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Koyo bearing slide

  1. 1. Automobile bearings are used in following units of an automobile vehicle-1.Wheel hub units-
  2. 2. Special bearings designed for engine waterpumps.Excellent waterproof performance usinghigh-sealing seal. These bearings have lifethree times longer than that ofconventional products.A variety of sizes and types available.
  3. 3. Koyo clutch release bearings represent thefirst truly clutch-compatible bearing withits patented variable contact racewaygeometry.This exclusive variable contact designpermits maximum speeds at maximumloads, resists wear for longer life, andminimizes noise and vibration.
  4. 4.  This bearing is used for High-Speed Railcars (Wheel Bearings) in Axle Bearing Housing. As rail speeds have increased in recent years, manufacturers have begun using 7050, a high-strength aluminum alloy that is forged at high temperature and pressure, for railcar bearings (journal boxes). This reduces their unsprung weight, gives cars greater stability and reduces fuel consumption. This is an important component supporting high- speed vehicle travel. Specifiedlocation: Wheel journal box Advantage: Reduces wheel weight Production method: Stamp forging
  5. 5. Features- 1.Light weight,compact,energy saving. 2.High sealing performance by optimum lip design. 3.Low heat generation & Long service life by highly self-lubricating self rubber materials. 4.High sealing performance & Long service life by hydrodynamic ribs.
  6. 6. Sealed type four row tapered roller bearings for roll necksRolling equipment roll neck bearings having a sealedconstruction.Capable of improving the working environment andreducing grease consumption.
  7. 7.  Bearing for cascade cold rolling machine. Outer rings are made of special bearing material and heat treatment to achieve surface hardness and impact resistance, enabling them to bear loads from contacting the middle rolls and have high reliability.
  8. 8.  Slewing bearing is a large-scale integrated load bearing, which can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment. Slewing ring bearings are generally of inner gear or outer gear, mounting holes, lubrication holes (oil holes), and seals, which can make the host be an compact design, easy to guide and maintain. Slewing bearings can be nongeared, internal gear and external gear. The slewing bearing types are mainly as follows: 1. Four-point contact ball slewing bearings. 2. Double-row different diameter ball slewing bearings. 3. Crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings. 4. cross-tapered roller slewing bearings. 5. Triple-row cylindrical roller slewing bearings.
  9. 9.  High-Precision bearings for machine tools- High-Precision bearings used in machine tool spindles, such as cylindrical roller bearings and angular ball bearings. High ability bearings- Series of ultraprecise angular ball bearings for machine tool spindles. Superior ultra high-speed performance. A variety of types available that can meet all speed specification needs. Support bearings for precision ball screws- Support bearing unit combining a precision ball screw support bearing (SAC) and precision machined housing. Superior performance for assembing work.
  10. 10. 1.Environmentally friendly.2.A variety of bearings for the main spindles, speed accelerators, generators, etc. of windmill power generators.
  11. 11. Basically in railway bearing is used for Rolling stock axle journals.Bearing used to support rolling stock axle journals required to bevery strong & at the same time to be small because of limitedspace.1.Cylindrical Roller Bearings- (Bore dia-85 to 133 mm)Features- Good high speed performance & can be maintained and inspected easily because of their separable structure.2.Sealed type Cylindrical Roller Bearing Units- (Bore dia-95 to 120 mm) Features- Maintenance free: Pre lubricated with grease & provided with oil seals. It can be used with a simplified axle box or with an adapter instead.3.Tapered Roller Bearing Units- (Bore dia- 101.6 to 177.787 mm)
  12. 12. Needle roller bearings are small in sectionalheight,therefore useful in making machinerysmaller & lighter. This type of bearing is used in awide range of machinery such as automobiles,motorcycles, electric machines,machine tools, aerospace& office equipment.Features-Compact,highly rigid & superior in load carryingperformance.Excellent for carrying oscillating loads, containsmany small diameter rollers.Widely employed in stud & yoke type track rollersused as guide rollers in linear motion units.