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Case study: Offshore Syndrome and Policies


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It talks about famous case study of Offshore syndrome and policy. Link to case study:

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Case study: Offshore Syndrome and Policies

  1. 1. Offshore Syndrome & Policies Prasad Ghag 41 Vinayak Yannam 180 Rohan Shah 151 Imran Shaikh 152 Anurag Singh 160 Karan Trivedi 175
  2. 2. Summary • The Beginning • Benefits for EU and US • Benefits for Offshoring nations
  3. 3. Summary contd… • Mckinsey Assumptions • The Real Scenario • In Europe • In USA • Managing the effects of Offshoring
  4. 4. Q n A • Q: Challenges posed by EU and USA by off shoring Redeployment of displaced workers Unemployment Reduction in overall income
  5. 5. Q n A • Q: Advantages for developing countries in future Shift labour to higher value activities Increase in productivity Better living standard More exports from offshoring nations Win-Win situation for both nations
  6. 6. Current Scenarios • Wild Wild East • Non-Wage Costs • Structure of the market • Drawback of the Indian Outsourcing Industry • Reshoring
  7. 7. Learnings from Case study
  8. 8. Video
  9. 9. Thank You