bacteria temperature factors yeast fungi pseudomonas lymphocytes diagram structure rna assimilation decomposition immobilization mineralization biofilm formation atmosphere narrow region soil protozoa root tip root cap root exudates ph of soil age negative effects positive effects actinomyces rhizoplane rhizophere light waxy layer bacteroides stem leaves flower fruits epiphytes anthosphere carposphere caulosphere phylloplane microorganisms phyllosphere carbohydrates greenhouse gases biosphere geosphere respiration fast carbon cycle slow carbon cycle biogeochemical cycle organic carbon methane immobilisation mineralisation combustion burning photosynthesis carbon dioxide carbon cycle benzene inherited mistakes transversión transition phenotypic change random events heritable cancer ultraviolet rays biological mutagens chemical mutagens physical mutagens missense mutation nonsense mutation silent mutation frameshift mutation point mutation mutagens mutation hiv tmb trimethyl benzidine horseradish peroxidase alkaline phosphatase bovine serum albumin blocking buffer coating buffer procedure precaution principle chromogenic substrate hrpo noncompetitive elisa competitive elisa indirect elisa direct elisa immunological test enzyme linked immuno sorbent elisa pikovskays's medium malonic azospirillum tricalcium phosphate carbonic acid lactic acid bacillus rhizobium leguminosarum 2-ketogluconic acid gluconic acid phosphate ions pgpr role of psb inoculant application inoculant production isolation of psb phosphate solubilizers invariant gene t cytotoxic cell t helper cell immune complex glycoprotein human leucocyte antigen beta-2 microglobulin protein binding cleft major histocompatibility compl antigen processing antigen presentation hla beta chain alpha chain function class mhc 2 class mhc 1 mhc citrulline synthetase phosphokinase proline carboxylate reductase pyrroline-5-carboxylic acid glutamate transacetylase acetyl- glutamyl phosphate acetyl-glutamyl semialdehyde nadph glutamic acide dehydrogenase acetylornithine aminotransferase carbamyl phosphate ornithine citrulline arginine proline glutamine a-ketogkutarate glutamate glutamate family peyers patches t cells nalt balt tonsils reticular cell osteoblast thymus bone marrow spleen secondary organs primary organs lymphatic system lymph lymph node calt galt malt organs platelets rbc wbc myeloid cells immunity mast cells dendritic cells basophils eosinophils neutrophils monocytes macrophages natural killer cells t-lymphocytes b-lymphocytes granulocytes phagocytes mononuclear phagocytes lymphoid cells biomaterial viral vector roguing application control transmission insects wound incision capsomers tumor chloronic protein synthesis life cycle symptoms mosaic tobacco tobacco mosaic virus decomposers consumers producers biotic abiotic profundal littoral wetlands ocean pelagic benthic lentic lotic lemnetic freshwater marine lake pond ecosystem aquatic sediment phosphatase weathering organic phosphate inorganic phosphate alterations of phosphorus atp nucleic acid dna phosphine rock deposit rock salt cycle phosphate phosphorus streptococcus propionibacterium escherichia coli staphylococcus aureus dental plaque pathogenic opportunistic indigenous microbiota transient microflora resident microflora doderleins bacilli commensalism parasitism mutualism bacterial synergism tissue trophism specific adherence normal flora holding conditions storage processing steps acidity packaging vaccum packaging cap map nutrient content moisture content time antimicrobial effect biological structure redox potential ph temprature properties extrinsic factors intrinsic factors test whonet epsilometer test drug susceptibility testing drug testing antibiotic testing susceptibility drug resistance kirby bauer test zone of inhibition agar dilution broth dilution drug stokes method antibiotic disk antibiotic disk diffusion method e test antibiotic susceptibility drug susceptibility nitrosomonas nitrification ammonification lightning reaction habers process nif gene nodule formation curling dinitrogenase reductase nitrogenase process mechanism leg haemoglobin rhizobium non-symbiotic nitrogen fixatio biological n2 fixation legumes root nodule symbiotic nitrogen fixation nitrogen fixation
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