Microcontroll er based gesture vocalizer


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Microcontroll er based gesture vocalizer

  2. 2. A microprocessor with inbuilt memory and timers Its a converter that measures a physicalquantity and converts it into a signal whichcan be read by an observer or by aninstrument
  3. 3.  Large Scale Multi-Microcontroller based system being designed to facilitate the communication among the deaf, dumb and blind.
  6. 6. Data glove has five bend sensors one for each fingerDetects the static movements of finger
  7. 7. Made by using IC-555 timer(In astable mode) alongwith photo transistorIt has a square wave outputFrequency of this square wave varies with bending ofbend sensor
  8. 8. Accelerometer ADXL103, used as tilt detector whichdetects tilting of handHas an analog output varying from 1.5 volts to 3.5voltsThe output of accelerometer is provided to tiltdetection module
  9. 9. To decrease the sensitivity of the system , output of accelerometer is amplified using additional circuitry
  10. 10. Checks the output of accelerometer.sends the binary data against some meaningfulgesture to gesture detection module.Gesture vocalizer system is a dual axis system whichcan detect tilt of hand in two axes.Pipelined structure of two ADC 0804 ICs are used todigitize the outputs of two accelerometers.
  11. 11. Two ADCs have 8-bit output , common data busand control linesPipelining of ADCs is done by using chip select pinAt a given time only one ADC is active
  12. 12. The microcontroller receives the data from two ADCsone by one and saves themNow the microcontroller compares these values withpredefined values in its memory to represent it’s ameaningful gesture or notIf it is a meaningful gesture, then microcontrollersends the data to gesture detection module
  13. 13. Most Important and core part Microcontroller controlled circuitry Three ports are in use(two input and one output)• Port 0• Port 1• Port 2
  14. 14. • Port 0 (Input port) Microcontroller checks the output of first bend sensor , calculates its pulse width, stores this output and moves on The bends are quantized into ten levels and the finger must be at any of these ten levels and the system knows how much each finger is bent. Now the system reads the movements of all the fingers as a whole and moves on to next step , if the bend is a meaningful one.
  15. 15. • Port 1• Receives 8-bit data from tilt detector and if that is a meaningful tilt, then the gesture as a whole (bend+tilt) is considered as a meaningful one and generates a 8-bit data This 8-bit data can represent 256 (28 = 256) different gestures
  16. 16. Consists of a microcontroller, a speech synthesizer ( ICSP0256) and a speakerThe microcontroller receives the 8-bit data fromgesture detector and determines what gesture hasbeen madeThe speech synthesizer IC SP0256 has someallophones
  17. 17. Allophones-Sounds that are merely phonetic variants ofthe same phoneme are allophonesEg: ’s’ of sing and the ’r ’ of ringEach allophone has a particular address locationThe microcontroller’s 8-bit address corresponds to aparticular allophone and same can be heard on speaker
  18. 18. It is useful for the deafVoice is represented in text form
  19. 19. The 8-bit data given by gesture detection moduleis given to LCD module.The LCD display module checks each word andcompares it with previously stored valuesBased on this comparison, the microcontrollerdecides what must be displayed on LCD
  20. 20. Two Accelerometers
  21. 21. Designing of wireless transceiver system for "Microcontroller andSensors Based Gesture Vocalizer"
  22. 22. Perfection in monitoring and sensing of thedynamic movements involved in "Microcontrollerand Sensors Based Gesture Vocalizer“
  23. 23. The Robot control system to regulate machine activity atremote sensitive sites
  24. 24. Basis for communication for the disabledConveys sign language into voice for the blind and as textfor the deaf
  25. 25. India’s population 121 million , 2.1% of population is disabled Blind - 15 million Deaf – 10 million Dumb – 2.7 million Thus if proper light is thrown on R and D for this device , everyperson with the above three disabilities can communicate easilywithanyone
  26. 26. THANK YOU