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Womaninblack 1

  1. 1. T h e W o m a n I n B l a c k P o s t e r A n a l y s i s
  2. 2. I m a g e A c t o r ’ s n a m e T i t l e R e l e a s e d a t e
  3. 3. The image of this teaser poster would already give the audience a suspicious question: ‘Who is this man? Where is he looking towards?’ However, for those who have either read or seen the play would already know this. Moreover, the focus on his eyes gives out a ghastly effect as his eyes appear very serious and foreboding. It can be suggested that the colour of his face is almost equivalent to the colour of the background, merging the face and background colours together to give out a ghostly sentiment. This actor’s face is the main thing that is surrounding the poster, highlighting the fact that not only is he the protagonist of the film but it could be argued that he is the only actor? Only suspect/victim?
  4. 4. Firstly, the title of the movie is written in capital letters, already portraying an omniscient pretence as it’s very lucid with the shadows and fading included in the text. From this, we can tell it can be quite a chilling thriller, and looking at the title, a viewer might notice that their vision can get confused with the words as that is the effect the movie is trying to portraying. This helps give off the effect of a ghost like sentiment as it will make the viewer feel interested to see what the movie would be about. The second image is of the release date; also in the same font to help portray the same sentiment as the title would. Moreover the third image is of the actor’s name. Despite any other movie poster, this one contains one actor’s name- from this you can tell that it would be mainly based around his role in the movie. The last image, shows the face of this ‘Woman in Black’ you can see the image is able to fade in above the words of the title, helping to link it with the chilling/thrilling pretence the poster is trying to portray. Above the title, we see the small question “Do you believe in ghosts?” Already, this question will give a direct answer to the audience as this will be a scary movie and giving an idea as to what it would be about.