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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Trailer Analysis                                Teaser/Trailer:                                 ...
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TTSP Trailer Analysis


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TTSP Trailer Analysis

  1. 1. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Trailer Analysis Teaser/Trailer: Teaser Question’s raised: What’s in the safe? Who is spying on who? Who is the spy? Why is the gun significant? What’s being typed? Category: Based on Novel Comments: 60’s/70’s feel Crime Shot list: CU tape recorder fade out, canal plus, companies etc fade in/out, working title company fade in/out, dolly 2 shots/MS. FTB, Fade in zoom FTB, Fade in CU FTB,Fade in CU FTB, MS zoom, Reverse shot CU, CTB, Title, XLS, Cut mid shot, CU, MS,CU tape recorder, CU OTS, CU 2 shot, Title, CU, MS suitcase, CU, Cut title, LS, MS, LS Zoom, EST shot, high angle, CU, CU, MS, “Based on..” , EST shot, CU, CUx2, CU Smoking, tracking shot, CU, PS, POV on lift, CU, CU sound meter, MSx2, OTS/CU/CU, LS/CU/GUN, CUx3, Mid shot, fade title, fade text column, letter swap, text.