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Cancer - I


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Cancer - I

  1. 1. Current trends & Perspectives in Cancer Control (Part – I) Presented by Dr. Sudhakar Kokate Director PPRC, India
  2. 2. Dedication This presentation is dedicated to all Cancer patients across the globe and may our efforts, towards research in this area benefit those who are fighting the dangerous disease
  3. 3. PPRC/INDIA01
  4. 4. Cancer ₪Second leading cause of death worldwide ₪Multifactorial process: ₪ Cellular transformation ₪ Hyper proliferation ₪ Metastatic lesions PPRC/INDIA02
  5. 5. Cancer ₪The word “Kaensar” known medically as a malignant neoplasm is a broad group of diseases involving unregulated cell growth ₪Cancer: a deadly disease ₪A very lethal life threatening terrible disease PPRC/INDIA03
  6. 6. Cancer ₪It is rapidly affecting the people all over the world without any discrimination of age, race, wealth or status in society ₪Pathetic disease with miserable side effects ₪There are more than 200 different known cancers that affect humans PPRC/INDIA04
  7. 7. Cancer ₪Cancer cells divide and grow uncontrollably forming malignant tumours and invading nearby parts of the body ₪Not all tumours are cancerous ₪Causes are diverse and complex ₪Cancer spread to more distant parts of the body through the lymphatic system / bloodstream PPRC/INDIA05
  8. 8. Common sites of cancer PPRC/INDIA06
  9. 9. History of Cancer ₪Cancer has existed for all human history ₪Earliest written record of cancer is in circa 1600 B.C. in Egyptian Edwin Smith Papyrus …. described “Breast cancer” ₪Hippocrates ca 460 B.C. – ca 370 B.C. described several kinds of cancer PPRC/INDIA07
  10. 10. History of Cancer ₪Cancer Greek word “Karkinos” means Crab or Cray fish ₪Celsus ca 25 B.C. – 50 A.D. translated Karkinos to Latin word “Cancer”. He recommended surgery treatment for cancer ₪Galen (2nd century A.D.) disagreed with surgery and recommended purgatives for respondent PPRC/INDIA08
  11. 11. History of Cancer ₪15 th – 17 th centuries study of causes of cancer were experimented after dissection of the body PPRC/INDIA09
  12. 12. PPRC/INDIA10
  13. 13. Types of Cancer TYPE ORIGIN NAMES CARCINOMA Epithelial cells In aged people, Common – breast, prostate, colon….. SARCOMA Connective tissue Bone, cartilage, fat nerve cancers LYMPHOMA Hematopoietic (blood forming) Leukaemia most common in children GERM CELL TUMOUR Pluripotent cells Testicle, ovarian cancer BLASTOMA Embryonic tissue Common in most children PPRC/INDIA11
  14. 14. PPRC/INDIA12
  15. 15. Diagnosis ₪Screening ₪Medical tests: ₪ Blood tests ₪ X – Rays ₪ CT Scans ₪ Endoscopy PPRC/INDIA13
  16. 16. Symptoms: Cancer Metastasis CANCER BODY PART SYMPTOMS Brain Headache, seizures, vertigo Respiratory Cough, Hemoptysis, Dyspanoea Lymph nodes Lymphaclenopathy Liver Hepatomegaly, Jaundice Skeletal system Pain, fractures, spinal and compression PPRC/INDIA14
  17. 17. Systematic symptoms Weight loss Fever Fatigue Persistent fever Paraneoplastic pneumonia Distant parts affected: PPRC/INDIA15
  18. 18. Cancerous cell PPRC/INDIA16
  19. 19. Stat of cancer ₪The incidence of Lung cancer is highly co- related with tobacco smoking…. 9% lung cancer ₪In western Europe 10% cancers in males and 3% in females are attributed to alcohol ₪Tobacco smoke contains > 50 carcinogens ₪200,000 people die worldwide every year PPRC/INDIA17
  20. 20. Stat of cancer ₪High processed food, red meat are also said to be major cause of cancer growth ₪A high salt diet linked to gastric cancer, aflatoxin B, with Liver cancer, Betel nut chewing with oral cancer ₪Gastric cancer more in Japan due to high salt diet PPRC/INDIA18
  21. 21. Stat of cancer ₪U.S. estimates 20,000 cancer deaths 40,000 new cases each year are attributed to “occupation” ₪Obesity cause in 14 – 20% of all cancer deaths ₪Diet, physical inactivity and obesity 30 – 35% of cancer deaths ₪Diets that are low in vegetables, fruits, whole grains are linked with number of cancers PPRC/INDIA19
  22. 22. Stat of cancer ₪Worldwide 18% of cancer deaths due to infectious diseases, high in Africa (25%) and low in developed world (10%) ₪Upto 10% of cancers are caused due to radiation ₪Hereditary cancers contribute to 3 – 10% PPRC/INDIA20
  23. 23. Stat of cancer ₪Some hormones play a major role in division of cells by promoting cell proliferation ₪Sex linked cancers: ₪ Breast ₪ Endometrium ₪ Prostate ₪ Ovary ₪ Testis ₪ Thyroid ₪ Bone PPRC/INDIA21
  24. 24. Cancerous cell PPRC/INDIA22
  25. 25. Stat of cancer in India ₪500,000 people succumb to cancer / year ₪300 cancer hospitals / centres in India ₪40% of India: No appropriate facility for fighting with cancer ₪Ratio of doctor: patient – 1 : 2000 ₪By 2015 …….. Cancer patients 700,000 PPRC/INDIA23
  26. 26. Stat of cancer in India ₪Most specific cancers in India: ₪ Lung cancer ₪ Ovarian cancer ₪ Cervical cancer ₪ Breast cancer ₪According to “Indian Republic” Press – Cancer incidence likely to rise five fold in India by 2025 PPRC/INDIA24
  27. 27. Cancerous cell PPRC/INDIA25
  28. 28. 10 most deadly types on cancer  Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma  Ovarian cancer  Leukaemia  Prostate cancer  Liver cancer  Pancreatic cancer  Breast cancer  Colorectal cancer  Stomach cancer  Lung cancer PPRC/INDIA26
  29. 29. Top celebrities who survived cancer Sharon Osbourne T.V. host, businesswoman, author, music promoter Colon cancer Robert de Niro American actor, Producer, Director Prostate gland cancer Christina Applegate American actress Breast cancer Kylie Minogue Australian singer, actress, record artist, songwriter Breast cancer Tom Green Canadian actor, comedian, writer Testicular cancer PPRC/INDIA27
  30. 30. Top celebrities who survived cancer Lance Armstrong Racing cyclist Testicular cancer Michael Douglas American producer, director Throat cancer Yuvraj Singh Famous Indian Cricketer Mediastinal seminoma Manisha Koirala Indian actress, social activist Ovarian cancer Lisa Ray Canadian actress, Model, Philanthropist Multiple myelana PPRC/INDIA28
  31. 31. Cancer development PPRC/INDIA29
  32. 32. Significant cancers in Science ₪Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) ₪Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) ₪AIDS related cancers…. Kaposi sarcoma Lymphoma ₪Anal cancer ₪Appendix cancer ₪Basal cell cancer PPRC/INDIA30
  33. 33. Brain tumour PPRC/INDIA31
  34. 34. Significant cancers in Science ₪Bile duct cancer ₪Bladder cancer ₪Bone cancer ₪Brain tumour ₪Breast cancer ₪Bronchial tumours ₪Cardiac tumours PPRC/INDIA32
  35. 35. Bone cancer PPRC/INDIA33
  36. 36. Significant cancers in Science ₪Cervical cancer ₪Colon cancer ₪Colo-rectal cancer ₪Embryonal tumours ₪Esophageal cancer ₪E wing sarcoma ₪Eye cancer PPRC/INDIA34
  37. 37. Colon cancer PPRC/INDIA35
  38. 38. Significant cancers in Science ₪Gall bladder cancer ₪Gastric cancer ₪Gastrointestinal cancer ₪Germ cell tumour ₪Head and neck cancer ₪Heart cancer ₪Liver cancer PPRC/INDIA36
  39. 39. Lung cancer PPRC/INDIA37
  40. 40. Significant cancers in Science ₪Kidney cancer ₪Laryngeal cancer ₪Lung cancer ₪Mouth cancer ₪Nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer ₪Neuroblastoma ₪Oral cancer PPRC/INDIA38
  41. 41. Bladder cancer PPRC/INDIA39
  42. 42. Significant cancers in Science ₪Ovarian cancer ₪Salivary gland cancer ₪Skin cancer ₪Stomach cancer ₪Testicular cancer ₪Throat cancer ₪Thyroid cancer PPRC/INDIA40
  43. 43. Kidney cancer PPRC/INDIA41
  44. 44. Significant cancers in Science ₪Uterine cancer ₪Vaginal cancer ₪Wilms tumour PPRC/INDIA42
  45. 45. Liver cancer PPRC/INDIA43
  46. 46. PPRC/INDIA44
  47. 47. Top cancer fighting foods Cabbage Cauliflower Mushrooms Broccoli Carrots Blueberry Grapes Tomatoes Raspberry Papaya PPRC/INDIA45
  48. 48. Top cancer fighting foods PPRC/INDIA46
  49. 49. Top cancer fighting foods PPRC/INDIA47
  50. 50. Top cancer fighting foods Sweet potatoes Flax seeds Garlic Turmeric Lime Oranges Green tea Soya powder Water melon Ginger PPRC/INDIA48
  51. 51. Top cancer fighting foods PPRC/INDIA49
  52. 52. Top cancer fighting foods PPRC/INDIA50
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