Presqu'ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society


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The goal of our non-profit organization is to restore our lighthouse in Brighton, Ontario, that was finished being built originally in 1840, and desperately needs our help. By forming community relations, strategic partnerships, hosting fundraising and awareness events, and being involved in community educational events, we plan to raise the funds and acquire the necessary skilled labour needed to restore our lighthouse to its former glory.

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Presqu'ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society

  1. 1. Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society
  2. 2. Looks great from afar but not so pretty, up close! Remember – this was built in 1840! In 2015, it will be175 years old
  3. 3. Who Gets The Bragging Rights For Being Around the Oldest? Port Burwell Lighthouse- 1840
  4. 4. Who Gets The Bragging Rights For Being Around the Oldest? Nine Mile Point Lighthouse Simcoe Island – 1833 Not Active!
  5. 5. Who Gets The Bragging Rights For Being Around the Oldest? Gilbraltar Point Lighthouse Toronto – 1829 but not active
  6. 6. Our Lighthouse • In 1837, £1000 were budgeted for the project, plus £50 when the contractor was hired. The final report put cost of the lighthouse at £9 under budget, but an extra £100 was paid for lantern room repairs, making the final cost £1150. • The designer specified Kingston Limestone and quarried sand for the tower. The builders, however, cut corners by using local limestone and beach sand. • The local limestone proved not as durable as the Kingston variety, and soon began to crack. The rounded beach sand eroded from the mortar. Water leaking from the walls and roof froze in the winter. Continuing expansion and contraction of the water over time damaged the walls such that the entire lighthouse was surrounded by a timber girdle in 1894, and then surrounded by another layer of wooden shingles • The keeper's residence was completed in 1846 • A fog signal building was added in 1906 • The light was electrified in 1935, and automated in 1952. • A plaque commemorating the loss of the Speedy was erected in 1959
  7. 7. Moisture is a huge problem in this 69 foot high lighthouse and that is an immediate and major priority to stopping future damage.
  8. 8. Every city has its’ ICON
  9. 9. What Do You Think Of?
  10. 10. What Do We Have?
  11. 11. What Do We Want? Do we want a restored lighthouse Or ………
  12. 12. What Do We Want? We have a choice to make for our future generations.. What will it be?
  13. 13. Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society We are a non-profit organization created in 2012 Our Objectives: •evaluate the condition of the lighthouse, •determine the steps that are required to arrest the deterioration of the building, both internally and externally •bring it back to the beautiful and commanding presence it once enjoyed repair •refurbish the Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse •promote our Lighthouse as a heritage icon for our community of Brighton
  14. 14. KOPPLA - Keepers of Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Association The members of the Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society are known as KOPPLA - The “Keepers of Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Association”.
  15. 15. Every successful organization needs a champion… We applaud our Founding Chair, Norman Bastin for his drive and energy to start the Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society!
  16. 16. Our Future! • Priority #1 – Late 2013, stop the inside moisture from further deteriorating the lighthouse • Priority #2 – By 2015(??),have a roadmap to accomplish the restoration of the lighthouse to its former glory – Including a new Cupola at a later date • Educating the public about our heritage – Including displays of former items related to the operation of the lighthouse & its’ keepers – Implement a lighthouse heritage week • Provide virtual tours of the lighthouse and surrounding areas
  17. 17. FundRaising • Annual Memberships • Raffles • Charity evening with dinner with gifts to auction off • Donations… we have our Charitable Tax Number • Corporate financial support • Government financial support
  18. 18. 2013 & 2014 Place Winner Applefest Raffle Draws MC Dave at June 1, 2013 Live Auction Over 150 attended our Gala event
  19. 19. Thanks to our Major Financial Sponsors Thanks to our Honorary Sponsors