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TOC Shoot Plan


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TOC Shoot Plan

  1. 1. Table of Contents Photo shootAgency name: __Nakan______________Shoot Date: 01/03/11Item/Model Shot type/angle/ Macro, Background Positioning on TOC Details of editing distance Flash and LightingJessica Murphy Portrait Natural Light, I want my photo shoot Left side of the page I want to edit the colour hopefully coming to be based around scheme. Hopefully focus from the outside regents park. on the vividness of the space. I.e Park Somewhere with a colours and try pretty setting, emphasise that. especially at a good time of day.Alicia Jalloul Portrait Dark light, the only Alley Way, or a plain It should be positioned I only want to edit the lighting should be background with on the left colours of my from the flash off nothing surrounding it. photographs. the camera.Tibyaan Nassir Body Natural light In the school hall. Positioned on the left. “–“