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  1. 1. From Personal Stories to Political Action: How POPVOX Works Share Your Voice in a Few Easy Steps!
  2. 2. Why use POPVOX? A verified constituent is hard to ignore. • Anyone can write to Congress, but lawmakers only want to hear from constituents, people who live in their district or state. • POPVOX verifies you’re an actual constituent — and guarantees delivery of your message. Petitions are obsolete. • There’s power in numbers — but numbers of constituents who share their own thoughts. • Obviously fake “names” on a petition make a mockery of a serious issue – and lawmakers view petitions as little more than spam.
  3. 3. What’s Your Issue? Find a bill you care about. Every bill pending before Congress is listed on POPVOX. Get started at Find a bill by issue area. In “Highlights,” see what Congress is considering that week, and what’s in the news!
  4. 4. What’s Your Point of View? Sending your message to Congress is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. 1. Click Support or Oppose on a bill that compels you... 2. Write your message to your Representative or Senator... 3. Tell your friends!
  5. 5. Your Voice, Verified POPVOX asks for: • Your name • Home address • Phone number So that your Member of Congress is assured that you’re a constituent, making your comment a priority. • We verify your home address with the US Postal Service. • We also send you an email with a one-click confirmation. POPVOX only shares your information with Congress. (See our privacy policy at
  6. 6. Your Voice, Quantified The people’s voice is aggregated so we get “the big picture.” When you weigh in on a bill, you change the map and the pie charts!
  7. 7. Your Voice, Amplified Once you’ve weighed in on a bill, motivate others to take action. Share a bill via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. POPVOX’s Write Congress tools embed onto other websites. If your organization or community group wants to use our tools on your website, please contact us at
  8. 8. So what’s your story? Share your voice with Congress using POPVOX, and be heard. Get started at | @popvox |