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ดอกไม้ Flowers waree


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Published in: Technology, Business
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ดอกไม้ Flowers waree

  1. 1. FLOWERS Ixora Jasmine Night jasmine Orange jasmine Lotus Marigold Orchid Olender Pimrose Rainbow shower Rose Chinese rose Cotton rose Mexican Diasy Padauk Tuberose
  2. 2. Saraphi Sesban Siam Tulip Shoe flower Scrophulariace ae Sunflower Torch Ginger Tulip Violet Verbena Veronica Viscaria Wallflower White Champaka Wild Water Plum Wisteria Zinnia Allamanda
  3. 3. Bougaville Butterfly pea Bullet wood Bauhinia Canna Lily Cape Jasmine Cockcomb Chrysanthemu m Croton Dahlia Desert rose Eagle Wood Ericaceae Four o'clock Flamingo Plant Indian Cork Globe Amaranth
  4. 4. Hibicus Kalanchoe ilang-ilang