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In this Slideshare presentation:
1. Brand personality 2. Agenda 3. Recap modular questionare 4. Brands with personality 5. Blank 6. Blank 7. Lock 8. Brand archetypes 9. 12 Archetypes 10. Archetypes 11. Brands as stereotype and archetype 12. The 12 archetypes 13. Graph 14. Graph uncovered 15. Graph brands 16. 3 Step archetype tool 17. Brand archetype refined 18. Your turn 19. Customer experience 20. Questions 21. Brand personality 22. Notes 23. Thank you

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  1. 1. Brand PersonalityEnabling better customer experiences byunderstanding brand archetypesCoraggio C2Friday 9 September 2011
  2. 2. AGENDA 9:30 - 9:50 Stimulation Keynote 9:50 - 11:00 Working session 11:00 - 11:30 Break  11:30 - 12:30 Stump the Strategist session. Your chewiest marketing challenge solved live in 9 minutes.   Link to me on LinkedIn (Ashton Bishop) and you can download this presentation
  3. 3. RECAP MODULAR QUESTIONNAIRE Research can be a relationship builder Always start with those closest to your brand Download from my LinkedIn profile
  4. 4. Brands withpersonality
  5. 5. Archetypes
  6. 6. Karl Jung didnʼt invent archetypes, but he gets the credit for distinguishing them.He discovered that every society ever created shared knowledge via stories.In the stories were characters. The interesting thing is the characters were the SAME .It didnʼt matter if it was a hollywood movie or an indonesian pigmy hill-tribe, the same characterskeep on popping up.Why? As humans we have an innate filing cabinet. A way we store and sort charactersand their attributes.So if a brandʼs role is to be remembered; then attaching intothis filing system is a massive head start...Our model has 12 archetypes
  7. 7. ArchetypesArchetypes are historic truths that capturedifferent types of human characteristicsSince humans started telling storiesarchetypes have existedArchetypes are personified symbols thatallow the conscious mind to identify with, oraccess, subconscious desires, meanings andtruthsBrand archetypes go beyond stating productfeatures and benefits to connect with thecustomer in a deep and profoundlymeaningful way
  8. 8. Brands as stereotype and archetype Brands rooted in cultural-specific Brands rooted in universal and norms are simplistic and undefined eternal truths are rich and distinctive Stereotype Archetype EG: SNAGS EG: Hero - Virgin/ Domestos 1980’s Sensitive New Age Guy.He’s long gone and the metrosexual now reigns
  9. 9. The 12 ArchetypesThe Innocent The Explorer The Sage The Hero• Wholesome, pure • Searcher, seeker • Thinker, reflective • Warrior, competitive• Forgiving, trusting • Adventurous • Expert, advisor • Principled, idealist• Happy, optimistic • Independent • Confident, credible • Challenge ‘wrongs’• SImple pleasures • Self-sufficient • In-control • Proud, brave,courageousThe Outlaw The Magician The Regular Guy/Girl The Lover• Rebellious, shocking • Shaman, healer, intuitive • Not pretentious • Seek true love• Outrageous, disruptive • Value magical moments • Reliable, dependable • Passionate, sexy, erotic• Feared, powerful • Catalyst for change • Value routines, practical • Seek pleasure, to indulge,• Countercultural, liberated • Charismatic • Predictability • Follow emotionsThe Jester The Caregiver The Creator The Ruler• Clown, trickster • Altruistic, selfless • Innovative, imaginative • Manager, organiser• Playful, take things lightly • Nurturing, compassionate • Experimental, take risks • Efficient, productive• Impulsive, spontaneous • Empathetic • Ambitious, desire to turn ideas into • Confident, responsible• Lives in the moment • Supportive, generous reality • Role model, take charge NB: Virgin is both Outlaw & Hero
  10. 10. Leadership Confidence Knowledge Anti- EstablishmentRe-assurance Excitement Trust Partnership
  11. 11. Leadership Confidence Knowledge Anti- EstablishmentRe-assurance Excitement Trust Partnership
  12. 12. Leadership Confidence Leadership Confidence Knowledge Anti- EstablishmentRe-assurance Excitement Trust Partnership
  13. 13. 3 Step Archetype Tool 1 2 3 Find Iconic Define Continually Con- Archetype Nuances and temporise refine1. Find archetype(s) that you want to project yourself as.You can have up to 3.Think about Historic/ Credibility. Core - your essence.Future - the influencer that will shape you as you evolve.2. Make sure you have no more than 4 words around anyone archetype. Make sure the words are not inconsistentwith the essence of that archetype.3. Review at least once a year and look at the language,cues, associations, celebrities that best represent yourarchetype. You want to be contemporary as societyevolves the expression of our archetype might change;whilst the underlying values and nature probably shouldn’t.
  14. 14. Brand Archetype Refined Influencer Influencer clarifier clarifier clarifier Core Archetype clarifier
  15. 15. Yourturn!© Copyright 2010 All rights r eser ved by St ep Change Marketing in perpetuit y
  16. 16. 07: C USTOM E R E XPE RIENCEWHY YOU NEED ITAND HOW TO USE IT OUR EXAMPLE:The magic of great brands is howthey make their customers feel. The HOW DOES IT MAKE THEM FEEL? I N S P I R AT I O Nsame is true for a smaller business A hair dresser that serves champagne whilst she cuts hair.growing into a great brand. This makes her customers feel like a star, pampered, special and valued.Your customers experience will Like they know the big secretultimately be your greatest tool in gettingrepeat business and, better still, referrals.Business relies on the power of Reassured that they’ve gotword-of-mouth and today’s world, the best SOUK IN THE CITYwith its unprecedented level of social The owner shouts "Welcome to myconnectivity, magnifies this power kingdom" and showers you in rosewith ‘word-of-mouse’. Smart, canny and special petals on arrival SINGLE ORIGIN ROASTERS They randomly award WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT complimentarySo, how does interacting THEM? coffees to regulars -with your business make rather than a loyaltyyour customers feel? card. The surprise HIQ TYRES delights more than That they back themselves the reward aloneWhat would be their ideal A no-fuss, premium tyre-fitter thatexperience? prides itself on transparency. Its shop fitouts scream these qualitiesHow does this generate repeat That they are committed topurchase and referrals? their business growth HOT MILK Delivering “sexy” to pregnant That personal growth and RED BALLOON DAYS and nursing women through lingerie development is important Naomi Simson, the Chief Experience Free mens sample: “The milkman” to them Officer (CEO), reviews all customer “Delivering daily where you need it most” feedback personally 16
  17. 17. HOW DOES THE EXPERIENCE OF DEALING WITH YOUR BUSINESS MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS FEEL? HOW IT MAKES THEM FEEL 1 2 3 4 WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT THEM 1 2 3 4 WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT THEM: HOW IT MAKES THEM FEEL: FOOT NOTES What are the public and aspirational benefits, What are the emotional benefits from buying above and beyond the emotional benefits of “how and using your product or service? E.g. Safe, it makes them feel”? E.g. Wealthy and secure, smart, canny, “an individual”, powerful, successful, they care, they’re in control, they’re superior, supported, free, sexy, etc. ahead-of-the-game, they’re a good mother, they’re a loving partner etc.07 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 08 BRAND PERSONALITY 09 VISUAL IDENTITY 10 CUSTOMER VALUE 11 ADDING PROPOSITION THE POLISH 12 PREDATORY POSITIONING 13 BUSINESSPLAN GROWTH
  18. 18. 0 8: BRA ND PERSONALIT YWHY YOU NEED IT COMMENTARYAND HOW TO USE IT Think about how you need to act I N S P I R AT I O NWe buy from people that we like and we moving forward to build a THE SAGE A real thinker, an expert, anlike people for different reasons. What’s relationship THE RULER Confident, takes charge; with your customers. advisor; confident, credible and inimportant is that as a business you stand a role model.for something and then act consistently control. Although you don’t want to losewithin that over time. what’s great from the past, you’ll need some space to create a THE HERO A warrior; competitive,That doesn’t mean you don’t evolve THE EXPLORER Seeks new things, is personality that works for you and principled, proud, brave and courageous.or change. adventurous, independent and self- your customers. sufficient.Take Madonna for example: we know her Consider your competitors: whatas the person who reinvents herself every THE OUTLAW Rebellious, shocking, personality do they have? How can THE REGULAR GUY Unpretentious,few years - we rely on her, and expect you differentiate yourself for clarity disruptive, feared, powerful and liberated.her to change. reliable, dependable, values routine and relevance? and is predictable.This is different to your favourite fine Don’t be over-the-top or too bland.dining restaurant that you expect to have THE CREATOR Innovative, imaginative, At either extreme you’ll alienate orimpeccable and dependable service experimental, takes risks and turns ideas be so dull you won’t appeal to THE INNOCENT Wholesome, pure,– you’re probably not after radical anybody. into reality. forgiving, trusting, happy and optimistic.changesor surprises there. You also want fewer, clearer and more differentiating values. THE JESTER A clown, a trickster; playful, THE CAREGIVER Altruistic, selfless, Try to find personality traits that are takes things lightly, impulsive and nurturing, supportive, compassionate “ both consistent with each other and spontaneous. and empathetic. which you feel you can deliver on In today’s highly consistently over time. It should feel THE LOVER Passionate, sexy, erotic; competitive, global natural for you and your business. seeks pleasure and to indulge; follows THE MAGICIAN Healer, intuitive, values market place, the ‘how’ ‘Acting’ becomes hard work or can their emotions. magical moments, likes change and is we do things is come across false. charismatic. becoming increasingly Don’t be afraid to stretch important. As real yourself a little, you can grow OUR EXAMPLE points of difference in into your new personality over WE ARE WHERE THIS STOPS products become time. Professional IBM suit wearers harder to find, and Your character is used to guide how Optimistic Blind faith sustain, a clear you deliver your product or service. Passionate Evangelistic character It’s your tone-of-voice when Clever Einstein and personality can be communicating with customers in Experienced Focused on the past written and verbal form. Check to the reason customers Challengers Anti-establishment see whether the way you currently ” will speak or write fits your personality Competitive Win at all costs choose you and make changes as appropriate. It will also guide the sorts of things Innovative Bleeding-edge Its the foundation of your you do when it comes to marketing. Strategic Data-driven Emotional Selling Proposition As a character: The creator 18
  19. 19. WE ARE WHERE THIS STOPS AS A CHARACTER: WHERE THIS STOPS: FOOT NOTES Gives clarity to the personality trait. For example we all know there are a lot of different types of funny e.g. quirky, quick-witted, sarcastic, wacky etc Try to always stop in the positive e.g. “we are caring but we’re not brash", doesn’t add anything to “caring”, BUT, "we are caring but we’re not your mother" gives a context to “caring”07 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 08 BRAND PERSONALITY 09 VISUAL IDENTITY 10 CUSTOMER VALUE 11 ADDING PROPOSITION THE POLISH 12 PREDATORY POSITIONING 13 BUSINESSPLAN GROWTH
  20. 20. Thank you© Copyright 2011 All rights r eser ved by St ep Change Marketing in perpetuit y