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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals v2.2


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Women's Council of REALTORS - Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter - January 2011 Business Resource Meeting - The Art of Marketing You - Presented by Craig Kaminer / Twist (St. Louis, MO)

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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals v2.2

  1. 1. Real Estate Marketingin the Social Media Age January 6, 2011 1 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  2. 2. Your Brand It’s what people think about when they… Hear your name. Meet you. Call you. Bump into you. Are asked for a referral. 2 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  3. 3. How’s Your Brand? Do they know your name? Do they know your company? Do they know your clients? Do they know your specialty? Do they understand why you are better? Do they generate a lot of referrals? 3 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  4. 4. Marketing It’s about building relationships of value with real people who will turn to you when they have a need you can fill. In 2011, it’s about being findable and relevant. 4 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  5. 5. How’s Your Marketing? How many people come to your website? How many qualified leads do you get each month? What does your new business pipeline look like? What is your conversion rate? Where do you rank among your peers? 5 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  6. 6. Branding & Marketing have evolved. HAVE YOU? 6 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  7. 7. “Old Communication Model” Your message Since the invention of the printing press, the model of mass communication has been a one-way channel. 7 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  8. 8. Marketing Before Social Media 8 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  9. 9. “New Communication Model” Where is your message in the new dialogue world we live in? Since the invention of the internet, the way we communicate has transformed dramatically. We now live in a dialogue world where everyone has their own channel of communication and information is real time. 9 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  10. 10. The New Model (Marketing 2.0) 10 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  11. 11. The Power of Social Media Social networks are the #1 activity on the internet. Social media is used by 3 out of 4 Americans. 93% of social media users believe a brand should have a presence on networks. 85% of social media users believe a brand should not just post information, but should interact with customers. 11 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  12. 12. Social Network Numbers Facebook has more than 1 million users in Missouri alone LinkedIn has 70 million members: 50% are decision makers 30% are EVP or C-Level executives Twitter has more than 165 million users More than 2 billion views per day on YouTube 12 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  13. 13. Social Media vs. Traditional Marketing 60% lower cost per lead Source: ROI survey, 2009 13 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  14. 14. Why Do Companies Use Social Media? 14 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  15. 15. My Network 15 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  16. 16. You know why social media is important... BUT HOW DO YOU USE IT? 16 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  17. 17. How Can Social Media Help You? Expand and extend marketing campaigns Improve customer service Protect your brand and image Solicit feedback from network & public Build relationships with employees, influencers, clients & prospects Grow your network and sphere of influence Establish yourself as an expert Generate more sales! 17 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  18. 18. What is Most Relevant? 18 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  19. 19. How Realtors Are Using Social Media What platforms are Realtors using today? LinkedIn -- 42% Facebook -- 27% Twitter -- 13% 85% under 50 using social networks, 40% said it has led to new business What are Realtors doing on social networks? Client acquisition -- 46% Client relationships -- 35% Promoting firm -- 30% Sources: Rydex Advisor Benchmarking Survey, Deloitte “Workplace Ethics” report 2009, McKinsey & Company “ How Companies are Benefiting from Web 2.0,” Ledermark Communications Survey on Social Media Use
  20. 20. SM Real Estate Examples 20 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  21. 21. Getting Started Set-up 1-2 accounts (LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter and/or Facebook) Build complete profile Link to your new accounts on website, blog, email signature, print materials, etc. Build contacts (Goal: 500) Build special interest pages Weekly posts Add new accounts (Blog, Twitter, Jigsaw) 21 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  22. 22. How to Start on LinkedIn Create a user account Update your profile Link to your website, blog and other social networks Join groups Participate by answering questions Make connections and grow your network Find a job or post jobs 22 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  23. 23. How to Start on Facebook Create a user account Create a business page to generate Fans Create a group: “First Time Home Buyers”, etc. Advertise on Facebook (target your leads) Use status updates to stay in front of your network Be professional – remember that your clients and peers are reading these posts Show your personality – not your sales pitch ! 23 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  24. 24. Why Facebook members are frequenting business pages… Getting news or product updates (67%) Having access to promotions (64%) Submitting opinions (36%) Connecting with other consumers (33%) 24 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  25. 25. What Can You Do With Your Facebook Page? Use your current database and suggest they become a fan Include each Sold Listing on your page…take a picture of the homebuyers/sellers and add to the page. Tag them in the photo to share on their profiles! Import your external blog to keep content fresh Add virtual tour videos from a flip cam Include subscription box to capture emails – offer useful home-buying information as incentive 25 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  26. 26. Taking it to the Next Level Connect your social media accounts ( or Build contacts beyond 1,000 Post listings, videos, presentations, & commentary Regularly ask your “friends” if they know someone looking for something you have 26 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  27. 27. Things to Avoid Using social media as static advertising Having the “If We Build It They Will Come” attitude Not following through on the commitment “Faking It” – be yourself and share your personality with potential and current customers 27 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  28. 28. Social media is just one piece of the marketing puzzle…WHAT OTHER STRATEGIES ARE THERE? © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist 28
  29. 29. Complete Marketing 2.0 Strategy 1 Website Redesign 2 Social Media You You You you 4 Inbound Linking 3 Optimization 5 Email Marketing
  30. 30. 1 Website Redesign Website Redesign Build as main corporate site Built on easy-to-update platform for quick and strategic changes Incorporate multimedia: social media feeds, videos, photo galleries, user forums Create “Realtor Mini-Sites” Agents can post their upcoming events, listings, photos from recent sales, and their contact information Customers can visit their agent’s site directly for immediate information 30 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  31. 31. Social Media Networking 2 Social Media You Create key social media accounts LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Train agents to create their individual accounts and connect with their personal networks If 100 agents connect with 500 contacts each, your firm now has a network of 50,000 potential clients Join the conversation! People are online talking about their needs, agents need to join in Seek out the conversations and promote your firm to potential clients You You You 31 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  32. 32. Search Engine Optimization Build metadata to allow for searchability Each piece of content posted on social media networks becomes an indexed “object” Implement Paid Search campaign to increase clicks and conversions 3 Optimization Keywords Metadata Social Search Paid Search 32 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  33. 33. Linking Strategy Inbound links are the key to search engine optimization Create keyword-rich links and post to all available content sites Links become framework for your brand online so all search engines can identify your and content relevant to your clients 4 Inbound Linking 33 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  34. 34. Email Marketing 5 Develop master list for clients, prospects, referrals and influencers Create regular email campaigns to communicate trends, events and general information Email Marketing 34 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  35. 35. Useful Tools for Measuring Google Analytics A wonderful free tool that records analytics on your website such as traffic, web hits, top content, avg. time on page, where people are coming from, and much more! Technorati When you register with it, Technorati tracks “blog reactions,” or blogs that link to yours. Search for your brand on Technorati, and subscribe to RSS alerts so that when someone blogs about you, you find out. Filtrbox Only delivers the most relevant, credible mentions of things you need to track. Its “FiltrRank” technology scores content based on three dimensions: contextual relevance, popularity and feedback Your Own Network! Almost ALL social networks will give you the numbers of comments, views, friends, followers, etc. 35 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  36. 36. Search Engine Marketing Paid search allows you to promote targeted text ads for specific keyword searches Ads are continuously matched to users’ specific interests Ads are placed as buying decisions are made The result: You reach your audience at the right time with the right message 36 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  37. 37. Search Engine Marketing Google places your text ad on pages with keyword searches that you designate 37 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  38. 38. Search Engine Marketing Paid search also allows you to target by geographical location Location is specified by a mile radius 38 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist
  39. 39. This is just the tip of the iceberg…In 3-6 months you can be one of the most relevant realtors. So start now! © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist 39
  40. 40. If you want this presentation… Phone: (314) 863-3033 x201 Cell: (314) 363-3333 Email: Website: LinkedIn: craigmkaminer Twitter: TwistedSTL Facebook: YouTube: Twiststl Plaxo: Craig Kaminer 40 © Craig Kaminer d/b/a Twist