Lincware Usergroup Meeting Presentation


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This is the presentation that Darren Mathis, CEO of Lincware, gave at the Laserfiche Statewide UserGroup meeting on Dec. 1, 2009.

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Lincware Usergroup Meeting Presentation

  1. 1. LincDoc Solutions - eForms for Laserfiche Darren Mathis, CEO, LincWare, LLC
  2. 2. Is this you? “We have HUNDREDS of forms”
  3. 3. Examples - City Websites Forms & Publications Cleveland - 53 City Dallas – 100+ City Oklahoma – 30+ Milwaukie - 58 Des Moines - 48 City of Los Angles – 57+ Rochester - 31 Boston - 44 City of Greensboro - 46 Step 1- Cities made forms (PDF) & instructions available websites Step 2 – Cities need to enable web completion & submission
  4. 4. Forms Soup Amusement and Gaming Device Licenses Building Permit Application Bingo/Gaming/Racing/Wagering Building Permit Requirements Block Parties Building Permit Fees Dog License Information Code Enforcement Complaint Form Festival/Carnival/Event Application County HIP Application, Part 1 FOIL Application County HIP Application, Part 2 Marriage License Information Demolition Permit Requirements Marriage Research Application Temporary Event Advertising and Signage Notice of Claims Rental Registry Application Parades/Runs/Walks Rental Registry Fees Peddlers/Vendors/Solicitors Application CE-200 Form (apply online only) Sound Amplification Application Alarm Permits Handicap Permits Flag Donation or Discard Form Sporting License Information July 4 Arts and Crafts Show Application Passport Application Form July 4 10K and 2K Race Entry Application Passport Renewal Form July 4 New Food Vendor Questionnaire Passport Renewal Form July 4 New Commercial Vendor Questionnaire STAR Program Application (Basic) (RP425) Cemetery Regulations STAR Program Application (Enhanced) (RP425) Cemetery Fee Schedule Senior Exemption Application (RP467) Camp Eastman Rental Application Veterans Exemption Application (RP458A) Park Application for Use Veterans Exemption Instructions (RP458A-Ins) Community Center Craft Sale Application Home Occupations Cold War Recognition Certificate Application Application Home Improvement Exemption Application Grievance Application (RP524) Environmental Protection Overlay District Instructions for Filing a Grievance (RP524-Ins) (EPOD) Development Permit How to File for a Review of Your Assessment – A Guide for Sign Posting Request Property Owners
  5. 5. Where are you today? 0 = No eForms capability today 1 = Scanned eForms are stored electronically 2 = Paper forms are downloadable from web 3 = eForms can be processed over the web 4 = eForms guide the user for valid data entry 5 = eForms meet 4 and are integrated with LF
  6. 6. Problems with Paper-based Forms • Time consuming • Labor intensive • Data entry Issues • Version control • Trapped data “We spend majority of time correcting forms or ensuring all appropriate fields are completed”. “We have HUNDREDS of forms”.
  7. 7. eForm Solution – Ideal State – 3e’s easy – Person Completing Form • Access • Complete • Conduct Business efficient – Form Processing effective – Form Data Collection • Routing and approval process • All the “appropriate” fields • Placing eForms in a Doc Mgnt completed system • Fields completed correctly • Integrating form data in Doc w/text, and/or numbers, & all Mgnt system for later use. numbers, • Minimal form rework by people /staff who receive it.
  8. 8. Form Originator Organization Mail John Doe 123 East Main Nowhere, OCR/Fix Archive ON, 23214 Receive Prepare Scan Paper form Errors Hand Deliver Extensive Labor Costs Locating Document Scanning documents Filling out documents Data entry errors Validating documents Exception processing Correcting documents Manual indexing Collecting Fee Lost documents Routing documents
  9. 9. Handwritten forms
  10. 10. Internet
  11. 11. Constituent Confusion?
  12. 12. What are the costs? Customer Workshop – Cities Western, NY Permit Application: • 20 per day or 400 per month (Average) • Steps for processing – Form Life Cycle – Locate paper form ? minutes – Fill out “ “ – Validate/Correct “ “ – Calculate and/or processed payment ? minutes – Printing “ “ – Internal routing & approvals “ “ – Tracking ? minutes – Final Input into Laserfiche
  13. 13. Total Time? • 20 minutes per form • Fully loaded labor rate of $30.00/hr Total cost - 400 permits in a single Month? $3,482.00/month $41,784/year
  14. 14. Enter…
  15. 15. Internet LincDoc Dave Jones 68 West Ave Pittsford NY 14566
  16. 16. Confusion Reviewed
  17. 17. 1 Question drives it all!
  18. 18. Confusion Eliminated!
  19. 19. LincDoc Web Interface End User Completion Support • Pull Down Menus • Calendars • Field Help
  20. 20. LincDoc Web Interface End User Completion Support • Identifies & Highlights Areas Required That Must Be Fields Completed
  21. 21. LincDoc Web Interface Data – Added To Form Completed Form • Emailed to Originator • Emailed To Approver • Sent To File Location • Copy Sent To Laserfiche
  22. 22. Document – Added To Laserfiche w/ Template Data Travel & Expense Form
  23. 23. LincDoc eForm Solution – Ideal State – 3e’s easy – Person Completing Form • Access • Complete • Conduct Business efficient – Form Processing effective – Form Data Collection • Routing and approval process • All the “appropriate” fields • Placing eForms in Laserfiche completed • Integrating form data in • Fields completed correctly Laserfiche for later use. w/text, and/or numbers, & all numbers, • Minimal form rework by people /staff who receive it.
  24. 24. 0,1,2,3 • Time consuming • Incomplete forms • Data locked in 4,5 paper • No integration with Laserfiche • No touch forms • Validated forms • Access to data • Full integration with LF
  25. 25. Next Steps
  26. 26. Identify Form For Consideration Biggest Headache Form? … Why? • Number of forms processed? • Employee process time? • Number of fields in form? • Form initiation (Constituent or Employee)? • Need for integration with other data? • Routing & approval process? • Complexity of form? (difficulty of information, errors, etc.) • Urgency to input into Laserfiche? • Due to … another reason?
  27. 27. Signatures
  28. 28. Signature - Solutions Takes the concept of traditional paper-based Digital signing and turns it into an electronic "fingerprint.” This "fingerprint,” or coded message, is unique to both the document and the signer and binds both of them together. (Standard Electronic Signatures) Digitized handwritten signatures are captured Electronic with special pen-and-tablet systems that convert a user’s signature accurately into pen events or a summary image. A electronic symbol (e.g., a graphic representation Electronic of a person signature in JPEG file), attached to or logically associated with a record, with the intent to sign the record. A party simply clicks an "I accept," "I Click Wrap agree," or similar icon to signal acceptance of the terms in the click- Cost & Security wrap agreement.
  29. 29. Signature - Requirements Organizations have to consider the financials associated with implementation of expensive $ Afford $ solutions for the type of documents involved. Organizations have security requirements depending on the implications and impact of Security forged signatures, i.e. financial, judicial, etc. Organizations most comply with long standing Process, process & procedures, city, county, state and Codes, federal codes, mandates, and/or laws. Laws “We always done it this way”. Organizations / departments have needs and Needs / requirements based on individual situations. Wants
  30. 30. Signature – Match Need / Solutions Match Requirements With Solutions Considering ------------ • Likelihood forged signature • Impact forged signature • Current paper forgery situation
  31. 31. Signature – LincDoc Examples Click Wrap Active Directory
  32. 32. Signature – LincDoc Examples