. Early excellent organization. Our members are the most bird tickets purchased before April 30 are $40 per professional experts I have ever had the good person. fortune to work with! • July - TBD - MAN AUCTION. This event will be • Ryan Shaughnessy/PREA Signature Realty: held at Jive & Wail in Maplewood. Auction will By regularly attending the business resource feature some of your favorite WCR members on the meetings, we also developed relationships with real auction block. estate professionals as well as affiliates. These • August 11th - CRAZY BOWL. This event will be relationships have been invaluable. I dont know held at Saratoga Lanes in Maplewood. any other group that is as inviting, welcoming • November 10th - 2010 VENDOR EXPO AND and readily willing to offer assistance as our local FASHION SHOW. This event will be held at the WCR chapter. We met experienced brokers, sales Sheraton Westport Chalet. managers and agents who were willing to share their insights, experiences and resources. These peopleINTERESTED IN SPONSORING AN EVENT? We are some of the best and brightest in the industry andare currently looking for sponsors for our 2010 WCR- we are proud to call them our friends and colleagues.Metro STL fundraising and networking events. For more • Bob Sargent/USA Mortgage: The WCR is aninformation on sponsorship, contact Bob Sargent at excellent way to promote what I do in the real industry. I make home mortgages for buyers of real estate. By attending these meetings and working on the governing board, I have developed many fantastic friendships and business relationships. The WCR offers tremendous leadership opportunities. The WCR resource meetings are also great for 13
  14. 14. learning about the latest trends and what works well promotes education, professional development and in todays market place. relationships. I have learned so much from our programs and speakers. It’s virtually impossible• Joan Taylor/Assured Title: It is my pleasure to be a not to grow and become a better person when you member of the Womens Council of REALTORS® are around this group! My favorite thing about in St. Louis. Involvement in the organization has being part of our chapter is the interaction with offered me the tools to succeed in todays market. our membership and the way our members build The Womens Council of REALTORS® has top each other up instead of constantly competing with notch leaders who recognize the need for education, each other. This group of professionals will not networking and relationship building to provide only teach you what they know, but will also cheer agents with the tools and support needed to grow you on, celebrate your success and support you their business and be successful! Hats off to this whenever you are in need. You just couldn’t ask for organization and the determination to be on the at a better organization to devote your time to while the cutting edge of real estate in St. Louis. working to improve yourself and your business!• Evren Senol-RE/MAX Results: There is no • Danielle Bond/American Eagle Credit Union: Our substitute for experience and human interaction. I Chapter of WCR is exceptional! Although I have believe that my business has grown because of my only been a member of the Chapter for a few interactions in WCR. I keep learning new things years, my network of close Business Associates at every meeting and also by interacting with the has definitely grown. I have definitely noticed an Realtors and Affiliates I met at WCR. I could be increase in business since joining WCR. On a locked up in an office making phone calls, doing personal note I would like to thank Carolyn Mantia paperwork, etc. all day long, but I choose to better for pulling me away from the wall and encouraging myself and have more fun while achieving that at me to have an active membership. WCR. • Elizabeth Robb/Robb Partners, Affiliate of• Ben Davenport/Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions: Dielmann Sothebys International Realty: I have Its more than just face time. Its more than just enjoyed the educational opportunities of Womens marketing. It is a chance to build relationships. Council for a number of years. On the national WCR is not just business, but it is loads of fun. WCR level, no other organization offers such cutting edge meetings are a way for me to meet people who know information. On the local level, the organization tons of other people. Thats good for relationships fosters opportunity for individual growth. I am and business. proud to be a member.• Shelly Clark/Cardinal Surveying: When I first got involved with WCR a few years ago, I thought Participation isnt just showing up... Its getting involved! that the main reason I would go to the luncheons Interested in getting involved by joining a committee would be to rub elbows with folks in the real estate or sponsoring an event? Contact Carolyn Mantia at industry. I must admit that while I do enjoy this aspect of what Womens Council has to offer, I find myself getting even more out of the programs at the luncheons. This organization is focused on helping you to better yourself, your relationships and YOUR BUSINESS. Thats the bottom line... were all here to make money - and the programs have encouraged me to think outside the box, go places I hadnt thought of and trust in myself. Who wouldnt want to be a part of Womens Council?• Michelle Silies/PREA Signature Realty: The Women’s Council of REALTORS® has afforded me an opportunity to connect with an incredibly professional group of individuals that 14
  15. 15. Establish yourself as the expert in your field, share yourJoin WCR-Metro STL on Your expertise with members, and grow your referral business.Favorite Social Networking Sites TIP NO. 4-Post your personal or corporate Facebook Fan Page URL under the Discussion Section of the LinkedIn Group or the Discussion Tab on the Facebook Fan Page. Make it easy for your business partners and colleagues to find your Fan Page on Facebook. Facebook Fan Pages for WCR-Metro STL members will appear on the Favorite Page Section of the Facebook Fan Page.JOIN WCR-METRO STL ON YOUR FAVORITE TIP NO. 5-Submit an article for inclusion in the nextSOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: issue of the WCR METRO ST. LOUIS E-ZINE. If your article is selected for inclusion in the WCR METRO • FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: Become a Fan of the ST. LOUIS E-ZINE, win a FREE AD in the next Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens WCR METRO ST. LOUIS E-ZINE. Council of REALTORS® on Facebook: http:// TIP NO. 6-Follow WCR-Metro STL on Twitter. Our Twitter Username is: @WCRStLouisMO. Daily tips are • TWITTER: Follow the Metropolitan St. published to the WCR-Metro STL TwitterFeed. Here is Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of the current line-up of daily tips: REALTORS® on Twitter: @WCRStLouisMO or • Mondays - Inspection Tip of the Week (available • LINKEDIN GROUP: Connect with now) the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of • Mondays - Lender Tip of the Week (starting the Womens Council of REALTORS® 01/2010) on LinkedIn: gid=2395493&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr • Tuesdays - Twitter Tuesday (available now) • YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Coming Soon-The WCR- • Tuesdays - Title Tip of the Week (starting 01/2010) Metro STL Channel on • Wednesdays - Going Green (available now)7 EASY TIPS ON HOW TO GET STARTED USING • Wednesdays - Legislative Affairs (starting 01/2010)THE WCR-METRO STL SOCIAL NETWORKING • Thursday - LinkedIn Pros (starting 01/2010)SITES: • Thursday - Real Estate Technology 2.0 (availableTIP NO. 1-Write an introduction discussing your now)business, business philosophy, practice areas, website, • Friday - Sales Tip of the Week (available now)new products, etc. Gain recongition for your personalor corporate brand. Post to Discussion Section of the • Friday - Facebook Friday (starting 01/2010)LinkedIn Group or the Wall on the Facebook Fan Page. • Saturday - Motivational Movies (available now)TIP NO. 2-Post photographs or videos from WCR- • Saturday - YouTube Sales Training VideosMetro STL events. If your photograph is selected for (01/2010)inclusion in the WCR METRO ST. LOUIS E-ZINE, wina FREE AD in the next WCR METRO ST. LOUIS E- If you dont have or use a Twitter account, read theZINE. most recent Tweets on the News Section of the LinkedInTIP NO. 3-Post your RSS URL for your personal or Group or the Boxes Section of the Facebook Fan Page.corporate blog under the Discussion Section of the TIP NO. 7-Post your WCR testimonials under theLinkedIn Group or the Discussion Tab on the Facebook Discussions Tab of the LinkedIn Group and theFan Page. Your blog will then be included in News Discussions Tab of the Facebook Fan Page.Section of the LinkedIn Group and in the Blog Sectionunder the Boxes Tab on the Facebook Fan Page. THIS MONTHS SOCIAL MEDIA SPOTLIGHT... Special thanks to Mike OShea for his regular 15
  16. 16. Tuesday posts to the News Section of the LinkedIn know where to start" to "My broker doesnt provideGroup discussing insurance issues associated with the us with a blogging platform."ownership and sale of residential property. • Category 2: I often get comments that bluntly claim that "blogging" simply doesnt work. Often, these comments start with "I tried it for a month..." and end with "it didnt generate any leads or income." There is often a common thread to these discussions. In both cases, the failure to start blogging and the failure toBuilding a Strong Internet continue blogging often is directly related to the failure to develop a blogging strategy, the failure to identify yourPresence by Blogging - Real target audience and the failure to write dynamic posts.Topics that Drive Traffic and Add into the mix the use of an inferior blog platform, the failure to understand keywords and the basics of searchGenerate Leads engine optimization, the failure to integrate your blog into your other marketing plans, lack of commitment and poor execution - and you have a pretty good recipe for a disastrous, time wasting experience with blogging. WHAT BLOG POSTS GENERATE LEADS? Now, after my first 12 months of blogging, I decided to look back upon my 400 blog posts in an attempt toBLOGGING AS AN INTERNET MARKETING determine what topics seemed to generate views andSTRATEGY comments, what topics seemed to elicit a comment orWhen it comes to building an internet marketing inquiry, and what topics seemed to generate traffic to mypresence, real estate agents should have a multi- website, active leads and even commission income. Inprong strategy that includes a brokerage website, an conducting this unscientific review, there seemed to beagent website, a blog, listing feeds to search portal certain categories that generated more interest. However,sites, participation in forums and social networking interest in the form of comments and business generatedsites. Despite the growing popularity of blogging as a from the post often were not mutually exclusive or evenmarketing tool by businesses generally, real estate agents related. Some of my posts that received few or even nostill appear to be reluctant to embrace blogging as a comments often were the posts that generated substantialmarketing strategy to build their internet presence. In the or meaningful traffic to my website, active leads and even2009 NAR Technology Survey, 8% of Realtors viewed commission."blogging" as "important" for generating leads whereas So, after reviewing my posts, I found that almost all of20% of Realtors viewed "blogging" as "unimportant". my posts could be placed in one or more of the followingWHY BLOGGING DOESNT GENERATE LEADS categories:(FOR SOME)? • #1 - HyperLocal Neighborhood Posts: TheseSo, why are Realtors so reluctant to embrace blogging posts focus on a single city, neighborhood oras an internet marketing strategy? In speaking at sales even street and ranged from market reports andmeetings at brokerages in the St. Louis area, I often available properties to neighborhood news andreceive two common responses to this question: events. Often, these posts received the fewest number of comments. However, these posts • Category 1: I often get comments that seem to generated the most inquiries, leads and income. indicate that real estate agents are intimidated by blogging. The comments range from "I dont write • #2 - Market Reports - These posts focus on market well..." to "I dont have any great insights to offer" statistics ranging from single year reports to ten year to "I dont have time to write articles" to "I dont summaries on existing home sales, housing starts, and more. These posts generated the least number 16
  17. 17. of comments but delivered the most traffic to our seem generate too many inquires but were well website. received by existing customers and clients.• #3 - Legislative/Regulatory Update Posts: These • #8 - Reblog or Link Posts: These posts were posts focus on regulatory and legislative issues often used because of time constraints, involved a on national, state and local levels and ranged specialized field or were just so well-written that from annual legislative updates to commentary they needed to be disseminated to my readers in on pending legislative proposals to summaries of their original form. current regulatory changes - particularly related to • #9 - Lists/Best Of Posts: These posts focus on FannieMae and FHA lending guidelines. Often, top or best of lists prepared by national news these posts had the largest number of comments magazines, foundations, etc. It is difficult to which developed into a healthy debate on the issues determine the impact of these posts had - except that at hand. Although these posts didnt seem to interest they promoted the areas that we serve. consumers in general, the posts did generate interest from other real estate professionals - particularly on • #10 - Best Practice Posts: These posts generally LinkedIn Groups. started as "rants" and were often toned down after further reflection. Occasionally, these were direct• #4 - Business Profile Posts: These posts focus or indirect responses to other posts read on a specific on restaurant reviews, profiles of neighborhood issue. Although these posts werent intended to businesses and an occasional interview with a generate direct business, these posts were extremely neighborhood leader. These posts provided some effective in explaining our business philosophy and of greatest exposure for our brokerage. More practices. importantly, these posts developed relationships resulting in some joint marketing and referral • #11 - Motivational Posts: These posts were often business and enhanced our reputation as focused on staying motivated in a down market. neighborhood specialists. Also, these posts served Again, they didnt seem to generate much business. as good content for customers who were relocating However, often they were the most enjoyable to to the neighborhoods that we serve. write and were often used in connection with sales meetings.• #5 - "How To" Instructional Posts: These posts focus on sales training, technology and social • #12 - Satire Posts: These posts were intended networking sites. Often, these were multi-part to highlight specific positions and to tell a story series. These posts were the most highly read using a combination of humor and sarcasm. by my own agents, assisted in the recruitment of • #13 - Informational Posts: These posts generated a new agents and resulted in a number of speaking good deal of non-real estate related business and engagements with professional associations, civic often suffered from being too technical or too long. groups, and other real estate brokerages, title However, these posts used hypothetical situations companies, and other real estate professionals. to describe how such situations and issues could or These posts served as great introductions to other should be addressed. The posts often explained our real estate professionals in the area. approach and problem solving skills.• #6 - Research Posts: These posts were based • #14 - Video/Photo Posts: These posts generated on real estate related research studies conducted occasional requests for re-use of the photos. If we on a range of issues. Often, these posts were were grading these posts, we would probably give related to current events or trends and included it an incomplete. Too few posts to truly get a good commentary that often generated widely divergent read on the impact that they could have. opinions on the validity of the studies, missing data, etc. These posts generated interviews and inquiries • #15 - Listings Posts: These posts were difficult to from journalists. track when using html from other sources. When the posts were based on direct content as opposed• #7 - Either/Or Posts: These posts were generally to html code, the posts improved our placement for designed to compare and contrast particular select keywords on Google search results. services, loan programs, etc. These posts didnt 17
  18. 18. • #16 - Public Service Announcements: These posts • Tiffany Hamilton, Hamilton Group Real Estate were intended solely to show support for a particular • Jai Morris, Gateway Real Estate Sources issue. Often, they were only tangentially related to real estate. However, they were intended and • Andrea Lenzen, Prudential Alliance received as "we care about you" statements. This years program has already started. Here are someSo, before you say blogging doesnt work, first answer upcoming dates:this question: Did you post original content for a clearlydefined audience with a good value proposition and aconcise call to action that offered a personal insight, atangible benefit for the reader, or an interesting, unusualor controversial slant on a current event or issue? If youcant answer "yes", then the blogging experiment mayhave failed because of poor execution or planning and notbecause blogging is "unimportant" as a marketing tool.If you are a real estate professional and are new toblogging, the time is now to sign-up for an ActiveRainblog. There is no better real estate community ormore supportive blog platform to learn the basics ofblogging and discover some great tips on how to makeblogging work for you and your business.Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / TheLafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THE 2011 LEADERSHIP PROGRAM? Get involved today and get your applications in early for next years leadership class.2010 WCR-Metro STLLeadership Program Upcoming Training EventsCongratulations to this years participants in the 2010WCR Metropolitan St. Louis Leadership Program: • Shelly Clark, Cardinal Surveying & Mapping • Michelle Silies, PREA Signature Realty FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE • Danielle Bond, American Eagle Credit Union UPCOMING PROGRAMS, CLICK ON THE GRAPHICS BELOW TO GO TO THE EVENT • Kitty Williams, Assured Title SPONSOR WEBSITES. • Karen Robertson, Coldwell Banker Gundaker 18
  19. 19. Upcoming WCR MeetingsBE SURE TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS... 19
  20. 20. WCR-Metro STL Sponsors andSupporters 20
  21. 21. • VP, MEMBERSHIP • Jillian Butler • Keller Williams Realty St. Louis • • SECRETARY • Beale Luebben • Buyers Protection Group/ABA Inspections • • TREASURER • Vivian McBride • First American Title • vmcbride@firstam.comOur Chapter LeadershipMISSION STATEMENT 2010 STANDING COMMITTEESWe are a network of successful REALTORS® • BUDGET & FINANCE CHAIRempowering individuals to exercise their potential as • Danielle Bondentrepreneurs and industry leaders. • American Eagle Credit Union • dbond@abecu.org2010 CHAPTER OFFICERS • PRESIDENT • Elizabeth Robb • BY-LAWS/STANDING RULES CHAIR • Robb Partners, Affiliate of Dielmann Sotheby’s • Jane Miller International Realty • Heartland Bank Mortgage • • • PRESIDENT-ELECT • MEMBERSHIP CHAIR • Carolyn Mantia • Brett Nelson • RE/MAX Results • Advantage Realty • • 21
  22. 22. • NOMINATING CHAIR • AUDIT CHAIR • Past President Jean Ewell • Mary Carter • Keller Williams Southwest • RE/MAX Best Choice • • • PAST PRESIDENT 1 • AWARDS & RECOGNITION CHAIR • Jan Thomas • Chris Woods • Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty • St. Louis Association of REALTORS® • • • PAST PRESIDENT 2 • CHAPTER EXCELLENCE CHAIR • Sharon Wynn • President-Elect Carolyn Mantia • Keller Williams Realty St. Louis • RE/MAX Results • • • PROGRAMS & EDUCATION CHAIR • HOSPITALITY & RESERVATIONS CHAIR • Liz Connolly • Shelly Clark • INhanceIT! Home Staging • Cardinal Surveying & Mapping • • • WAYS & MEANS CHAIR • LEADERSHIP CHAIR • Bob Sargent • Jane Martin • USA Mortgage • Coldwell Banker Gundaker-South County • • jmartin130@aol.com2010 SPECIAL COMMITTEES • PARLIAMENTARIAN • AFFILIATE CHAIR • Mary McBride • Joan Tobin • RealtyNET Mary McBride • Reverse Mortgages Specialist/USA Mortgage • • 22
  23. 23. • PUBLIC RELATIONS CHAIR • Michelle Silies • PREA Signature Realty • • SLAR LIAISON • Chris Woods • St. Louis Association of REALTORS® • cwoods@stlrealtors.com2010 TASK FORCES • Technology Task Force • Ryan Shaughnessy • PREA Signature Realty • 23
  24. 24. highlight our chapter’s commitment to the core mission THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... of developing the leadership skills of our members. GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW Here are some great upcoming leadership training The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of programs: the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro MARCH 9, 2010 STL website at To submit an article or WOMEN IN THE BOARDROOM inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® is co-sponsoring a networking event and round table discussion with local womenA MESSAGE FROM THE business leaders at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The panel will include: Beryl Raff/Helzberg’s Diamonds, GinaPRESIDENT Galgano Hoagland/Collaborative Strategies Inc. and Laura Herring/IMPACT Group. For more information on this event, click on Women in the Boardroom. MARCH 11, 2010 WCR LIVE - ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL - PORTRAITS IN LEADERSHIP EPISODEThe Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’sCouncil of REALTORS® strongly believes that its Council of REALTORS® is sponsoring a FREEcore mission is to identify, develop and support the conference call as a part of its WCR LIVE internetnext generation of industry leaders. It isn’t just about radio show and podcast. This episode will include aidentifying natural leaders who already have strong round table discussion on identifying, developing andleadership skills. It is about identifying members with supporting leaders as well as such topics as the benefits ofpotential, encouraging their participation, providing mentoring, how to effectively delegate tasks, how to dealleadership training and offering opportunities to our with micro-managers and more. For more information onmembers to fulfill their potential and to be future the show, click on WCR LIVE.leaders. In this month’s President’s Message, I wanted to 1
  25. 25. MARCH 19, 2010 • In This Issue - Editors Notes - p. 2WCR LEADERSHIP SUMMIT • 2010 Membership Drive - This Months Challenge - p. 3The Women’s Council of REALTORS® is sponsoringits annual leadership training summit that will include • New Member Introductions - p. 5training, practice and take-away tools regarding such • Get the New WCR Toolbar - p. 5topics as leadership essentials, public speaking skills,planning and delivering effective meetings, time • Business Resource Meeting-February, 2010 - p. 7management skills and conflict management strategies. • A Word from Our BRM Sponsor - INhance IT! - p. 8For more information on this event, click on WCRLeadership Training. • A Word from Our BRM Sponsor - Assured Title - p. 11MARCH 25, 2010 • Next Business Resource Meeting - TechnologyWCR METRO ST. LOUIS E-ZINE Panel - p. 12The March edition of the WCR Metro St. Louis E- • WCR Reservations - p. 14Zine will feature articles on leadership training as wellas a spotlight on WCR leaders called “Portraits in • 2010 Fundraising Events - p. 15Leadership.” Articles will discuss the character traits • WCR LIVE - Streaming Audio and Podcast - p. 17of leaders, leadership styles and current approaches to • WCR Leadership Program Update - p. 19business leadership. • Stay Informed - Prop A - Metro Sales Tax - p. 19Space is limited for these events and these events soldout last year - so register today! If you are interested • Member Article - Expanding Your Sphere ofin participating in the WCR-Metro STL, we have a Influence - p. 20leadership position and role for you. To become more • Member Article - The WCR Open - p. 21involved, please contact me at erobb@robbpartners.comto discuss available committee assignments suitable to • Google Tools for REALTORS® Series - Googleyour time constraints and interests. Calendar - p. 23Elizabeth Robb, 2010 WCR-STL President • Google Tools for REALTORS® Series - Google Alerts - p. 29 • Google Tools for REALTORS® Series - Google Wave - p. 31 • Google Tools for REALTORS® Series - Google Base - p. 36 • Upcoming WCR Events and Meetings - p. 39IN THIS ISSUE • Our 2010 Leadership - p. 40 • Our Contributors and Sponsors - p. 42 NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: NEW CORPORATE SPONSOR - INVESTORS TITLE In this issue, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter ofIN THIS ISSUE: the Women’s Council of REALTORS® is pleased to announce that Investors Title Company is now the • A Message from Our President - p. 1 corporate sponsor for the 2010 WCR Metro St. Louis 2